Day 29…St. Juan Diego (Sharpsburg), St. James (Sewickley) & Hosanna Church (Bellvue) bring the warmth of Christ to the chilly sidewalk today!


“We were rescued like a bird from the fowlers’ snare; Broken was the snare, and we were freed.  Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”  Psalm 124

This psalm from the Mass readings today is speaking to me in a special way, because we saw a child RESCUED from the snare of abortion at our vigil yesterday!!!  Praise God!!!  To read the account in shift manager Michael’s report, click HERE.

tree(Remember…for each life that is saved at the last minute from abortion, an entire BRANCH of a family tree is saved!  Think of all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. that are saved at that moment!!!)

You will also notice in yesterday’s blog (in shift manager Beth’s report) that another baby was brought in those doors to be aborted, but left safely still in his mother’s womb after PP refused to abort him because he was too big!  Please pray that the hearts of his mom and dad will be softened and that they will let him come to birth!


The reason that 40 Days for Life has been so successful is that it fights abortion with SPIRITUAL weapons, rather than political ones.  Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth! 

Our prayers are reaching the ears of God…carried to Him on the wings of our sacrifice of food (while fasting), comfort (while witnessing), and our works of charity.  (Read yesterday’s vigil account from Cil, where she mentions that one of our vigil participants left the vigil with a young mom to help her to get food.)

When God first broke my heart over abortion back in 2009, I struggled mightily to get up my courage to go to Planned Parenthood for that first time…and I soon realized how much of a spiritual battle this is!  (To read my little “mini-testimony” of how I did this, click HERE).

I remember feeling frustrated that abortion was represented in our culture with this almost noble…self-sacrificial air.

“Every child should be a WANTED child.” 


Planned Parenthood was a master at public relations, and had constructed a beautiful facade of being there to HELP women who were in need.  It reminded me of a monster wearing a pretty mask.  I wasn’t buying it…because GOD had removed the spiritual scales from my eyes.  I had forced myself to look at photos and videos from actual abortions.  I had pulled away the mask and looked straight into the eyes of the monster.  It was painful, but it was necessary.

The thing that we have to remember is that those who are supportive of abortion are blinded spiritually.blind

The most common cause for this blindness is their own participation in an abortion at some point in their past.  When we see people who are extremely angry at our presence…we need to remind ourselves of this reality, and so treat them gently and pray that God’s grace will prevail and penetrate their hardened hearts and minds.  It can be frustrating to us that they can’t see what we can see…and it is tempting to try to “argue” our case using reason…but our arguments usually fall on deaf ears.  Love and gentleness can penetrate where words cannot.

Last week I watched a debate between the president of Students for Life, Kristan Hawkins, and a so-called “Christian” abortionist, Dr. Willie Parker.  Dr. Parker actually believes he is doing “God’s work” by providing abortions.  Watching the debate was like watching a fight between a 2-year old and an adult.  It was almost embarrassing (intellectually) to see Dr. Parker using the same tired pro-abortion catch phrases and cliche’s in response to Kristan’s intelligent and clear-thinking logic. It just goes to show you why there aren’t very many abortion providers who try to go the “Christian” route.  Their arguments completely fall apart when they try to defend them from a Christian point of view.  You can watch the debate by clicking HERE.

On the other side of the spectrum are the abortionists who don’t even try to paint a “noble” or “Christian” view of abortion.  They callously discuss dismembering the baby’s bodies, and joke about how they “need to go to the gym to build up their biceps”, in order to have the strength to provide late-term abortions (20 weeks).  I just watched the newest under-cover video (just released yesterday) by David Daleiden last night.  Click HERE to watch it.

They are blind.  Either from personal guilt, greed or ignorance.  But before you despair, remember that conversions happen!  As Pat spoke of in his blog on Saturday, one of the unexpected fruits of 40 Days for Life are the many abortion workers who have converted! (154 so far!) If you want to be encouraged, I recommend reading the conversion stories of these two former abortion workers:

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s “Hand of God” -Dr. Nathanson was the founder of NARAL and was responsible for the invention of the suction-aspiration method, which allowed abortion to be done in free-standing clinics, making it affordable and wide-spread.  He was an atheist Jew when he began, and was a converted Catholic when he died. Click HERE for more info.

Carol Everett’s “Blood Money” – Gives a glimpse of the way in which greed and pride…followed by guilt from an abortion, led Carol to rationalize her job of providing abortions, while still thinking she was a Christian.  It tells the beautiful story of her conversion, which she attributes to others praying for her. Click HERE for more info.

