Day 4: Thanks to Guardians for Life and SS John & Paul Parish


I am one of the lucky ones — one of those folks who was able to travel to Washington, DC to join the 2018 March for Life. For those new to the movement, this yearly demonstration of support for Life challenges a 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing widescale abortion  in our country.  This year (2018) was the 45th occurrence of the January gathering. The theme this year was a beautiful one; LOVE SAVES LIVES. This is was language under which we came together… women and men, young adults, couples and singles, teens, babies in strollers, folks in wheelchairs, and those struggling to complete the 1 mile march for a variety of reasons.  there were all ages, all races, all reasons for being there.

Some of my favorites-- Handmade & heartfelt!
Some of my favorites– Handmade & heartfelt!

The day started with a rally on the National Mall with VIPs on stage showing diversity but union in our endeavor. I was delighted to see and hear a marching band from an all male high school in New Orleans (St. Augustine) playing great music in front of one of the Smithsonian museums – these young men had been on a field trip exploring the underground railroad and their teachers had planned for them to witness for the vulnerable – in this case unborn children- as part of their education in Christ!

I traveled to the 2018 March for Life by car with 3 other women. And lest you think the pro-life movement is homogenous, know this: There were 2 Democrats in the car; Our ages spanned 25 years. One woman was a single mother, another, a naturalized citizen. There were 2 empty nesters, and one woman is actively parenting grade schoolers. 2 of us work full time, one part time, and the other volunteers in the community. For one woman, it was her first trip to the March; another had been over 30 times!  We did not all know each other as we set out for Washington early Friday morning, but like what happens in the faith community on cross-1517094_640the sidewalk at PP, we have became recommitted to work together to end abortion in our country because




7-11 am  Tim and Terri

Early Morning Crew Virginia Dave & Joe take the baton from the Deeleys!
Early Morning Crew Virginia Dave & Joe take the baton from the Diane & Tom

The year round early Saturday morning sidewalk advocates Virginia, Joe and David were in place as the sun rose to help, love and offer options.  Diane and Tom were right on time to drop off all the great resources to draw attention to our witness.  Regulars Bill H. and Jericho walker Chuck offered prayers and powerful witness.  

day 4-2




We were so blessed to have Betsy and Jill in the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram join us and give us a close alternative to pp


day 4-4Father Tim and the numerous Guardians for life arrived en masse and filled the street with prayer, song and hope. 

Grove City Students joined in
Grove City Students joined in





At the end of my shift a several car loads of Grove City College students arrived early after their long drive to offer prayer in defense

They have a prolife group on campus and it is always a blessing to see our youth stand up for life.

Terri and Judy Advocate for LIFE
Terri and Judy Advocate for LIFE


Their presence today brought a  ray of sunshine to the cold sidewalk. A group of parishioners from Saint Johns and Paul Catholic Church also came to witness with us. They have been with us on the sidewalk in the past

of life. .day 4-5 ANDWe had a great moment of hope and joy.  A young woman approached pp, accepted literature and the resource card and then went into pp.  A little while later she came out, said something to us but wouldn’t engage.  She crossed the street and encountered the loving gaze of Terri who took her by the arm into the mobile sonogram until.    From Terri: Thank God that the mobile unit was there and she allowed me to take her to it. The girls in the mobile unit were wonderful. I went back to speak to “S” after the sonogram and we saw her baby. She is eight weeks pregnant. I feel very confident that she will choose life because of something that she said to me before we parted ways. We exchanged phone numbers and I will keep in touch with her. Please pray for this beautiful woman and her child.  

SM Dean with Larry, Keith and Julie of SS John & Paul
SM Dean with Larry, Keith and Julie of SS John & Paul

Shift Report 11-1 Reported by Dean:

 There wasn’t much to report today as traffic at P.P. was light. When I arrived, the Mobile Ultra Sound van had been across the street for a few hours and that is always encouraging to see.

SM Billy with Eric

SM Billy with Eric

Billy wrote from his 1-3pm shift:

I was shift manager from 1 to 3. With me today was a man named Eric, a mother and daughter named Lisa and Greta who came to pray with us.  We also had Patty with us.  A woman came to up to Patty, who was standing on the other side and said she stands in front of planned parenthood at Miami Florida..  She said thanks for standing up for women and life. 

A gentleman came up to me and asked what we doing there, and if a clinic was near us I said yes it is planned parenthood. He noted that the advertising by them was not good.

After we prayed Lisa and Greta left us. Patti came back and we had some great conversations. Eric left at 2. A woman in a car honked at us for supporting life. A young man came up and asked to take our picture saying it was great to see people standing for life in the modern age. 

Finally before we left, a gentleman walked up and asked about the size of the babies and asked for a Picture of the baby and a fetal model, and  Patty gave them to him. 

God really blessed us. 

Shift 3-5 from Kathy:  Seven lovely women and one husband answered the call to fill this shift with me. I praise God for His faithfulness in filling our 2 hours.   Prayer and sharing testimonies made time pass fast with the snow- rain. One woman had chosen adoption and her daughter is 22 now. Another moved here in September and had 40 days experience in a different setting.   

Prayer Warriors late Saturday
Prayer Warriors late Saturday

Our hearts were touched when an elderly couple fell across the street. Two of my sisterrs ran across to help. Before they reached them, 5 young  teens helped the couple to their feet and proceeded down the street hding their arms. In our world of racial tension, the barrier was broken. The couple was white, the teens were not .  Donna and Rochelle arrivedfrom Steubenville answered the call forvthe 5-7 , which was cancelled. Standing graciouly and prayed in the snow because they heard God’s call.

Steubenville sweetie came to pray
Steubenville sweetie came to pray

With the inclement weather building, and a beautiful SAVE in our experience today, we closed our vigil at 5pm.

Please be sure to check the Schedule for needs on Monday and Tuesday, and remember:



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  • February 18, 2018 at 9:00 am

    It’s Wonderful to hear of the good news! Thanks to our loving God and to all of the Saturday folks for being there.

  • February 18, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Dear Team, warm regards from your mate on Krakow, Poland. Am very grateful to God to hear about your success. All the best to the Mother and her happy Baby!

  • February 19, 2018 at 9:39 am

    Thank you and God bless you and all engaged in this mission of life.


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