Little bit of good

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. ~Desmond Tutu

Katie did her “little bit of good” by holding her Bi- annual Diaper Drive!
Thank You to everyone who did their “little bit of good” by DONATING!!!
The Grand Totals are: 974 diapers, 230 wipes and 204 dollars!!
I think every woman who believes she is alone, would be overwhelmed by the support that is available to her and her baby!
I am asking you to do a little more of a “little bit of good”…the 40 Days for Life peaceful, prayerful Vigil is only 3 weeks away and the vigil calendar is about half full…
Can you do your little bit of good by signing up individually for a 2 hour shift once a week?
Or commit your church to a 4 hour time slot? email me: to order Flyers and Bulletin inserts! click HERE to view  
Let’s overwhelm our city by putting our little bits of good together and fill all 480 hours of this vigil before September 15th!
Check the schedule at  
Then email Nikki at to commit for your time slot.
God Bless You! Sue David

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