Day 7: St. Peter Catholic Church (Steubenville); Holy Angels Parish (Hays) and Individual Volunteers


FIREI came across an acronym today for an easy way to remember how we are best positioned to receive the free offer of God’s supernatural grace. H.O.T


“It’s hard to be humble,” says an old country song, “when you’re perfect in every way.”It can be pretty hard to be humble, especially since we live in a society that encourages competition and individuality.

Let’s pray for HUMILITY so that we can be ready to Receive and Share God’s LOVE at Planned Parenthood!


Jesus said, “Put out into the deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” Peter replied – “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing! But at your word I will lower the nets.” 

They got such a big catch of fish that their nets were torn and their boats almost sank!

Let’s remember the power of OBEDIENCE, you have answered the call and been obedient by committing to the Vigil


“He who trusts himself is lost. He who trusts in GOD can do all things” The confident, trusting soul is like a lightning rod for God’s mercy and grace.

Let’s TRUST that God will use us as lightning rods for his Mercy  and Grace at Planned Parenthood

Our pray-ers today were definitely H.O.T and I believe God will use their efforts and all of our efforts to combat evil and rescue souls!

Charlene reports from the morning shift:

My first shift of the Vigil and I am reminded of a prayer in Sunday’s National 40 DFL blog…”Gracious and Merciful Father, we renew our dedication to defending the unborn and All whose right to life is compromised by our godless society’s selfish lack of concern”. I was joined on this Fall morning by these “dedicated defenders of the unborn”:

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It was a pleasant morning until “our godless society’s lack of concern” showed up and a white man in his 20’s took two sidesteps and knocked over Sally. We all know and love Sally and Al and we know of their dedication to the cause despite their age. The assault was over in a minute and the man did not stop except to push Sally’s bag toward her. Sally would not go to get checked and the police were called and came and took a report. . The Guard at PP said he would have come out if he had seen. He states he is going to start watching closer. Prayers for our dear Sally that she has healing!

Abolitionist William Wilberforce said,” you may choose to look the other way but you can never say you did not know”. He was talking about Slavery but our presence on the sidewalk shouts that out about abortion.  (St. Bonaventure Bulletin 10/1). ~Charlene

Shown in the above photos are:  Bill, Sally, Al, Dick, Tracey and Beth(from St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Steubenville), Suzanne from Bellefield Church EPC, and Eloisa from Iglesia Sion Church.

Beth reports from 9-11

Two good things happened today:  the abortionist and two others were five minutes late (wish they had never shown up at all) and a gentleman seeking health care for his wife got an appointment at Catholic Charities after Elsie persuaded him not to go into Planned Parenthood.

But wait…..another good thing, Tracy and Beth from Steubenville and Elsie and I all were there, praying and offering help.  And then it was 11 a.m. and the great group from Holy Angels arrived.  And I guess that was another very good thing from our shift.

Cil writes from the 1-1 shift:

I was surrounded by “angels” today!  My “angel” friends from St. Joes (Barb, Joyce & Patti) came to the vigil with me and Barb was a saint to drive us down and buy us pizza for the ride back home!  The ladies prayed the rosary, divine mercy and offered their beautiful smiles to those passing by.

Barb, Joyce and Patty were Cil's prayer companions today
Barb, Joyce and Patty were Cil’s prayer companions today

We were greeted with a great group of “angels”…Holy Angels from Hays!  Thank you to Deacon Dan, Jack, Pat & Pat, Mary Ellen, Gerard & Deana for keeping up the prayers and songs on “the other side”.

Angels on the sidewalk
Angels on the sidewalk

A young man stopped to talk with us about the need to keep praying and that God hears our prayers.  He said that they may not be answered right away.  He said that God has something like a “mailbox” in heaven and the angels go back and forth with the prayers but sometimes the devil’s demons try to stop them.  But that God triumphs in the end and our prayers are heard and answered.  So keep it up!  And let’s ask the angels to intercede and keep up the battle for us!

Two young Jehovah witness men stop and spoke with us.  I invited them to gather a group and join with us as they also believe that abortion is wrong.  The one is from Seattle and the other from Denmark so I told them to look for 40 Days there and gave them info.  It was a great conversation.

We were able to share info with a young lady about NFP and Pope Paul VI Center.  She wants to conceive but has been unable to for a couple years.  She also took birth control info with her as she believes it was the Depro that has caused her infertility.  Please keep her in prayer as we then found out that she is not married but is engaged.  So many have this fear to commit these days…

And speaking about commit… I had similar fears 25 years ago.  But my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today!  He has been an “angel” in my life so many times.  I was blessed to see the movie, “Mully”, with him tonight at the Mills.  I highly recommend this story of an orphan who made a life for himself and then opened his home and heart to welcome so many other orphans into his ever growing family!  Let’s pray that the women who come to PP can open their hearts to the life within them.  And that more will consider adoption or fostering children.

Nancy reports from 1-3pm:

A very prayerful time. Deacon Dan and other prayers from Hays, who came for a four hour shift, continued to pray until 3 pm. Two lovely ladies from parish close to Meadowlands , Deb and Clare, came to pray, and stayed beyond 3 so that Mike would not be alone as shift manager.

First time shift manager Michael managed a DOUBLE shift (3-7pm) and writes:

The weather is beautiful on this day the Lord hath made.  Thank you Lord for this day and all of thy blessings.

Great group of witnesses from Holy Angels parish in Hayes
Great group of witnesses from Holy Angels parish in Hayes

It was an exciting day for me as it was my first time to be a shift manager. I truly appreciate having Judy and Johanna join me so I was not alone.  Beautiful people from Holy Angels in Hays were present most of the day with Deacon Dan praying and glorifying God. What an awesome witness for all to experience. It brought me great joy when a young lady named Jessica approached me and praised us for what we are doing.  She said more people should be declaring the truth about abortion and she was so sincere and passionate. Jessica said she recently had a baby named Melissa, but the baby was in the care of CYF.  I could see how difficult it was for her to admit this sad fact, but she was hopeful she would get Melissa back once she secured adequate housing. I told her we would pray for her and Melissa and she was very appreciative. She asked if we pray out loud and I said “yes, would you like us to pray now?” and she said yes. Judy, Jessica and I held hands and I prayed. When I was finished, Jessica asked if she could pray, and she prayed the most beautiful and heartfelt prayer for several minutes. In my opinion, this young lady was in emotional pain and had alot of stuff going on, but she had a great deal of faith and love for the Lord and was an inspiration to Judy and I.  Please pray for Jessica and her baby Melissa. I told her it would bring me much joy if she gets Melissa back before the 40 DFL was over, if she could bring her to meet me here on a Tuesday between 3 and 5 pm.  She was very happy to hear that and said she would like to do it. Jessica made my day and this experience reminded me how many people are suffering, but working hard to overcome it and asking for divine intervention. God bless and strengthen Jessica in this personal battle she is in the midst of now. Faithful Bill paid the vigil a visit and spent some time bestowing his wisdom on us.

I felt anxious about being a shift manager for the first time, but I went home feeling at peace and thankful for the people of God who are all gifts to us from Him.

Grateful to be alive and in His midst,


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  • October 4, 2017 at 9:11 am

    Evil is growing more confident as it shoves us about on the sidewalk.
    JOY is always more persuasive.
    Count on our 40 Days for Life prudence and fortitude.
    Our cause is founded in prayer.


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