Sharing the Burden…

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Many hands make light work… 

  • 60 million innocent lives lost to abortion in our nation.
  • The inability to defund an evil and corrupt organization such as Planned Parenthood.
  • A government that cannot even pass a no-brainer law such as the Pain Capable Act (which would have banned painful dismemberment abortions after 20 weeks).

This is the seemingly hopeless reality that we are living in.  The burden seems too heavy to lift, the obstacles too great to overcome…the giant too powerful to defeat.

And the truth is that this burden cannot be carried by just a few of us.  The guilt of our nation in God’s eyes is on ALL OF US!  Therefore, we all must share in carrying the burden of repentance, fasting and prayer during these 40 days.

The good news is that we aren’t carrying this burden alone!

There are now 70 churches that have signed up for a time slot at the vigil.
Go to to see the schedule as it stands so far.

When we all do our little part…whether it is taking a full day (as St. Thomas More Catholic Church is doing this Friday)…or taking two hours every week, (as Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene is doing)…or just taking one 2-hour slot on one day during the 40 days…

…many hands make for light work!

This work is massive and heavy, that is true.  But Jesus said that when we take HIS yoke upon us, HE will make the burden light.  (Matt. 11)

In yesterday’s reading from Mark 8:1-10, we read that Jesus felt compassion for the great multitude of people who had followed him.  They had been with him in a deserted place for three days, and had no food.  He did not want to send them away without feeding them first.  His disciples must have been overwhelmed with the seemingly impossible task, and so they asked him, “Where can anyone get enough bread to satisfy them?”  Jesus asked them, “How many loaves do you have?”  They answered that they had seven loaves.  And that was enough.

Jesus fed the multitude.  They simply gave what they had.

That is all that God asks of us as well.  He doesn’t ask or expect us to end abortion.  He doesn’t expect us to close down Planned Parenthood.  He doesn’t even expect us to save lives!  But he DOES ask us to give him what we have!  And what we have is our prayers, fasting and our physical presence at the vigil.

We have an opportunity during these 40 days to allow God to use us to save lives and to bring souls back to him!  What a privilege!!! In fact, a baby was just born in Pittsburgh last month that was saved from abortion because there were prayerful witnesses on the sidewalk when her parents came to Planned Parenthood for an abortion last summer.  They didn’t want the abortion, but had three children already and the husband didn’t think they could handle another one.  He was especially concerned about how his wife would get to her doctors appointments, since she doesn’t drive, and he works long days.  The compassionate sidewalk counselors offered to help him with transportation for his wife, and to help provide other resources that the family was in need of.  Our pro-life family in Pittsburgh held a baby shower for them this past November, and the beautiful baby girl was born last month.  When one of the sidewalk advocates went to visit the family a few weeks ago, she got to hold the baby.  The husband looked at her and thanked her for being there that day.  He said to her, “If we had done it (the abortion), we would have never been able to be happy again.”  The simple truth of those words has remained in my heart and mind.  They wouldn’t have ever been able to be happy again.  Wow!

This is just one family…one baby…that was saved because of our presence on the sidewalk.  There are thousands of others…and many that we will never even know about.  But each life saved has an eternal impact!  This is a profound opportunity to be used by God to save a life!

Have you signed up for a time slot at the vigil yet?  It begins on Wednesday at 7 am, in front of Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh.  There are many empty time slots that still need filled!  Please email me at if you can help!

You can also sign up to fast during these forty days by going to

When we all share the burden…the burden is light!

Hope to see you on the sidewalk!

Your sister in Christ,


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