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Sally and Al are BETTER!

Jill put the goldfish in a bowl in the pantry next to the kitchen.  Dad was due home, baking potatoes smelled yummy, and Mom was getting ready in the kitchen. The goldfish felt the bowl water move when Mom closed the fridge.  Jill waited cozy with expectation and flopped onto the couch.  Her dolls collapsed in a heap.

Life offers people MORE.

Dolls don’t know anything.

Goldfish feel water move.  

People see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

We understand the words “kitchen” and “dinner.”

We feel expectation.

Life offers us MORE.




Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) was a scientist, mathematician and philosopher.  He posits two realities; the reality we reach with our senses, and reality itself.

What I can see, hear, smell, taste and touch of something may be entirely different than the fully real thing.

Physicists tell us that

even though a chair appears to be impenetrable and solid,

in fact it is made up of molecules and atoms

which are made up almost entirely of empty space.




THOMAS AQUINAS 1225 – 1274

If work and difficulty, family life and virtue are dull, drab things

they will automatically become things to be escaped from,

not sources of inspiration;

to them man will stoop only under considerable duress.


Perseverance is a dogged, unswerving, unbeatable courage

whose beauty and grace are often hidden

in the weary stumbling of its walk and the gray fatigue of its face.


It is only the infused supernatural virtues of

fortitude, magnanimity, magnificence, patience and perseverance

which make heroes out of every man;

that demand that every man be courageous in the work of living.


The volumes of his (Aquinas’) work

plumb the depths and scale the heights of the unutterable truths,

the mysterious beginnings and glorious goals

that interpenetrate human life with something of divinity,

the truths that are the ultimate explanation of its incredible significance.


Faith then is a giant cannon

which hurls man out beyond the boundaries of the universe

into the world of the infinite.

It is not to be conceived of as something mild, sweetly enfeebling.

Rather it must be thought of in terms of strength,

of an explosion which has broken down the walls of the world,

of a storming of nature by the hosts of heaven

that man might be released

from the limitations of his humanity.

Walter Farrell O.P.  A Companion to the Summa: The Fullness of Life




JOB: Will you never take your eyes off me

long enough for me to swallow my spittle?

Suppose I have sinned,

what have I done to you, you tireless watcher of mankind?

Why do you choose me as your target?

Why should I be a burden to you?

Could you not tolerate my sin, nor overlook my fault?

GOD: Who is this obscuring my designs with his empty-headed words?

Do you really want to reverse my judgment and put me in the wrong to put yourself in the right?

Has your arm the strength of God?

JOB: I am the man who obscured your designs

with my empty-headed words.

I have been holding forth on matters

beyond me and my knowledge.

I’m sorry.




Jesus answered and said to him,

“Whoever loves me will keep my word,

and my Father will love him,

and we will come to him

and make our dwelling with him.

John 14:23



Sister Rosemary

Sisters of the Divine Redeemer

We say the Rosary daily.  After that, we say a prayer for life,


Sister Norma, CSJ

Sisters of Saint Joseph, Baden

The community will pray and fast on the remaining Thursdays of Lent for 40 days for Life intentions.


Your devoted Carmelite Nuns

Nuns, Carmelite Monastery, Erie

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Just a note to let you know we have been supporting you and will continue supporting with our prayers and sacrifices during these 40 Days for Life.

How beautiful to think that this round of prayer vigils began on Saint Valentine’s Day (the day we celebrate the love that begets life) and ends on March 25th, feast of the Annunciation, when Our Lady said yes to Life Itself (and He, the smallest He could ever be, an embryo in her womb)!

This year the 25th lands on Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holiest week of the year. . .

“I came that they may have life and may have it abundantly” — for this He was born, to bear witness for the Truth through His suffering and death.

Your witness of dauntless loving prayer and fasting in all kinds of weather greatly edifies us, and we are honored to be asked to lend our support of the same. After Calvary’s night came the Resurrection’s light.

May your efforts bear much fruit in bringing mothers (and the abortionists) to the light of truth of the life within their wombs and bringing that life to the light of day in their birth here (and hereafter)!

God bless. Mary keep you all, dear warriors of prayer!!

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Your devoted Carmelite Nuns


Poor Clare Nuns

Monastery of Saint Clare, Langhorne

Thank you for your letter requesting our prayers for the “40 Days for Life” campaign that is being conducted at this time.

God bless you for your coordinating Prayer Vigils at various Planned Parenthood facilities.

