Day 13: St. John United Evangelical Protestant Church ; Madonna del Castello & Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale) and EMPTY SHIFT 5-7 PM

“Yet the baby felt our love before…”

I was praying recently on a Saturday morning at planned parenthood. There was a priest praying as well (Fr. G). We were approached by a twenty-something year old woman who was inquisitive as to what we were doing and why. While we were talking with her, a couple entered pp (after rejecting information from the sidewalk advocates). The young woman upon seeing what appeared to be our lack of success asked “what’s the point of you being here? You don’t stop them from going in. Why not do some other type of social work to help those in need?”

love your babyAnd the priest said the most profound thing, and I’m paraphrasing here, “While we didn’t stop them from going in, the baby felt our love. And soon it will be in presence of God and will feel unimaginable love.”

Wow. That floored me. “The baby felt our love”. That gave a whole new meaning and purpose to why I should pray and witness outside pp. For that short remaining period of the baby’s life it felt love. Our love.

That revitalized my commitment and has me eager to go down to the vigil to pray and give my love. I’m now more confident than ever that my efforts “will not be in vain” despite an apparent lack of success.

If you have love to spare and haven’t yet signed up to pray at the vigil, sign or just show up. Stay as long as you want. Let the babies feel your love before…

Just click “Schedule” above to sign up.

Today at the vigil we have prayer warriors from St. John United Evangelical Protestant Church 7-11am ; Madonna del Castello & Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale) 11a – 3p ; Individual volunteer/s 3-5pm; EMPTY SHIFT 5-7 PM (if you can stop down between 5-7 it would be greatly appreciated by Sue.)

Stop back throughout the day as pictures and stories from today’s vigil will be posted.

This week we need people to share their love for the two empty hours on Tuesday… from 11-12, and from 2-3. And also Wednesday 2-3.

From Shift Manager David  7-9 am:Day 13 7-9 1

“Ron, Pastor Win, and David from
St John Evangelical Protestant Church.
On the sidewalk, in the rain, at 7am, these three men, never stopped smiling, praying, and witnessing, for God!”

Day 13 9-11 2From Shift Manager Ginny 9-11 am:

“A group from St John’s Church was at the vigil todayThere were many “Thank You’s for what we were doing “ from passer by’s .
But there were a few derogatory and hateful remarks from others
Day 13 9-11 3We just continued to pray for all.”

From Nikki 11-1 pm:

“When I arrived on the sidewalk I was blessed to see Pastor Win with two members of his (Burry’s) church. They had been there since 7am! It is so inspiring to see men of prayer AND action! We prayed together for a few minutes before they left. Already arriving for the 11-3 shift were Deacon Ron and two men from Madonna del Castello and Word of God parish in Braddock/Swissvale. Three MORE men of prayer AND action! AWESOME!!! Soon after they arrived, we were joined by two faithful ladies,Day 13 11-1 4 MaryAnne and Georgette! Ken (a new shift-manager sub) also came to pray during his lunch break. Deacon Ron had prepared prayer booklets, which he passed around and everyone prayed together for the entire time I was there! They were a beautiful, prayerful and peaceful witness!”

“A young woman named Bethany (it is her real name…she asked me to post it) stopped with her beautiful little girl in a stroller. They baby is Annaikah Grace. She told us that she was on the table to get an abortion when she discovered she was much further along than she thought…so she courageously chose life for this little beauty! She has also bravely given up two of her children for adoption and showed us photos of the “forever families” to which her babies were given. She receives regular updates about her children and is happy that she was Day 13 11-1 strollerable to bless these families who were praying for a child. She asked me to post her story so that if anyone is in a crisis pregnancy is afraid of the adoption process…she would like to reach out to them to help them. I have her contact information if anyone needs it.”

“During my shift I received equal amounts of positive and negative responses. I saw thumbs-up from cars, and many passersby expressed their thanks for us being there. On the other hand, there was an older woman (in her 60’s) who was walking with a group of people, who (with forced bravado and a forced smile) yelled out (with her fists in the air), “Yeah! Choose abortion!!!” My cheerful response was out of my mouth before I even though of it…I said, “I am glad your mom didn’t choose abortion!” She was so caught off guard by my loving reply that she didn’t know what to say, except a weak “I wish she had!” Her group all laughed rather nervously as I think they realized the silliness of her reply.”

“Later a young girl was walking with a group, and she was also trying to impress them with her bravado as she shouted “Thank God for abortion and women’s rights!” I thought about the IRONY of actually thinking you could THANK GOD for the “right” to KILL!!! But I didn’t respond to her, except for a gentle smile and an interior prayer for her.Day 13 Beth and Rose

At 1pm, the next shift manager (sister dynamic duo, Beth and Rose) arrived and I handed off the torch to them.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful prayers and witness today!”


From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“When Rose and I arrived, we were met by the wonderful group from Madonna del Castello with Deacon Ron leading the prayers and songs. Patricia from Ingelsia Sion Church mentioned that the traffic was very light today and it only made sense after I realized that it was Columbus Day and lots of businesses were closed. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood was opened and I heard one of the workers say that something was being planned for tomorrow. Maybe they’re planning to close the place!

Anyway, Win, David, Jim and Ron were joined by Maryanne and Peggy from Madonna del Castello, Joan from St. Patrick’s in Canonsburg, and from North American Martyrs, Manny, (sorry if I missed one woman whose name I forgot) so we had a great group of people handing out the yellow cards and witnessing for life.

One woman and her son stopped to thank us for 40 Days. They were from Washington State, just visiting. She gave Pittsburgh high marks for just about everything especially the friendly people, friendly to the cause of life!”

Beth S.

From  Shift Manager Hank 3-5 pm:Day 13 Hank pic of Billy 3-5

“It was a relatively quiet afternoon, not the usual traffic given that it is Columbus Day and many people were off. Billy was with me for the entire shift so we had both sides of the circle covered. We received a number of thumbs-up, a high-five and several thanks for being here. Most by-passers returned our greeting warmly. We did distribute many of the little feet and other materials. We did of course have time to pray for an end to this abomination.”

From Shift Manager Sue 5-7 pm:

“I was proud to take over shift manager duties from my Dad…Him and my Mom are the root of my pro-life beliefs! She was home continuing her day of fasting and praying for the all the intentions of our vigil! I was joined shortly by Anna Marie who graciously answered the call to stand with me and travelled an Day 13 Sue and Hankhour to be there, what a sacrifice! I felt so peaceful just praying together and was so happy to hear how she became such a committed pro-life witness…her heart was moved to action when partial birth abortion was explained to her by a friend in her church! The sidewalk was fairly busy and we did hand out some 10 week precious feet pins and yellow cards! We got some supportive comments and one young lady turned around, smiled and said “I choose life too”! “

~ Sue


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