DAY 32: Thank you Holy Child (Bridgeville) and St. Mary Church (Herman), as well as individual pray-ers


Birmingham, England

Back on Day 20, Shawn Carney’s post from 40DFL headquarters highlighted an event which took place at the vigil in Birmingham, England.  In case you missed it, here’s what was reported:

In another instance, a Birmingham volunteer wrote that while she was praying outside the abortion center, a teenage girl who was about to enter stopped to talk. Following their discussion, the girl agreed to visit a pregnancy care center instead.

“No one else knows I’m pregnant and I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “All day yesterday, I was walking around town by myself praying that God would give me a sign if He wanted me to keep my baby, but there was no sign.”

Without the sign she was seeking, she decided to keep her abortion appointment. “But as I came to the entrance … I saw that lady holding a cross and I knew that was my sign to keep my baby.”

This story is even more miraculous when you consider that this young woman — who was inspired by the Cross — was not a Christian.

After reflecting for a bit on the amazing power of the cross, what came to my mind was what reportedly happened to the Roman Emperor Constantine in the year 312.  Also in a time of distress, himself was looking and praying for some sort of sign.  And then Constantine, who was not then a Christian, saw on the face of the sun a vision of the Cross.  And at the same time, written across the sky, were these words:  “in hoc signo vinces,” which translates, “in this sign prevail.”

Sea, Sunset, Beach, Glow, West Coast



Tim B., 7-9

Knights of Columbs
Two Knights of Columbus from Manordale
Choices Mobile Unit
Choices Mobile Unit
Team from Living Hope
Team from Living Hope

day 32 1st shift

The faithful from Living Hope, coming from the Latrobe area, were at the vigil predawn ready to pray and provide a strong witness to life.  What a blessing to have prayer warriors on both sides of the buffer zone.  We were blessed to have Betsy and Jill in the Choices mobile sonogram offering an easy alternative to pp and the Saturday morning regulars Dr. Stephanie, Father G, Joe, David, Bill S. and of course always present, Bill H.  Peace and Joy.

Sue D., 9-11

People were out in droves when I arrived. Tim had arranged to have the big 40 days banner in place, which brings great awareness! Knights of Columbus, Manordale, was represented and Maria who has become a Saturday regular! Several SA were also present! Shortly into the shift, a local Pro-Life physician and her lovely daughter came along to pray. It was their first time standing vigil. It was so encouraging to speak with them…the good doctor was telling us how she has done abortion pill reversals and about a patient she treated who had a healthy baby boy in September!! She encouraged us to keep getting the phone number out there (877-558-0333). It is on our yellow resource card! Jeff, who is pulling two shifts today, arrived shortly before 11am to take over!  Thanks to everyone who came to pray for the many clients entering PP today.

Dean D., 1-3

We’ve been spoiled by so many nice days that today’s weather served as a nice challenge. Thank you Brenda and Marcella for braving the elements with me to pray.  Shortly before I left, the mighty prayer warriors of Crestview Presbyterian showed up (nine strong) to carry the prayer torch into the late afternoon. God bless you all.

Ken, 3-5

I was very blessed today. Our God allowed that I could take a small part in the fight for life. And to help he sent a prayerful, joy filled congregation from View Crest Presbyterian Church. A special thanks to pastor Matt and Pastor Shawn. The song, scripture and prayers that you brought with you were uplifting. One young woman in particular stopped to talk about her views on life. I pray that she was touched by what she heard and that her heart will be changed.

First time participants from Viewcrest Presbyterian Church!
First time participants from Viewcrest Presbyterian Church!

Jeff B., 11-1 AND 5-7

Brenda from St John the Baptist and Marcella From good Samaritan in ambridge
Brenda from St John the Baptist (Baden) and Marcella from Good Samaritan (Ambridge)
Jan from st John the baptist in Baden and Beverly from good Samaritan ambridge
Jan from St. John the Baptist and Beverly from Good Samaritan

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