Yes, we join you in offering our daily prayers and good works that many will be touched and converted—-and thus the dignity of every human life respected and upheld.  We pray that those who have no one to turn to, or need extra support will find generous hearts to journey with!!

Through the intercession of St. Clare, we pray that God’s special graces and blessings will over flow upon all hearts!!

Lovingly and Prayerfully,

Your Poor Clare Sisters



It was unusually busy on the sidewalk this cold but beautiful morning.

By the time I found a parking space, Rose was already there helping Diane to unload and set up.  Vince, Bill and Dan joined us for prayer and fellowship.  We prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Group after group of runners passed by, most of them offering friendly greetings.

One man stopped to read Rose’s sign, then started to walk away while saying that he agrees with us.  He paused and turned around to tell us that three weeks ago, his girlfriend had aborted their unborn child.  Then he declared that he would be right back with hot drinks for all of us.  He returned soon after with steaming cups of cocoa and breakfast pastries.  We thanked him heartily and gave him a Rachel’s Vineyard brochure in the prayerful hope that he will find healing.

Shortly before 9 AM, a large group from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon began to arrive.  Five beautiful children from one of the families led us in praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Sweet Sue arrived to manage the next “shift”, but she was not feeling well at all.  Phil from St. Bernard kindly agreed to serve as manager since he was already planning to stay until Rich and Roseann took over at 11 AM.  May God bless all of our beautiful 40 Days for Life family and accept our small sidewalk sacrifices for His greater glory!

Dan, Rose, Vince
A Rose between two oak trees!


Sue, next Shift Manager
Saint Bernard Parishioners



I’ve been sick now since Thursday with some nasty sinus thing. I thought for sure I’d be OK by the weekend, but unfortunately when yesterday morning arrived I was still feeling yuck. I texted my dear tag-team shift manager partner, Sue D., who cheerfully agreed to shift manage the 9-11 on her own — no small feat for someone who’s also serving simultaneously as a Sidewalk Advocate on a busy Saturday morning! THANK YOU, SUE!!

I considered “calling off” last night for this morning, but did not — how long can this pesky coughing continue, right? I texted Sunday-morning regular Vince, but it turned out he did not see my text until late. So I arrived at the vigil planning to soldier through it. Vince had since seen my text, and although he couldn’t stay, by the time I arrived he had it all set up — a kind gentleman named Phil from St. Bernard’s offered to shift manage until Rich & Roseann got there!! THANK YOU Vince and Phil!!!

My point in sharing all this, in addition to thanking Sue, Vince, and Phil, is to illustrate just WHAT A FAMILY 40 Days is!!! It seems there is just about nothing we would not do for one another. May God bless all of you and may He hear and answer our prayers from the sidewalk!!



Besides witnessing to end abortion, the best thing about 40 days is meeting so many wonderful people. Thanks to Susan from Assembly of God, Mary from St. Sylvester’s and Ben from St. Bernard’s who braved the cold today to defend life.

Ben and Rich
Susan and Mary



We had the sun and the Son shining down on us today! It was uneventful but prayerful!

One interesting comment the young children are always attracted to the fetal models and ask their family why they and the pray-ers are there. The other interesting thing was that we had a “tunnel of love” going on since there were so many of us on the sidewalk. There were people who chose to go out into the street rather than go through us.

Saint Bernard Parishioners
Sunny prolife witnesses
Prayerful Sunday witness!



 It was a beautiful and powerful 2 hours spent with Calvary Full Gospel Church from Bridgeville. Never have I heard more heartfelt, poignant, profound prayers from the heart to our Lord Jesus Christ, to use us as his tools to help Him end the atrocity of abortion, and to pour down His Healing Love upon all who have been harmed, who have died, who have supported, who have profited, who have participated or who have been indifferent to this scourge of society.

We all also prayed collectively  for Jesus’ Church, for forgiveness of our offenses against the Gospel and that She His Bride may be made whole,  that the truth be spoken, that Christians vote and act through their faith.

While it was quite chilly today, all I felt was the warm power of the Holy Spirit flowing from God above through Jesus and the good Christian people of Calvary Full Gospel Church.

Truly, our Father was singing through His Tears today. Amen!

Calvary Full Gospel Church
Heartfelt, Poignant Prayers!



Jim, Julie, Cathy and John, longtime just defenders of life, it was uplifting serving the Lord with you.

Happy Bday, Lisa, always a treat to see you and your daughters.

All glory and praise be to God!!!

Lisa and her daughters


Jim, Cathy and John
Longtime Defenders



And God saw that it was good.






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