Day 28: First Evangelical Free Church(McKeesport); Holy Angels Catholic Church(Hayes); Catholic Daughters of America


Calling Prayer Warriors for Wed 3/29 2pm-3pm….Shift Manager Chris standing ALONE

I saw an interview recently with Jonathan Kelly who is Senior Pastor of Harvest Chicago West. He was convicted of 3rd degree murder and turned his life around by finding God while in jail. The interview was to discuss what his Church is doing to try and impact the high rate of shootings and murders in certain neighborhoods of Chicago. So far in 2017, there have been over 100 murders and over 600 shootings. Him and members of his church stand weekly on the 5 most dangerous street corners and when asked why, he gave 2 reasons….

-It is intentional and it is about being on the ground with the people. It gives them a chance to pray, to talk to young people, and to connect with people in the community

-It is to get people connected into the Church, connected into resources and also let them know that there are people out there like them, who have been through the same thing, who have changed…and turned their life around

I was amazed at his courage and conviction and also the practicality of it! I can not help but see the similarities to 40 Days for Life, isn’t this what we are doing? Rolling up our sleeves and intentionally getting on the street to save lives?

The second part struck even more of a chord, when he was asked what more can be done, he said 2 things…

1) only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can take a dark heart that thinks its OK to take another life, and can change it. He added that his own story is a testimony of that!

2) Economic opportunities and jobs, things that would allow them to flourish! Right now, most readily available and prevalent are “all the things that will destroy them”

He might as well have been interviewed for 40 Days for Life. Then I read something that explained to me why his situation applies so well to us…

“The Ten Commandments disclose to us the only authentically human future, and this is because they are not the arbitrary imposition of a tyrannical God. God wrote the Ten Commandments in stone, but ABOVE ALL, he inscribed them in every human heart as the universal moral law…valid and current in every time and place!”

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Charlene 7am-9am


Making the World a better place to live with all of our differences. It sounds like a wonderful motto and a wonderful cause…something we would be behind. However, they support PP…so making the world a better place to live, does not include the unborn. The Lenten Pro-life prayer states the same message but in a way we can take to the sidewalk. “Give your people a clearer understanding of the profound dignity of every human life, including the infant in the womb.”

“Rain, rain go away…come again another day…Al and Sally and Dick and Char (and FEFC) want to pray!” While it’s hard to pick which one I would rather pray in- rain or cold- today’s rain was a promise of Spring and actually not hard to pray in. We had quite a large crowd as always from McKeesport. First Evangelical Free Church, Dean’s church, comes in a van bringing people at 7 and close to 9. Very organized.

So while it was a little wet, we didn’t need gloves, and the hecklers thought they would melt so didn’t appear. Only flowers and smiles and raindrops on the street. Charlene

Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport...with Dean, Al, Sally
Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport…with Dean, Al, Sally


Beth 9am-11am

Now this is the Pittsburgh weather we’ve come to expect, rain and gloom.  So many wonderful pray-ers from Pastor Kirk’s First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport brought a feeling of warm concern and caring to a grey morning at Planned Parenthood.  Sara, Mark, Norman, Rick, Randy, Dave and Bill, along with Sarah, Kirk, Dean, Bill, Lynn and Joseph kept the prayers coming in spite one very angry man who screamed that we should get a job, called us names, told us what  we should do, and then…..said “have a good day.” Huh?  Otherwise, it was a somewhat busy day with couples coming and going with the usual staff members.  So good to see our friends from McKeesport again along with our regulars like Bill and others who just pass by with a kind word. ~Beth

Regina 11am-1pm


Upon my arrival at 11:00, I was warmly greeted by shift Manager, Beth who introduced me to my wonderful shift mates;  Kimberly and Bill from First Evangelical Free Church, and Deacon Dan from Holy Angels. I am always struck by the kindness and living faith of those who come out to stand, witness and pray for the unborn, and today was no exception! Thanks for coming out, you warmed my heart!  Blessings, Regina

Nancy 1pm-3pm

Bill, Kim and Deacon Dan had been there for previous shift with Regina and stayed throughout my shift.  PP was busy.  A few people stopped by just to say Hi.  Bill (SM)  was one, and said his 67th birthday is tomorrow.  Luther was there for a while!   Jeannie took pictures when she got there at 3.  ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

What a great afternoon shift we had in overcast, slightly rainy Pittsburgh.   I was greeted by Nancy who had been “keeping watch” with Bill and Kimberly– Bill is a regular at 40 Days and is a joy to work with but he brought delightful Kimberly for the VERY FIRST time!! Bill told me that he was in the public library wearing his “women regret abortion” pin when Kimberly approached him wanting to know more.  After explaining his position, which she agreed with, he told her about 40 Days for Life and VOILA!! The two of them met up here taking separate buses.  From what I gather, they had been on the sidewalk for FOUR HOURS!   Kimberly is a very approachable young lady and she was able to distribute scores of literature.  She promised to come back!   Just goes to show you what “wearing your heart (or little feet) on your sleeve (or collar) can do.  Well done Bill!


After an hour Bill and Kimberly were relieved by Brother Tom from the Oratory, who usually  pickets at the East Liberty abortion center.  What a joy to share the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Rosary and Stations of the Cross with this faith-filled, committed, thoughtful young man.  Please keep Brother Tom in your prayers as he continues his formation with the Pittsburgh Oratory.   Their work among the students in Oakland is a very special calling.  We are so blessed to have them in our city.

Lisa and Co. relieved us with yet another FIRST TIMER.  God is so good!

Mary Kay, Lisa (SM), Brother Tom and Rick

With travel plans  a few days away, I will sign off until next campaign, but be assured of my daily prayer for the good works you each are about as we build the kingdom of God together on the sidewalk!     In life, Jeannie

Lisa 5pm-7pm

This evening’s 5 – 7 time in front of Planned Parenthood was spent joyfully and prayerfully.  My thanks to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas that came out and prayed with me and my thanks to Rick who has again been a pillar for me all these weeks.
We ladies experienced a completely positive evening while Rick does seem to continue to receive his weekly (unpleasant) one finger salute from one passerby.  Keep up the good fight Rick!  you are making those men uncomfortable for a reason!
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas who joined in tonight included by dear ever present Johanna L., member of Ct. Allegheny, North Side and Mary Kay and Donna from Ct. Westinghouse, Turtle Creek.      ~Lisa
Donna and Mary Kay
Donna and Mary Kay

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