DAY 5: THANK YOU, Individual Volunteers; Sidewalk Advocates; Immaculate Conception Parish, Greensburg; St. Colman, Turtle Creek; Ascension Holy Name Society, Jeannette; St. Agnes Parish, West Mifflin; St. Mary Catholic Church, Herman


Two girls looking so much alike, looking at life, can be worlds apart.


Mind your own business.

It’s my choice. 

I can’t have this baby now.

No one will ever know.

I will get over it.


A mother who is absolutely sure that she cannot have this baby at this time, lives in a different world.  She cannot see the different choice.


This is really hard.

I’ll have a baby some other time.

I am so sorry.


“No man ever steps in the same river twice,

for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Heraclitus, 535 BC – 475BC


This pregnancy is this baby.

Another pregnancy will be a different baby.

The baby you are carrying is one of a kind.

Its DNA makes it elaborately unique and irreplaceable.

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From a single cell you built a body that has one hundred trillion cells.

You made hundreds of different kinds of tissues and dozens of organs, including a brain that allows you to do remarkable things.

Even using the highest estimate for galaxies and the lowest estimate for human cells, there are at least 800 billion more cells in your body than there are galaxies in the known universe.

What makes each body unique? … Actually, it is this 0.1% which makes DNA of each individual unique.

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 You and your baby are God’s gift.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I dedicated you….

Jeremiah 1:5


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“In conceiving this idea of sanctity for us, God reckons with the unique nature, strength and capacity of each individual. Nevertheless, he deals with us freely, as a painter with the colors on his palette.  We cannot foresee in advance which colors the painter will prefer, which he may use up, while scarcely touching the others, or what mixtures he may decide upon to produce his overall effects.  No more is it possible, by simply assessing a man’s nature, to predict God’s gracious intentions for him, the idea of sanctity to which he must conform or the sacrifices it will require of him – though we can predict quite certainly that sacrifices will be demanded of him, since all love involves self-denial.”

Hans Urs Von Balthasar (1905-1988), Two Sisters In The Spirit

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I can’t have this baby now.

Then from the heart of the tempest

Yahweh gave Job his answer.

He said:

Who is this obscuring my designs with his empty-headed words?

Job 38:1-2


Your baby is already yours,

now and forever.


This is too hard. You don’t understand.

Don’t judge me.


You seem troubled.

Let’s slow down.

Let’s talk about why you are here.

Let’s look for the way both you and your baby can live.

You can’t see it yet.

We can look together.

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fallblog1garden IMG_5329 (1)

“May this anagogy of light initiate us into the sublime realities at play in the mission of evangelizing: it is about nothing less than engaging all men and women of good will in passing out of darkness into the wonderful divine light (cf. 1Pt 2:9).  How to be credible in this mission? By being conformed to Christ Jesus, the Light of the world.”

“You are the light of the world!” Pierre-Marie Dumont.  MAGNIFICAT, October 2017

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Prolife witnesses are not geniuses or saints. Beginning with the offer of our tangible presence on the sidewalk, we try to share our world.  As a Catholic prolife witness, I am ever grateful that I can lean on the beauty I see in Catholicism.


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Jeannie is recuperating.

In her generosity, she shared a sample of her art.



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Jennifer 7-9 Shift Manager

The first Sunday morning of the Fall 2017 vigil was graced with the peaceful, prayerful presence of Kevin, Jean, Susan, and Matt From Immaculate Conception parish in Irwin.  We were happy to be joined by Vince, who brought blessed salt and a scriptural Rosary; and Bill, who shared his heartbreaking and yet uplifting testimony of why he goes to Planned Parenthood to pray each day.

Thanks and God’s blessings to all who carry the light of Christ to that valley of the shadow of death we know as Liberty Avenue.

Kevin, Jean, Susan, Matt and Vince
Kevin, Jean, Susan, Matt and Vince


Sue 9-11 Shift Manager

Although downtown itself was busy this morning when I arrived and it was hard to find a parking spot (which it never is on a Sunday morning), foot traffic was relatively light during my shift today.  We were blessed with a peaceful and very prayerful, although chilly, two hours.

