Day 25: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti/Bloomfield,St. Sebastian/Ross Twp,Starkdale Presbyterian/Steubenville OH,St. Therese/Munhall


Have you met our 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh Babies yet? 

 I come from a beautiful big family (7 girls, 4 boys) and one of my lovely sisters had the idea that if we could just remind folks what (actually who) we LOSE in abortion, we could really make a statement for life.   “Let’s remind everyone of the joy and beauty of children” she said.  and VOILA:  We have 4 beautiful little ones who will be representing our work here. 

These are images purchased for use in communication; pictures representing little ones we know we are losing to abortion. We know that abortion takes away our children from our lives, our families, even our city  — Children whose faces we will never see, but those hearts belong to God!

You will see pictures of some of our babies today and most days on the sidewalk.  On the BACK of each picture that same wonderful sister developed a beautiful pro-life prayer litany that can be shared as a group or prayed individually.

If you have not already found it, you will appreciate that this set of intentions really covers so many of the needs of our society– for the Disabled, Lonely, Young, Poor, and Suffering…. For Medical professionals and Students, new Doctors…. For those who work in Abortion clinics and those who pray outside of them…For Judges and Legislators and Policmen and Security Guards….. and more. 

And the great part? 

Every single person we pray for was once a beautiful little baby  — like the 4 who are our witnesses on the sidewalk each day — and like those we pray to rescue from abortion. 


DAY 25         Reports from the SIDEWALK:

Shift Manager Report from Virginia,  7am-9am

Shout out to St. Maria Goretti Parish in Lawrenceville

Patrick from St. Vincent, Steve and Dan from St. Maria Goretti, and Dorothy from Our Lady of the Angels STORMING HEAVEN

FOR THE SECOND SATURDAY IN A ROW,  there were no  “death”scorts outside  of PP during this time.   Praise be to God.   Perhaps our presence is making a difference with these folks who surely must have hearts open to hearing the truth!!!   There were couples  that entered the building  (about 3) that did not take about literature or engage in any conversation.   But we were strong– There were prayer warriors from St. Maria Gorietta parish in Lawrenceville keeping watch and praying in HIS NAME. 


Shift Manager Report from Sue 9-11

Shout out to  St. Sebastian Parish in Ross Township

It was the second Saturday in a row with no PP escorts– Dan and Steve from St. Maria Goretti kept us company in prayer along with Patrick from St. Vincent, Dorothy from Our Lady of the Angels & Tom and Rosemary of St. George in Bridgeville came to pray and blessed the sidewalk with their beautiful sung prayer. I spent about a half hour trying to help a man and a 16-year-old international high school student from Ecuador with their Megabus situation via my phone.  There are many needy folks on the sidewalk– please pray for this family !

Sue, Sandy, Mary Lou, Maria, Libby, Mary, and Guy – Awesome St. Sebastian Prayer Warriors!
Many women and a few couples entered PP during our shift.   A man walked by and said “You Christians should be praying at home.”  If he only knew how much we would love to be praying at home.  More notably, if he only knew how important it really is for Christians to be at the foot of the modern-day cross at Calvary:  abortion clinics.  He walked by too quickly for us to engage him in conversation.  We prayed for him.   On a brighter note, we received many words of support.  At one point, a teenage girl holding a PP printout with who appeared to be her mother exited PP — they passed Sidewalk Advocate Judy, who reached out to them verbally, walked a bit …….. and then the girl turned around and came back to talk to Judy.  Although we didn’t know exactly why she’d been at PP, Judy said she told her she is pro-life and will not be going back to PP again.  Praise God!

 Shift Manager Dean Reports from 11-1

Shout out to:  St. Sebastian in Ross Township
Rosemary and Tom Unite in Prayer

Thanks also to the folks from St. Sebastian who prayed with us today.   P.P. was very busy . One woman exiting there and turning down our yellow card was heard to say, “Satan loves me, I don’t need Jesus”.  I know that a number of people try to say whatever they think will upset us the most. If only she knew how big of an enemy Satan is for HER, and how much she truly needs Jesus, she would realize that OUR battle is won already; and that Jesus died on the cross for HER,  and that He loves her more than anyone on Earth ever could! 

Shift Manager Report: 1-3 pm Billy

Shout outs to  St. Sebastian in Ross Township & Bishop William Waltersheid, Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

This afternoon was a busy afternoon for Planned Parenthood, I saw about 5 different groups of people go in today. We were all trying to talk to the women who came out and they were not really interested in our help.  I saw a couple people covering their children’s eyes while we were out, and one holding onto her daughter as they walked into the clinic.

Bishop William Waltersheid bouys up the prayer warriors today on the PP Sidewalk. Thank you BISHOP!

That’s the bad news.       However we were accompanied in prayer by a Bishop — Auxiliary Bishop William Waltersheid of the Diocese of Pittsburgh! I was accompanied by Mary Lou, Libby, a gentleman by the name of Vince, a woman named Maryanne, Nadine and another couple I believe the gentleman’s name was Guy! 

Despite the expected negatives, it was still such a great blessing  to share fellowship with the Body of Christ on the sidewalk!!

Shift Manager Report from  Kathy  3-5pm

Shout out to Starkdale Presbyterian Church in Steubenville, Ohio

Pastor Carl, Kimberly, Arleen, Bob, Jack and Sandy– Delightful People!

Having an adventure with a delightful bunch of people (Starkdale Presbyterian) warmed by sunshine was a Blessing today.

After Pastor Carl led us in prayer, we offered help through yellow resource cards to passersby. Two women came out of pp but did not take info… but we were there to offer!

While I was praying on the opposite side of circle: Sandy, Arleen,and Pastor Carl conversed with a tour bus driver.  The Tour bus was parked right beside us. AND– the Busdriver took cards to give to young people on his bus. You never know How our God will work!

We were joined the second hour by Kimberly, who prayed, offered more help to patrons coming out of PP and even  and invited some to come pray with us.  Blessings to ALL.


5 thoughts on “Day 25: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti/Bloomfield,St. Sebastian/Ross Twp,Starkdale Presbyterian/Steubenville OH,St. Therese/Munhall

  • March 10, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    What an amazing day, Jeannie!! I especially enjoyed reading about the bus driver taking cards for the people on his bus!!! Thank you for sharing all of this!

  • March 12, 2018 at 10:10 am

    I too love the idea that the bus drive took the yellow cards to hand out to people on his bus. Awesome! And like Steve Arterburn’s (New Life Live) mother’s favorite saying “You never know”

  • March 13, 2018 at 1:58 am

    Folks, I am just curious but why is everyone congregating in front of There Ultra Lounge & not the clinic??? I know many patrons deter from going into the bar due to the masses of protestors that have nothing to do with There Ultra Lounge. That or the congregation blocks the entrance completely. I would suggest better execution & not one that interrupts a business that has nothing to do with the protest.

    • March 13, 2018 at 10:47 am

      Hi Earl, Thanks for the comment. We do not mean to block the bar’s entrance, and try our best not to. The problem is that there is a buffer zone (painted yellow semi-circle) around the door of Planned Parenthood. We are not permitted to stand within that circle…that forces us to stand on the sides of PP’s building, which puts us in front of the bar, or the theater (on the other side). This only is the case when there is a large crowd of participants…when there is just two or three, we stay on the edge of the circle, closer to PP;

    • March 13, 2018 at 10:58 am

      Earl—We would love to stand in front of Planned Parenthood, where 3000 abortions occur yearly, but we restricted from doing that.!!!!! Please please petition the city to allow us to protest in front of planned parenthood. We have no issue with the abortion center’s neighbors.


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