Day 11: Thanks to St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Ferdinand, and Harvest Baptist Churches!

drive-863123_1920is Jesus your Life GPS?

I will admit it.  I was never any good at geography, and now, I am not sure I could accurately read a map.  I remember as a little girl being so excited to plot out a family vacation on the dining room table.  Maps were always so important!

Today, our paper maps have been replaced by GPS ( Global Positioning Systems) Devices and Applications on our phones that track us from outer space.

I use my GPS  daily– even for regular commutes.  I work 8 miles from my home  and rely on my crowd-sourced  GPS app each time I commute to work to tell me which route to take.  I may go through the Liberty Tubes one morning, the Fort Pitt Tunnel another day, or up and over the Carrick neighborhood another time. I may stay on main highways one day and exit onto back streets and neighborhoods another day.  A travel GPS  is an amazing tool !cross-3080144_640

But what about the journey of my life?  Is Jesus my “Life GPS”? Can He be for all of us?  Let’s think of Him in those terms for a minute… Why Jesus is like my GPS:

  1.  I have to turn to him — I have to switch on my GPS and listen  – I have to be open the Word of God and attentive to His direction .  He is always there– waiting for me to turn to Him, waiting for me to acknowledge that I could use a little (or a lot) of help— I just need to look toward Him; to listen to Him.
  2.  He knows the best route for my life  – The Lord’s perfect plan for me is known fully to Him. AND – Boy does He have a world view!  Like the road GPS, often, the route for my life using Jesus is not always the most direct or popular way, but  it is the best path for me.
  3.  My Jesus GPS leads me, but He doesn’t force me to go.   I don’t always listen to my Jesus GPS, just like I don’t always listen to my road travel GPS.  I have to choose to humble myself and submit to  His path.   And like our road GPS, when I ignore my Life GPS, and/or  make a  wrong turn,  Jesus can always find another way to get me to where I’m going.                                                    I travel a number of ways to and from my job on the East side of Pittsburgh.  I am surely going to travel many routes in my journey to join my heavenly father.  I must make sure I am LISTENING to my Jesus GPS to ensure I get there!

As we continue on our JOURNEY  to open hearts and minds to the beauty of Life, in downtown Pittsburgh, lets  be sure that JESUS is our GPS!

If you are still thinking about joining 40 Days for Life, PLEASE DO!  It’s not always easy, but it is always a blessing.  We welcome you to come any time between 7 AM and 7 PM from now until March 25th, but especially this Sunday from 11-1 with Rich & Roseann so that these dear shift managers will not be left standing alone.   Click here to see other times that prayer warriors are most in need.  You can let us know when you are coming by emailing

May God bless you all!  

In Christ and for Life, Jeannie

SHIFT MANAGER REPORTS from Satuday, February 24:

7-9    Shift Report from Tim:

Fr. Gruber joins St. Elizabeth members Mimi, Mary and Jim with his beautiful “Baby Faces” Quilt

As the first shift of the day got underway so did the rain but it didn’t dampen the spirits for the group from St Elizabeth’s and the regular Saturday morning Sidewalk Advocates.  Fr G. from St Ann brought a beautiful quilt that so clearly shows the beauty any joy of children. Thanks to St E’s who had a steady group of prayer warriors rotating throughout the early morning.

9-11 Shift Report From Susan:

The weather was a bit misty but certainly not cold for my shift. I doubled as Shift Manager and Sidewalk Advocate today. Just as at the foot of the original Cross at Golgotha, I was honored to witness today with three Marys at this sad modern-day Golgotha — Mary from St. Sylvester, and Mary Helen and Mary Pat from St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Beth, Sidewalk Advocate and St. Elizabeth parishioner, was also there. Bill H. stopped by, too.

Mary from St. Sylvester and Mary Pat from St. Elizabeth

The negative: Lots of traffic going into PP today. One woman jogging by yelled loudly, “My body, my choice!” One angry man on his way to the Greyhound station said, “God killed millions of babies in the flood, and then Jesus impregnated a woman with a fatherless baby.” Hmmmmmm …..?! He quickly walked away, so I had no time to respond. Another person, when I offered him/her a yellow card, stopped, looked directly and seriously at me, and said, as if reading from a script, “I am a gay, transgender, atheist, anarchist who practices witchcraft. So no, I don’t want your card.“ I pointed out that is for everyone, but he/she walked angrily away.

Beth and Mary Helen from St. Elizabeth of Hungary

The positive: two young boys (10 or under) passing by with a group of young men stopped to look at the babies. We explained them to them, and as they left they were saying, “Abortion is wrong!” Additionally, we had several people quietly indicate their agreement with us.

From the above account, it looks as if my shift was more negative than positive, doesn’t it? Some days sure seem like that. But we do, and we must continue to, think about it like this: Were we not there for all of those folks today? Did we not pray for them? Did we not invite them, when going in to PP, to come back out and talk to us because we have real help for them? Do we not acknowledge that we will never be aware in this life of the multitude of seeds of faith, hope, and love we’ve been privileged to plant, through God’s grace, in all the people we’ve encountered? Do we not have the actual Lord of the Universe on our side and working through us every minute we are in front of PP? God wins this battle, along with all others — praise be to Him! We just have to stick with Him!     

Two of St. Katharine Drexel Church’s BEST prayer warriors

11-1 Shift Report from Dean:

A quiet end of the morning/beginning of the afternoon as only a few folks could be seen entering P.P. Say what you want about the incessant rain but, it seems to diminish the number of people wanting to pick an argument.


3-5 Shift Report from Kathy:  Beautiful weather,beautiful people standing for life: pleasure of praying with and offering help in name of Jesus to many, made time pass quickly. 
When offered yellow card a young man said ,   ” I don’t want that one.   I have a friend who can’t talk about her abortion, she is hurting very bad”. He was given a Healing the Hurt booklet with Rachel’s Vineyard information. 

Pastor Mark, Jamie, Sylvia, Eric and Sabrina from Natrona Heights

2 girls stopped and asked to take selfie because they love life: one had 17 month old and was married!  She took a photo for us, too.

Lance and Marsha and family with our selfie Passerby who “Loves Us”









5-7 Shift Report from Jeff still to come

One thought on “Day 11: Thanks to St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Ferdinand, and Harvest Baptist Churches!

  • February 25, 2018 at 8:28 am

    I love to read the notes from the sidewalk.
    We do not consciously script ourselves.
    Nonetheless, the vibe from the sidewalk, in front of a very terrible place,
    rings with joy.
    Great to have you back, Jeannie!
    You go girl.


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