So we continue on the remainder of this 40 day journey, lifting each other up and encouraging each other along the way.  We are not alone…God is with us, and we have each other.  And lives and souls are being saved!  Praise God!

Up-coming Vigil needs:  This Friday from 3-5pm (Barbara & Richard would appreciate a prayer partner!)

Now, for the stories from the vigil today…

Kathy L. 7-9 am

day 29, 1st shift diane and peg

Faithful Dianne and Peg greeted me upon arrival.  After a morning prayer, Dianne went on her way.  Shortly afterward, Harry joined us and the three of us read the 40 days devotion.  Most of the time was spent in silent prayer.

Peg noted that a regular passerby who usually avoids eye contact with us, gave a friendly greeting to us in passing.

One mother stopped to tell Peggy that she doesn’t bring her four year old son past us anymore because the fetal models scared him.  Peggy responded with a polite, “that’s too bad.”  Perhaps the woman could have dispelled his fear by telling him that was what he looked like in her tummy when she was pregnant with him.  Just a thought.

Bill H came by briefly.  Scriptural prayers and hymns were offered.

Cathy Z. 9-11 am

Shift manager Cathy and friends from St. Juan Diego parish
Shift manager Cathy and friends from St. Juan Diego parish

Spent a quiet, prayerful morning with two friends from my parish, St. Juan Diego.  There were a fair number of women going inside, staff and patients, one negative comment, “Why don’t you mind your own ******* business?”, but that was offset by “Thank you”s and “I pray for you every day”.

Jeff subbed for the 11 am – 1 pm shift  

A faithful parishioner from St. James in Sewickley was there during Jeff’s shift.

day 29, 3rd shift








Chris 1 – 3 pm

I can’t remember wearing long underwear in October… It was cold and misty during my shift, but my heart was warmed by the three women witnessing with me today.  Two of the women, one being a Sidewalk Advocate, used their charm and persistence to hand out several dozen “Life” flyers to passersby.  For the first time, I received no negative comments during our prayer time.  We even had one man ask permission to take a picture of the fetal models.  As I watch the number of glances by passersby of the models during my shifts, I have to believe they’re the most powerful tool for life we have during the campaign.  May God plant the truth of unborn human life in all their hearts.

Faithful Ginny is a regular participant during 40 days!
Faithful Ginny is a regular participant during 40 days!











Barbara & Richard 3 – 5 pm

The sidewalk seemed so much warmer than the chilly showers would indicate.  As we arrived, Chris (SM) and Ginny and 2 more  people flanked both sides of the front door.

Pastor Gary with the members of Word and Worship Church (Hosanna) came just before 3.   In time, more people from Word and Worship kept coming.  What a team…their fellowship in prayer was compelling.  One young woman came out, holding the brown paper bag.  “I would never abort my child,” she said.  She accepted the folder showing photos of the baby developing before birth.

What do you do when you learn that mothers are tempted to abort?  You do the best you can to step out and help.  We are grateful for Nikki’s audacious “Yes”.  


Pastor Gary and his faithful crew from Hosanna Church!
Pastor Gary and his faithful crew from Hosanna Church!


Joe K. 5 – 7 pm

Hosanna / Word & Worship Church provides a faithful witness for life!
Hosanna / Word & Worship Church provides a faithful witness for life!

Word & Worship (Hosanna) came strong this afternoon and stayed strong to the very end of Day #29.

Pastor Gary led his flock into the early evening shift where I was joined by Doug, Bernadette, and Neil, for the first portion of this last shift of the day and still others for the last hour – Thanks and Sorry for all the forgotten names!

The evening was extremely quiet – a couple of positive comments and thanks along with only a single semi-negative mention of “wasting your time” – to which Neil reflected that if we thought we were wasting our time, then we wouldn’t be here…

As the evening faded to night, I was struck how dark it was physically inside the entrance of 933 Liberty Ave. as the last “employee” turned out the lights and left for the evening…  but also reminded how spiritually dark it is inside there as well…

Onto the morning of day #30 to make the most of our time peacefully and prayerfully – witnessing to the Truth to turn this darkness into light…

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  • October 26, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Wow. What a post! – including those perfectly apt pictures. Thank you Nikki.

    And I was especially moved by the thought that when a life is saved, an entire branch of a family tree is saved. What a wonderful and awesome thing to contemplate.


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