Information about The Magee Project and reports from Day 39: St. Ann Catholic Church (Castle Shannon), Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale), St. Sebastian Catholic Church (Ross)



*  Did you know that abortions have been performed Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC even before Roe v. Wade was decided?

**  And that Magee does between 500 and 700 abortions every year?

***  And that the University of Pittsburgh offers abortion training to medical students and Associate professors at Pitt perform abortions at Magee?


Imagine the spiritual walls erected at Magee by decades of shedding innocent blood.  Isn’t it about time for those walls to come down and for a renewed culture of life to be restored!

Each night pray-ers for life meet at Magee Women’s Hospital to pray to end abortion.  Pat took these two pictures on May 2, 2017.  Join in prayer!




Join The Magee Project (founded by our very own Meredith Parente) for a major prayer event:  A week-long Jericho Walk around Magee-Womens Hospital in Oakland, from Sunday, April 30th, and ending on Saturday, May 6.


From Sunday (4/30) through Friday (5/5) the Jericho Walk will begin at 6:30 PM.  We’ll meet at Magee – on the corner of Halket Street and The Blvd. of the Allies – to circle the hospital one time in silent prayer and meditation.  We’ll then gather briefly after walking to pray together and then and dismiss for the evening.


On Saturday, May 6th, we’ll meet at 8:30 AM and circle the hospital seven times in silence. We’ll gather at the end to make declarations about the spiritual walls we’ve asked God to topple and to declare what we are asking God to plant in place of those walls.


We’re asking individuals to make the effort to come to as many evenings as possible.  For churches and church groups (such as the Knights of Columbus), the hope is that they would adopt one evening, and then come again on Saturday morning.  Contact Meredith at or at 412-795-3924 with any questions.


As for parking, on street parking is available on Halket St, across from the main entrance to the hospital, but is limited to one hour.  There is also a parking garage available right at Magee’s front entrance.  But don’t park in the Panera/Quality Inn parking lot.  Even if you buy a coffee there, if you walk off the lot, they’ll tow you.


And finally, be aware that a launch event for our Jericho Walk will be held on Friday, April 28, at 7 PM at Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Joe Stump’s church), which is at 5604 Interboro Ave. in Pittsburgh.




There was a nice sized group of prayers from St. Anne’s (Castle Shannon), a few Saturday regulars , and a parishioner from St. Joseph’s.  There were about 15 escorts and, unfortunately, 2-3 customers.  One couple took some information, but continued inside.

Virginia, 7-9

It was another Saturday with a plethora of pray-ers!  I began my shift with the St. Anne’s Respect Life group in the middle of the rosary.  The man leading had a beautiful booming voice which could be heard on both sides of the circle.  I couldn’t help but think that the escorts must pay attention on some level, especially at the door with the baby models also being in full view!  Beth (SA), Joe (SA), and Joe were also present.  A short time later, a large group from Grove City College came and eagerly signed in and took signs to wear.  You can see them lining the street in the picture, their smiling faces bolstered everyone and it was a joy to have them with us!  Several rosaries, divine mercy chaplets, and many other prayers were offered.  Lots of people in costume passed by for some kind of convention.  We were able to hand out a lot of cards and offer free help to any who was simply open to accepting it! God Bless everyone who came.  Thank you!

Sue, 9-11

Pray-ers from St. Anne's in Castle Shannon w/Joe B
Pray-ers from St. Anne’s in Castle Shannon w/Joe B
Grove City College students
Grove City College students
GCC students form their line
GCC students form their line

Three large healthcare facilities offering abortion in Pittsburgh…and we wonder why a city this size worries about the future?  The healthcare giant getting federal funds is located in downtown Pittsburgh where this 40 Days for Life campaign is ending for this season.  But abortion will not stop.  Abortion may not be front and center in some lives for the next several months but babies will continue to die under the watchful eye of PP.

So today we watched and prayed.  On my particular shift, Word of God parish and Madonna del Costello parish was represented by Dave, Maryann, Mike, and Bernie.  None of them are strangers to the sidewalk for life.

An older, distinguished looking gentleman with a camera took a picture of Maryann as she was praying.  He didn’t need to ask permission, but the polite thing to do is to ask.  George was evasive of how he plans to use the pictures other than for class, but under gentle and firm persuasion he did ask Maryann’s permission.  She graciously said yes.  He accepted our brochure to let us know if the pictures he took get published.  Taking a picture of someone in prayer… the man saw something that attracted him.

I was able to reach out to several people going into PP today.  Joan and Judy were also Sidewalk Advocates keeping vigil and reaching out.  A young couple did take post abortion information from me, after the seed was planted and watered by Judy and Joan.

Another 30 something woman would not take information – offered twice.  Visibly stressed and smoking, she told me after she looked at the baby models her mind was made up.  She told me (paraphrasing) “look, there is nothing there”.  I said it is her baby.  She walked inside while telling me to shut up.  Simultaneously, an even older woman walked by and yelled at me that it was the woman’s choice.  I won’t argue that statement.  It is a legal choice, but a deadly one for baby and mother.  The mother just isn’t aware.  Please pray.

