Day 20: Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds…

I’ve always liked this parable and like to see myself in it in different ways. Some days I’m the sower of God’s seeds. I witness. I offer hope and love. I hand out literature on the streets of Pittsburgh outside the abortion center. Some days we are preparing the soil for God to make the seeds grown. I pray, hope and am confident God will make the seeds grow in his time and His way.

Other days I’m the soil. The seeds are thrown my way. They grow and sometimes get tangled in the weeds and thorns of my everyday life and distractions or some day’s my commitment is week due to my love of the comfortable life and a touch of laziness. The things of this world so easily attract me. But sometimes, every now and then, I’m the rich soil and God’s seeds grow.

I witness outside pp despite often wanting to be somewhere else, often anywhere else.   But I know we make a difference. We plant seeds. Maybe we don’t see any growth. It is through God’s power and grace and in HIS time the seeds will grow. If we do our part, HE’LL do HIS. HE will change hearts and minds.

At the risk of overdoing the biblical references, let me add, “the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few”.

So here is my “ask”, come back downtown and join us. Bring a friend or family member. FORWARD this email to them with your “ask”. If you are signed up already, consider coming again. Find an hour somewhere in your busy schedule sometime during this 40 DFL campaign and come down again. We need you. Every extra person makes a powerful witness and plants seeds… and more importantly, God hears our prayers.

So look at the sign up sheet (Schedule above) and determine when you can come again especially when we need help. Sign up or just show up. Stay as long as you can or want. And also look at the daily emails and see the times when we really need someone to stand with our Shift Manager who otherwise will be alone (tomorrow from 3-4pm).

Come and sow seeds or be the rich harvest and yield a hundred fold.

Tim B.

NOTE: The vigil will not have 40 DFL Shift Managers after 1pm today as we will be attending a retreat, however, private prayer warriors are always welcome. So please still come if you were planning on it. Pray and plant seeds.

Pictures and stories from today will be posted throughout the day so stop back to see them.

Today we will have St. Mary of the Assumption (Glenshaw) and individual prayer warriors.

AGAIN, IF YOU CAN HELP TOMORROW (Tuesday) we need help from 3-4 pm as Shift Manager will be all alone.

From Sue 7-9 am:

“I had the priviledge of standing with 2 lovely ladies today, Rose and Susanna! We prayed the rosary and greeted as many people as we could to bring awareness to PP and the 3000 abortions they do every year. Many people read the sign Susanna was wearing and Rose is an expert at handing out informational literature! We got some negative and positive comments….when I reached out to give a precious feet pin to a lady, she said no thank you, and showed us her lapel where she had one pinned!! We had a slice of warm sunshine that we reveled in for about 20 minutes before it went behind the buildings! Sue

From David R. 9-11:

“A sunny morning but, it was behind the buildings. The coldness of the sidewalk slowly freezes your feet and we offered it up with prayer. I arrived to meet Sue and Carolina. Then, Cathy joined us. We handed out some rosaries and information. One young lady was interested in what we are about. We gave her information and talked about how we are the last line of compassion and welcomed her to join us.” David

From Ginny 11-1 pm:

St. Mary’s Pro-Life Group from Glenshaw: Carol, Samatha, Elaine,Vince, Gloria, Bernie, Ree

“We prayed the Rosary,Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Stations of the Cross
The prayers made the time go by more quickly and helped us concentrate on our freezing toes. We had several thank you’s and other words of support” Ginny

NOTE: Today’s formal vigil ended at 1 pm for a 40 DFL retreat.

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