Day 6: North Hills RP Church, St. Mary (Glenshaw), St. Joseph (Verona)

Begin again and again

SunriseI walk my dog* early every morning and lately have seen the most beautiful sunrises. I am reminded by them that I must begin again and again. It’s a new day. Yesterday is gone. I can’t change it. Sure I made mistakes and OK I sinned some but that’s done. Today I begin again. I need to get back on track for my journey to heaven. I need to make a few changes even if they are ever so small.

I need to begin again because I haven’t always been the best version of myself. I make mistakes. I like the comfortable life. I’m lazy sometimes. I cling to my predictable routine. But with Jesus’s helping hand I begin again and make small changes.

So it is with the Fall 40 DFL campaign which has started and I once again I need to put aside some of my “me time” and make a sacrifice to do something really important. I need to participate in something that adds a little purpose and meaning to my life. And so I’m going to witness outside of an abortion center every Saturday for the next few weeks with the hope that we might dissuade someone from going in (40 DFL recently stated that when people are praying outside “no shows” go up to 75%) and also witness to those passerbys making them aware of what we are doing.

Are you ready to begin again? If you haven’t yet signed up to pray with your group or individually there is still time. Signing up is best but if you can’t please still come. Just show and stay as long as you can. You’ll make a difference. Click SCHEDULE above to see the sign up schedule to join our campaign. AND PLEASE NOTE WE NEED SOMEONE TO JOIN THE SHIFT MANAGER ON TUESDAY FROM 3-5 PM AS MICHAEL WILL BE ALONE.

So as the sun rises today we Begin again. And again tomorrow. The journey may be hard but the destination is worth it.

I hope to see you on the streets, again.

Today at the vigil we will have the pray warriors from North Hills RP Church, St. Mary Glenshaw and St. Joseph Verona.

Stop back later today as pictures and stories will be posted Life Chain Sandy and Rosie PS1throughout the day.

Peace and joy to you.

* my dog is pro life and participated in yesterday’s Life Chain 🙂

Tim B.

Here’s 7-9 SM Pat’s report:

My day started out with lots of layers – and I needed them all. It was cold out there this morning. And then about 10 minutes into my shift I began a conversation with a passerby who didn’t know what we were doing. When I explained, he told me that he was “for abortion.” Our conversation from there went at least ½ hour. Dan (not his real name) could use your prayers. He’s an African-American man in his late 20’s who sees the world so differently than we do. I hold out some hope that some of the things I said to him will get him to adjust his thinking.

Monday Chilly groupI was blessed to stand once again with Charles from North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church. He brought along with him two others from NHRPC as well: Bill and Deb (another first-timer to the sidewalk!). Mary Ann from St. Catherine of Siena in Beechview, another veteran, was also with us.



Here’s from Nikki 11-1 pm:

I was blessed once again to have my friends from my church, Saint Joseph in Verona, to be with me for my shift today. The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and Beautiful sunshine! We had lots of positive comments and thank you’s from passersby! I had a nice conversation with Eric, The bookstore owner, who is an Orthodox Jew. He told me happy new year, it is the beginning of the Jewish new year. I asked him what year they are on, and he answered they are in the year 5778! Isn’t that amazing? They literally have counted every year since the first man was created! I just think that is cool. He is a good guy!

There was a somber undertone, thinking of the tragedy that took place just a few hours before in Las Vegas. We offered prayers for the Victims in our rosary.Nikki 2 Day 6

Nikki 3 Day 6It was wonderful to see marie and Ginny, sister sidewalk duo, as we handed off the baton at the beginning of my shift, and then again at the end to see

Our other sidewalk sister duo, Beth and Rose as they took over for the 1 to 3 shift. NB pic 1 Day 6May God continue to protect us and to use us for his glory for these 40 days!

Nikki B.

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“Please, will someone remind me next February, when the cold, wet slush is seeping into my boots, please remind me how beautiful the weather was today.

My sister Rose and I were joined by Mary Jane from St. Pius X and Tony, from St. Joan of Arc. Busy day at Planned Parenthood with many young women leaving with those mysterious brown bags.

We had mostly positive comments, a few negatives and one very sad story from an older gentleman who said three women he knew had abortions and all they do is cry when the memory returns. Each abortion turned out to be a big mistake, getting a solution that was the opposite of the one they thought the abortion would bring. I mentioned healing resources but the gentleman just shook his head and said how wrong things can be.

What a sad story, one that we try to prevent every time we come to our shift. Does anyone return to Planned Parenthood and tell them of the harm that they do to vulnerable women when they need help the most? What compassion would they offer?

Francis and Rosalind came with the promise of prayers and their presence. We continue, we just keep going.

Submitted,  beth s”

From Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm:

Day 6 Benson St AThis young man answer the call for empty hours from 3 to 5!

Francis writes: We need more like this young man! Benson from St. Ann’s in Mt. Lebanon. This is Benson’s 6th day. He’s coming all 40 days. Arrives after school each day about 3:30 and stays ’till 5!!!!!

From Sue D. 5-7 pm:

“Evening shifts are a new thing for me…I have always been on the 7am-9am shift! The crowds are pretty similar, they just go in the other direction! I had the delight of meeting Benson before he went home, he is one of our devoted young persons who has been there several times already in the 1st 6 days. We have such reason for hope.…The pro-life generation in action! Judy answered the call to stand with me and I was so happy to meet her, we prayed together as best we could over the traffic and people. We also worked the “community outreach” piece of this campaign and gave away a fair amount of the 10 week Precious Feet pins. I was thinking about guardian angels all day today and when I got in my car to go home, the first song that came on was “ The God of Angel Armies, Is Always by my Side” I heard it from beginning to end! What a gift, thank you God!”



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  • October 3, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    I knew right away who was writing the blog today! Thank you Tim for your honesty! You’re not alone!
    Just keep going everyone!


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