Day 35: St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church (McKeesport), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, North American Martyrs Catholic Church (Monroeville), Hosanna Church (Bellevue)

“Time is not our own, and we must give a strict account of it” ….The time you have spent during the past 40 days are WELL accounted for!

In the “Days of our Lives” spent on the sidewalk in front of PP or Praying and Fasting, we can be assured that it is time well spent!

Each day, every day of our lives, God presents to us the people and opportunities upon which he expects us to act. This is how the Kingdom of God has been spread from the time of Christ’s coming until now. It depends on the faith and commitment of every man, every day of his life. We are called to witness in a special way to the Power of God to Transform all things human…the good, the bad and the ugly

Thank you for your commitment to LIFE and your willingness to be open to the people and opportunities presented to us on the sidewalk!

God has arranged for us to be present at PP so that His Kingdom will be advanced in this place and time. Maybe we have not seen any spectacular successes or miraculous conversions, or anything dramatic at all, but…….TIME WILL TELL!!

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Now for our Shift Manager Reports:

Charlene 7am-9am

Sally and Alex
Sally and Alex


Today was the last day this campaign on the sidewalk for Dick and I. We had such good company:Bill, Fr. Brennen and Helen from St. Robert Bellarmine, Alex from Hosanna, and Sally and Al. Alex could not come with Hosanna, so he came early saying that he used to come because his church did, but now he looks forward to it. He told about a testimony he had heard at church where a lady who worked in a restaurant on Penn Avenue was pregnant and considering abortion…but everyday she saw our signs and decided to keep the baby. We never know who we are affecting and that gives us so much hope.


Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al
Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al

 I have looked at the future Pittsburgh picture all campaign and that too gives me hope… there is no PP in the picture! There will be a future day when PP is gone. God bless you all!  Charlene

future pittsburgh
future pittsburgh

Beth 9am-11am

Let’s hear it for Fr. Brennan and the ladies from St. Robert Bellarmine Church, Helen, Carolyn, Mary, Marge, Mary S., and Pat, who kept vigil today along with Chuck, the “youngster” from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Bill H. and Tony from North American Martyrs Church.

And thanks to those wonderful people who keep the supplies organized.  When the rain came, there were enough extra umbrellas in the box so that everyone stayed pretty dry.

The “clinic” was in full swing with the abortionist arriving after 9 a.m. and clients began leaving shortly thereafter, one poor women looking beyond sick and distressed, taking nothing that was offered.  You can only wonder at what she was told and then what she actually experienced. When the truth about abortion is acknowledged, the number of betrayed men and women will call for a country-wide healing.

Lots of employees here this morning and they were told that we’re always praying for them.  Remember that’s what Abby Johnson said that was one of the things that helped her to go from PP “Employee of the Month” to pro-life warrior.

And…..if, if, if, I’m alone as Sidewalk Advocate next week from 9-11 a.m, it would be great if someone could come stand with me!  I have signs with a pregnancy resource number but if I would have to take someone to Catholic Charities for help (yeah!), I would hate to leave my  signs unattended. Just asking.                Thanks, Beth

Regina 11am-1pm

Today, my wonderful Parish, North American Martyers in Monroeville kept vigil in front of Planned Parenthood. It was great blessing to pray the rosary with Fran and John while Al and our Pastoral Associate, Tony held down the fort on the other side. We all shared in aborhant  saddness, and fervently prayed The Divine Mercy as the Bio- Waste truck collected and loaded the boxes containing the tragically destroyed  bodies of our little brothers and sisters. We stood and prayed for them today. We have all stood and prayed for them all of these 40 Days. At 1:00, Fr. Joe was serious and focused upon arrival,  ready to take his position and pray in front of the Abortuary. Fr. Joe led the next shift Manager, Nancy and Fran-who was now going on her second shift, in all 15 decades of the rosary consecutively! It is clear that Fr. is taking ground back for God as he walks back and forth in the street immediately in front of Planned Parenthood! Thanks be to God, and to all who came out to pray this, and any of these 40 days!  With love and for life, Regina 💜💜💜

Pic 1 (450x800)Pic 2 (450x800) Pic 3 (450x800)Pic 4 (450x800)

Nancy 1pm-3pm

The 1-3 pm hours were great.   Fr. Luisi from NAM prayed the rosary for the two hours he was there.   He had a goal of seven, almost made it! Fran stayed to pray with him. Tony from St. Joan of Arc came on the T to pray.  Bill stopped by.  And Cathy and Jim arrived at 3 as the next SM.   Several people stopped to be amazed at the fetal models. One little kid told his mom “I held the baby”.  Kids can be such truth tellers.  Nancy

Jim 3pm-5pm

Jim stood in as a substitute shift manager today! Thank you Jim for covering the sidewalk and standing for LIFE!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

A pleasant evening tonight on Liberty Avenue.  The traffic was horrendous all over the city taking in the closure of the Liberty Bridge due to a traffic accident and the crowds coming in for the last home game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Our first time to be blessed with Mimmi joining us on our time slot this 40 Days.  We prayed a loud rosary to be heard in our little circle of Johanna, Mimmi and myself.  Pastor Gary and Rick held court on the far side of the circle speaking with several passerby’s.

Johanna and Mimmi
Johanna and Mimmi
Rick and Pastor Greg
Rick and Pastor Greg







The balance of Pastor Gary’s group from Hosanna Church, Breighton Heights, Erin, Bernadette and Neil persevered through the traffic to arrive and added to our petitioning the Lord to hear our prayers.

Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil
Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil

A blessing for me to share the sidewalk with all the prayer partners that joined me on Tuesday evenings.  Thank you everyone.     Lisa McCann

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  • April 5, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Really well email, Susan. The pictures – and thoughts that went with them- were great!


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