Day 21: Thank you St. John United Evangelical Protestant/Burry’s Church; St. Joseph Church (Cabot); St. Joseph (Verona);K of C (St. Margaret of Scotland & SS. Simon and Jude – Greentree)

Do you know your blood type?

I try to donate blood fairly regularly, but I can never remember my own blood type.

(No worries, I carry a card in my wallet in case of emergency!) 

Recently, I read an article that scientific testing of blood found on The Shroud of Turin (believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus),  The Cloth of Oviedo (the cloth said to have covered Jesus’ face after He was crucified) and other Eucharistic miracles show that the blood type found on these relics is AB Positive. The article anecdotally asked at the end…

“Do you know your blood type? Do you have the same as Jesus’?”

So I got my card out and did a little research to jog my memory about which blood type is the rarest, which is the universal donor,  etc, etc, etc. I had just assumed that AB + (Jesus blood type according to these miracles) would be the type that is the universal donor….a natural assumption following along the same lines  that He gave His life for us.

Well, it turns out that AB + blood is rare, the percentage of the population that has AB blood type is in the single digits. AND also, that the person with type AB + blood, is the UNIVERSAL RECIPIENT, meaning that person can RECEIVE the blood of ALL types!

Isn’t amazing how God doesn’t overlook any detail, even the TYPE of Jesus’ blood tells us:

We Are All Members of The Body of Christ and He will RECEIVE anything we give over to Him…


7-9: Charlene

Just arrived home from Florida where it was 87 degrees. It was not 87 on the sidewalk this morning..there was wind, but we had Pastor Win from St. John Evangelical Protestant Church and SA Jackie with Dick and I…warm, holy people.

One of my favorite songs has this line in it, “We are the light of the world…let our light shine among men…that they may see the good that we do and give Glory to God”. I thought about the song this morning as we were joined by another Pro-life group…the Christian Collegian Network. They did not sign the book. They knew the rules of peaceful vigil…they passed out literature and did a lot of talking. When they first appeared across the street, they appeared to be strategizing and I will admit, Jackie and I were wondering,”friend or foe”? Thank you Lord, “friend”. They will be back Saturday.

The reason this reminded me of my song is as we always say…we don’t know who we are reaching and how God will use us. The Christian Collegian Network knew exactly where the peaceful Pro-life Vigil was because our light shines bright!
It’s good to be back friends! Charlene

9-11: Beth and Rose

She said she knew it was wrong.  But the baby’s daddy was forcing her to do it.  But  they had no money.  But the  sonogram costs $125.

But then Jackie started to quietly explain all the help that was hers, gave her literature and said we would wait for her.

And she did come out!  Kathy called Leigh Ann at Catholic Charities and left A.’s phone number to make contact.  A. didn’t want anyone to go with her.  She just wanted to get lunch and catch her bus.

But…..she came back out!  Without an abortion!  Please pray for A.

Thanks to everyone from St. John’s Evangelical Church in New Sewickley.  We hope feeling returns to Pastor Win’s numb feet real soon.

P.S. Article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership wants to improve the atmosphere in the 900 block of Liberty Avenue.  Suggestion:  shut down the abortion facility.  Sure would improve the atmosphere for about 3000 babies and their moms every year!

11-1: Cecilia

Pastor Win, Kathy and Beth

BethAnn with Unique who stopped for a long time and shared stories of people she knows who are affected by abortion. She took resources for others and I gave her some for herself.

Suzanne was back and lifted up prayers, songs and scripture
Judy with her daughters Dominique and Christa from Pope St John XXIII Latin church. They live near us and so we sometimes see their large beautiful family at St Joes daily Mass.
Patti came down this week with her hubby, Denny. From St Joes.











Pam brought Barb, Joyce and I down to the vigil. Here they are across the street. We had a nice presence there today. Bob also stopped to pray on his break.

1-3: Nikki

I was very blessed to have my friends from my own parish today, Joyce and Bob with me for the 1 to 3 shift. We had beautiful weather, even sunshine for a while. We had one negative comment, a woman stopped to ask us if we also protested gun violence in schools. Other than that, we had many positive comments. We were praying as a group when one man stopped and told us that, on behalf of all the babies, he wanted to thank us for being there.

In the middle of our shift, a truck pulled up, it was a biohazard truck, and two workers carried out the biohazard boxes containing the dead bodies of the babies that had been killed. It was sobering to see how they were laughing and joking as they pushed the dolly filled with the boxes. We prayed a divine Mercy chaplet for the babies while the truck was still parked there.

No coincidence FOUR Mother of Sorrows parishioners show up at the same time the bodies were being removed

After that, a nice couple stopped by to pray. They were in town for the home and Garden show and were from Mother of Sorrows Parish in Murrysville. The four of us prayed the litany prayers printed on the back of the baby signs. When we were finished another couple stopped who were also from Mother of Sorrows. What a coincidence! The five of us prayed for a little while and then a woman named Beth arrived early for the 3 o’clock hour. She had answered the call to stand with shift manager Michael. We handed the torch to Michael when he arrived and are thankful for such a blessed time to witness and pray!

3-5: Michael

Beautiful Beth who stood with Michael today,   Thank You!

5-7: Lisa

Not the usual hustle and bustle in Downtown tonight.  It seemed like half the workers went home early.  I want to thank Fran, a parishioner of St. Margaret of Scotland & SS. Simon and Jude, Greentree.  Fran is also a Knight of Columbus and I am VERY grateful he stood with me tonight as I would have been alone without him.  Unfortunately, there were two separate interactions with two very angry men, one of which I am going to call Professor Blueberry.

This older man was extremely crude especially to any and all things religious.  He began his “conversation” saying how can we have anything against the killing of something as small as a blueberry.  This man came off as something of an intellectual but the vile things he was saying were truly horrible. I left Fran with him for a short while – pulled out my beads and after about 10 minutes used my usual tactic of asking him to pray with us – Fran & I started praying and this made Prof. Blueberry really say some very foul things but he did leave then. Truly Thank God for Fran being with me.

4 thoughts on “Day 21: Thank you St. John United Evangelical Protestant/Burry’s Church; St. Joseph Church (Cabot); St. Joseph (Verona);K of C (St. Margaret of Scotland & SS. Simon and Jude – Greentree)

  • March 6, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    Was sickened to read about the biohazard truck at the murder-mill today. I almost threw up just reading about it; I’m sure I would have fallen apart had I been there in person. I just don’t understand how this pure evil is allowed to continue, but I’m so very grateful for the prayer warriors who were there today to cover those poor murdered babies with their gentle prayers. G-d bless 40DFL!

  • March 7, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Thank you all for being visible witnesses. Our Franciscan group has a name of each of your captains and pray for you daily. We also support you by praying a pro life rosary daily and Sunday before the 8 am Holy Mass. gGod bless you.

    • March 7, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you SOOO much Maria!!! We appreciate you praying for all of us by name!!!

  • March 8, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    Lisa…I think that same vile man came by during my shift too. Sorry you had to deal with him as well. We discussed in Bible Study today how the truly evil hate the light and will never be “neutral” and try to have a decent conversation because they prefer the darkness. We need to keep shining our light because there are those out there who truly seek the truth, the love, the hope and peace that only God and his “Way” can bring. God bless you!


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