Day 13: A sunny day of smiles

Day 13: Blessed are the persecuted (and then we smiled)

A car stops at the red light in front of pp. The window rolls down and the driver gives us the finger. We look

Smiling Joe and Tim

at one another and smile then I say, thinking I’m a funny guy “must be a friend of yours”. Joe K. the sidewalk advocate and my usual prayer partner most Saturday mornings just smiles.

I then paraphrase the Sermon on the Mount “Blessed are those who are persecuted and have evil things uttered against them for My sake for their reward will be great in Heaven.” I then usually add “bonus graces for us today”. More smiles.

Forgive me if I sound glib or self-indulgent but I was trying to make these points:

  • When we witness outside of pp we get noticed
  • We impact those who see us in ways we don’t always know
  • I acknowledge it is not always easy to pray outside pp
  • We are blessed when we endure the difficulties of our witness

If having someone give me the finger or utter some vile comment to me is the worst persecution I’m to receive, then I say, “Bring it”. I can handle that. Ditto for Joe.

So, if you are hearing a “calling”, want to get some bonus graces, need to do something meaningful and to make an impact, come join us on the street. Bring a friend or family member. FORWARD this email them as your “ASK”.   If you are able to help this Tuesday we have an EMPTY SHIFT 2:15-3pm and 5-7pm with just the 40 DFL Shift Manager.

Tim B.

Here are the stories from today on the street. Stop back throughout the day as it will be updated as stories and pics come in.

From Sue D. 7-9:

Dario (CMF/Word of God parish) and Sue

“It was nice to see the sun today! Rose and I gave out a lot of information to people who would accept it. My favorite thing to pass out is the 10 week precious feet coupled with a yellow resource card. Several people really gave a hearty thank you, and it made me feel like the precious feet pin is somewhat of a “gift”! The most activity we had was a school fire drill. 1st time 40 days pray-er Dario came early for his 9am shift and we prayed the rosary, just finishing as Lisa and her daughter came to take over the next shift.”  Sue


From Lisa C. 9-11 (who filled in as Shift Manager – special thanks to her!):

“Quiet morning with Dario, Natividad, and I praying at PP! We were thankful for clear skies, smiles, and “God bless you” s. Blessings of Lent, Lisa”

From Ginny D. 11-1:

“Patty, Sue, and Loretta from Our Lady of Grace Church in Greensburg, diocese came to pray and witness all day. We had so many positive comments today, at least 5 or more. “Bless You’s, Thank you for being here” ,etc. It was so uplifting. There was only one negative comment from a lady who said we were hurtful by what we were doing. We prayed for her.”

“A very very happy story. A lady came with a beautiful little girl, Jessie. The lady was her aunt. Her niece went to get an abortion, but when she heard the heartbeat she changed her mind. She told us how much happiness and joy that Jessie brought to their lives.”  Ginny

From Beth S. 1-3: 

“Wish I had some exciting to report for the 1-3 p.m. shift, but it was just a warmish, sunny afternoon in front of a cold, miserable place, PP. From Our Lady of Grace in Greensburg, Sue, Patty and Loretta stayed with me and prayed. Francis and Rosalind arrived and I made it home before the rush. Thanks to all who said an encouraging word as they passed. As for the discouraging words, nothing we haven’t heard before and that’s not going to stop us.” Beth

From Jeannie 5-7:

“What a beautiful time on the sidewalk this afternoon. I was blessed to be joined by three women Lisa, Beth, and Julie. Lisa “felt lucky “to have just missed her bus to Monroeville . She was able to spend some time in prayer with me on the sidewalk. She was celebrating becoming a grandmother, (baby Preston) and was reminded how perfect God’s plan is for our lives. Beth came down from Wexford and joined in for my second hour, and when Julie from upper St. Clair also arrived, we realized we all liked to sing 🎶— so we had a little gospel revival on the sidewalk.


What a beautiful way to have nightfall on the city! We had lots of good comments, and a few little children looked at the babies and we could hear the explanation from their parents. It was a truly uplifting experience.

SO-/ I prefer our women’s movement to the one we hear about incessantly in the papers. Women are moms and we’re pro-life.”  Jeannie




4 thoughts on “Day 13: A sunny day of smiles

  • February 26, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Just a little add-on to Ginny’s report of the aunt and her beautiful little niece, “who almost was an abortion,” as the aunt put it bluntly. When the aunt introduced the child to us on the other side of the Bubble Zone, she made it clear that it was an ultrasound in a mobile pregnancy van (Choices, I would assume) outside PP that had saved this treasure at the last minute. The aunt went out of her way to speak to all of us, because she was so obviously grateful for her precious niece.

  • February 27, 2018 at 8:11 am

    Great reflection, Tim. I’m going to remember that.

  • February 27, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018
    Greetings from 40diasporlavida/Colombia.
    I would like to share some exciting news from Santa Fe’de Bogota’, Colombia, So. Amercia.
    Through the Grace of God & many prayers, we were finally able to meet with the director & coordinator of the oldest abortion mil in Colombia.
    The director denied that there are any negative effects from abortion as we shared amicably our statistics from “Silent No More”.
    When we asked them about the bodies of the dead children, they told us (3x) that they are simply following the government guidelines for “disposal of biological remains”.
    We have since learned that these “remains” are then transported to a nearby town where they are incinerated. The ashes are then transported to “Cali” (about a 10 hour trip) where it is more economical for them.
    We ask your prayers now: when we find the exact location of the deposits of the ashes from the dead babies, we would like to celebrate Holy Mass for the repose of “unbaptized babies”.
    Thank you for your wonderful witness for life!
    A voice for the defenseless poor,
    Padre Van
    a.m.d.g. jmj

  • February 27, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    Your last picture, quite, peaceful, presence of 40 Days. Beautiful.


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