One man passed by and thanked us, telling us he was adopted as a baby.  Another man came by and earnestly expressed his support.  We did encounter one “dissatisfied customer,” but he eventually passed by on his way.

My prayer partners for the entire shift — Betty, Arlene, and Bill, all from St. Colman — were delightful to pray with.  The “R” family showed up toward the end of the shift for their second day in a row.  What a breath of fresh air they always are!   Thank you to all of you!

The "R" Family This is their second day in a row at the Vigil!
The “R” Family
This is their second day in a row at the Vigil!


Betty, Bill and Arlene St. Coleman Parish, Turtle Creek
Betty, Bill and Arlene
St. Coleman Parish,
Turtle Creek


Roseann and Rich 11-1 Shift Managers

I can no longer claim that Sunday’s are uneventful. About 10 minutes into our shift and in the middle of a Rosary, a couple were walking by and the man decided to upset our display. He sent the fetal models flying into the street and toppled the sandwich board. Fortunately, they kept on walking because with that kind of anger who knows what might have happened. “St. Michael, defend us in battle”.

Later on a young man who claimed to be a teacher at a school just around the corner stopped to express his concern and displeasure. He said that when the school has fire drills their safe zone just happens to be where the 40 Days vigil is also. He doesn’t believe that we should hand out plastic fetal models to 11 year olds. We asked him if his concern was really about the models or if he just didn’t like the fact that we were there. He probably stayed a good 15 minutes trying to make his point although he was respectful. “St. Michael, defend us in battle”.

On a lighter note, thanks, to the good people from Ascension Holy Name Society who came to pray with us.

Ed, Rachelle, Charlene and Pat
Ed, Rachelle, Charlene and Pat


Maggie 1-3 Shift Manager

It was peaceful.

A man said to the prayers, “If I punched an abortion doctor in the nose I’d be arrested. But he can kill the baby and nothing happens to him.” He also said he’d like to put gum and a toothpick in the lock so the key wouldn’t work tomorrow. And finally that he would like to remind the women considering abortion that their mothers chose life.

We also had a young man remove his hat and put it on his heart as he passed by the group that was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

We had a man proclaim, “Blessings,” to us as well.

Before the shift started we all blessed ourselves and the circle with holy water.

The prayers sang hymns and prayed the Rosary.  It was a lovely afternoon in front of a horrific house of pain and death. “LORD have mercy!”

fall blog 1 maggie 1

fall blog 1 maggie 2 20171001_142513 (3)

Saint Agnes Parish West Mifflin
Saint Agnes Parish
West Mifflin


Audrey and Jim 3-5 Shift Managers

What a beautiful way to start the month of October!  The glorious sun kept us warm and smiling.  The 1:00 to 3:00 pm shift was reciting the Rosary when we arrived.

Larry and Margie from St. Mary’s in Butler, along with Patricia from Columbia and shift manager Jim, had a prayerful vigil.

If you look closely, you can see the shadow of shift manager Audrey taking the pictureJ

Father Mark, from St. Mary’s in Butler, joined us and we prayed the Pro-Life Rosary.  It would not be a 40 Days vigil if Bill didn’t stop by to share his wisdom and love!

Despite the crystal clear day, it is always ominous to stand outside of Planned Parenthood and imagine the horrors that happen there.  One sign worn around our necks made in clear that over 2,100 abortions are committed there every year.  But as I stood and prayed, I envisioned these blessed souls floating to heaven….

fall blog 1 audrey 1IMG_9048

See Audrey reflected
See Audrey reflected
Father Mark
Father Mark


Marshall 5-7 Shift Manager

John, Flynn, Kathy and John stopped to pray this evening.

Flynn’s mom used to pray here.

John, Flynn, Kathy and John
John, Flynn, Kathy and John


Thank you, Sunday Shift Managers and all the generous people who joined us on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic to pray today.


And God saw that it was good.


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  • October 1, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Tonight we added the St. Michael prayer to our bedtime routine for all of those who stand vigil during these 40 days. Be assured of our continued prayers for everyone!


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