The town was full of characters from the comic convention.  Right before I left the sidewalk for the day, two men crossed over to the our side of the street.  Unsolicited, the one said  “Stay vigilant.”  I took that as a message.  God has never spoken to me from a burning bush nor have I had any visions.  But I know wisdom when I hear it.  Anyone coming to the sidewalk must remain vigilant this weekend.  The convention has many dark spirited people walking by.  God is practical.  He told us he was sending us out among wolves.  WE must remain vigilant for life all year round.

Thank you to all of those who I shared the sidewalk with today… you know who you are.

Please keep Deacon Ron from Madonna del Costello and Word of God Parish in prayer.  He usually leads his parishes in prayer at the vigil but sadly, his wife died on Thursday.  The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral will be Monday.  Please pray.

Marian, 11-1

Pray-ers from Word of God parish
Pray-ers from Word of God parish

There was a lot of traffic in and out of P.P. today.  Some of the girls who came out together may have been training as escorts.  As this campaign comes to a close, I have to say how encouraging it’s been to read all of your reports and to stand together with you in this cause.  We uplift one another when we come together in prayer.  If the people who run P.P. we’re being honest, they would place a sign in their window stating, “No Lives Matter”.  Abortion subtracts from all of us.  The abortionist preys upon those who are economically disadvantaged and plants seeds of doubt.  40 Days for Life recognizes and supports that all life is God ordained and has purpose.

Dean, 1-3

Nelson and Sue from Word of God Parish in Swissvale
Nelson and Sue from Word of God Parish in Swissvale

I was so blessed today to be able to stand in prayer and witness with my fellow parishioners from St. Sebastian.  There were lots of folks on the streets of Pittsburgh today, what with a comics convention and a Pirates game going on.  With everyone dressed for spring — and the comics convention participants dressed in many colorful ways! — it was hard to believe that it was snowing just yesterday!

I met two wonderful Spirit-filled ladies, Pat and Bernadette, who are active with a pro-life prayer ministry by the name of Preborn Jesus (  And speaking of the Holy Spirit, Bill stopped by as well, as ever on his Holy-Spirit-led “beat.”

We were very encouraged that SO many of the passersby – and even some people leaving Planned Parenthood! — were open to taking the yellow resource cards.  For me personally, it had to have been a record number of cards that I was able to give out.  Praise God!!  One young gentleman and his wife stopped to shake our hands and thank us for being there.  We engaged in a few conversations with some searching souls.  There were some rude and unsupportive comments as well.  At one point, a woman exited Planned Parenthood and purposely knocked the fetal models over.  But the negativity today was far outpaced by the general openness to our message.  Please pray that all of the yellow cards handed out today, along with the conversations had, will bear much fruit!

For Life,

Sue M., 3-5

Linda, Mary Lou, Gloria, and Dot, from St. Sebastian
Linda, Mary Lou, Gloria, and Dot, from St. Sebastian
Pat and Bernadette from Preborn Jesus Ministry
Pat and Bernadette from Preborn Jesus Ministry
Mary Ann, Mary, and Guy, from St. Sebastian
Mary Ann, Mary, and Guy, from St. Sebastian
Jim, Sandy, Dot, and Gloria, from St. Sebastian
Jim, Sandy, Dot, and Gloria, from St. Sebastian

I was asked to re-post my Shift Manager report from yesterday.  Here it is:

IMG_20170407_171702 (1)
The highlight of my evening – heck, the highlight of the whole campaign for me – was meeting Violetta and her five children.  The first thing she said when she saw me and our signs (and our baby models) was:  “Oh you guys are just the greatest.  Thank you for being here.”  Then she explained.  She had been at the East Liberty mill seven years ago for an abortion.  As she went in there were people there who were trying to convince her not to have an abortion.  She heard what they were saying, but went in anyway.  Well, through a series of strange events – along with the voice of her conscience – she walked out and decided not to have that abortion.  Then she introduced me to Nyona, who is seven, the baby she was going to abort.  (She’s the one right in front of her mom with the purple coat and the big smile.)  It was obvious the way that she talked that she understood that it was God who ultimately saved her and her baby.  She said that she had made the mistake at 16 of having an abortion right there at PP. We talked quite a while and I have her information from “Silent No More.”  When I shook Nyona’s hand I said:  “I’m glad you’re here.”  She said:  “I’m glad I’m here too.”
Pat, 5-7 (Friday)

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  • April 9, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    I want to thank all of you for witnessing for Life during this 40 Days for Life campaign.
    May God bless you all and have a Blessed Holy Week and Blessed Easter!

  • May 10, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Jesus reached down and began to knit together cells..he had picked a name for this tiny one..he breathed life into him, he formed his brain and his tiny hands and feet..his heart was beating, every organ in place for its purpose to his tiny body his tiny thumb found his mouth and began sucking preparing himto take nourishment from his mommy..he was growing every day even safe in his mom, he felt love, warmth and hope..Jesus watched over this tiny life, he loved him so much, he was his creation…But this mom decided she didnt want him and his life was taken, his heart ceased to beat…was he a mistake.?.NO NO NO…Tears fell from heaven, Jesus wept for this tiny little man…this little one now resides with his Savior BUT he had a purpose …thats why we are here tonight and tomarrow and every chance from now on praying to keep these babies safe and alive and given a chance..Please dont give up..this is only the beginning for us…..and our Misson here..dont think of this as just a project..but to proooject us into a future for the culture of life to take root and overcome the bad intentions of abortion.. to the hope Magee will be known as the hospital that honors life for the unborn and vows to protect them.


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