Day 18: Thanks to St. Ann, Holy Trinity, Good Samaritan, St. John, Beaver Valley Knights of Columbus

REMINDER –  Our official 40 Days VIGIL will become virtual at 1pm on Monday, March 5, meaning there will be no signs or materials on the sidewalk.  If you are inclined to pray on the sidewalk at this time, please do so.  Our official vigil continues at 7am on Tuesday.

Perhaps it is because our Vigil this year started on Valentine’s Day, or Because the March for Life Theme was  LOVE SAVES LIVES, or perhaps the overwhelming Gospel  message that God IS LOVE, but I have really been thinking about Love during this campaign.

and, actually in our country — WE are IN LOVE  ———    with OURSELVES!

We are allowing our self-interests and selfishness to pervade.  Even our “selfie” culture relies on self-love.  Look at the unloving way we speak to one another, our lack of concern for each other, the harsh language and criticism of anyone who is different. It is as though we have reverted to the worst traits an adolescent can show- selfish, judgemental, stubborn, mean… We all have grown through this phase in our own lives, but our culture currently calls us back to those same ugly traits.

Dean Martin wrote and sang a song in the 1950’s that rings a bit more than true:

“You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”
You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you
You’re nobody ’til somebody cares
You may be king, you may possess the world and it’s gold
But gold won’t bring you happiness when you’re growing old
The world still is the same, you never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you
So find yourself somebody to love

The great news is that for Christians, we  KNOW WE ARE LOVED every minute every day!  Not Because we deserve it.  Not because we earned it, but simply because WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD!!

What we are doing on that Sidewalk is ALL ABOUT LOVE

LOVE for the Mothers and Fathers who find themselves in a Crisis Pregnancy …

LOVE for the children who will be taken from their mother’s wombs …

and yes, even LOVE for those who are involved in providing abortions–

We LOVE because each human being is a BELOVED CHILD OF GOD- worthy of care and compassion and kindness!

Imagine what a difference LOVE would have made to the Parkland, Florida school shooter, or to a mother whose boyfriend tells her to abort his child, or to a racist who hurls evil words at the disadvantaged… 

What the world needs now is LOVE-  Let’s continue to give it to all we meet ( and the little ones we can’t meet personally) every day!

With love and in Life, Jeannie




Shift Manager Report from Sue on 9-11 Shift

I arrived on Saturday to Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life reciting the Stations of the Cross. St. Anne’s group was also there and stayed until 11am. There were no “escorts” today, but still women and men were going into PP so not sure if they were or were not doing abortions. It was covered with prayer regardless.

We offered resource cards to anyone going or coming out of PP and the people passing by. We want to let them know that there are many clinics in the area that are federally funded, provide the same services, but do not do abortions. One guy yelled from his car to “keep up the good work”. It was so nice to have Mary from St. Sylvester’s show up to say the rosary.   It was heartwarming to meet and greet so many beautiful pro-life people on this sunny, but cold Saturday! ~Sue

Shift Manager Report from Dean 11am-1pm

HOLY TRINITY, Robinson Twp, Prayer Warriors

Please break my heart God for what breaks Yours.

When I say that, I realize I can’t even begin to feel the sorrow that God must feel at seeing His most precious gift, life, be thrown away so callously.  Only a few women exited PP during my shift today, &  sadly, they each refused our yellow cards of assistance.

Thanks Holy Trinity parishioners, who came today to pray.   – Dean

Shift  Manager Report from 1pm-3pm  – Billy

We had twelve people today total, and even more people coming to the Vigil, it was a fantastic shift. I had Helen and her crew from Holy Trinity Church out in Robinson Twp. 

I had Diane come and pray with us, and Tom from Washington D.C., who moved to Washington PA with his wife and three children. He came and was passing out gospel tracts along with “pray to end abortion” cards, he his wife and his son Eli are in the picture below. Then before the end of my show a lady named Maggie and her daughter Clair came to pray with us. For the time I was there we had lots of comments some bad ( that we brushed off), and many people in support.  We even had a person say they were going to pray for us. Our  prayers continued for an hour and a half when Mimi came to pray and  it was wonderful.   

I would love to give a shout-out for Maggie for ministering to a woman who walked into Planned Parenthood  & walked right out.  Sadly, we learned that this woman was grieved from her abortion 20 years ago.  Maggie and our Holy Trinity church friends, surrounded her with love and compassion.

Then… Maggie walked this woman to Catholic Charities to help her find resources and free clinics. Please say a prayer for this woman, I could only imagine what being haunted for 20 years over that choice would be like. Normally when I have shifts things don’t get this personal, this real, this big —  God bless you all!  -Billy

Shift  Manager Report from Kathy  3pm-5pm 

Cold mixed with sunshine is still cold!! The warm continual prayers were surrendered to our God by Brenda, Jan, and Beverly from Baden. Claire and Maggie from Steubenville were a sweet Mother /Daughter team, echoing the prayers . Amidst the prayers we handed out cards and invited passerbys to come pray with us.  -Kathy


Shift  Manager Report from Jeff 5pm-7pm

4 great guys from the Knights  of Columbus in Beaver Valley — Number 604  faithfully stood from 5 to 7 with me to witness and pray for Life!  God Bless you gentlemen, and your families, too! – Jeff


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