Day 27: St Mary of the Assumption and Holy Apostles Parish


Early this past Saturday morning at the vigil, one of the prayerful remarked “it is still a little cold here despite the temperature being so much higher than it has been throughout the vigil” and then went on to say “but it’s always cold here in the shadow of evil”. Another then attempted to quote Psalm 23 “yea though I walk thru the valley of death…” And we all agreed, praying outside the abortion center is like being in the valley of death. Figuratively and literally. It’s not easy and certainly not fun. Maybe we are little uncomfortable for whatever reason, Fear of confrontation, Fear of what people will thing of us or Fear of being inadequate. There is no doubt, we would all be more comfortable somewhere else. Yet we hear the call in the silence of the night. We hear “Be Not Afraid”.

We should fear no evil. He is with us. We are HIS hands and feet when we are on the street. We are doing something meaningful with purpose. We are doing HIS will. He will lead us to peaceful waters and hopefully all those we save as well. We should fear no evil.

And then HE confirmed HIS presence as one us raised his hands up, looked to the sky and said; “yet I fear no evil for He is with us”. And to my astonishment, there in the sky between the two buildings across the street was a white cross in the early blue sky. God smiled at us and reminded us to carry our crosses for Him, joyfully. Look closely at the pic and you should be able to see the cross.

What we do in our witness is important. It makes a difference whether you see it immediately or not. So, if you hear HIS call to come back to the vigil in the valley of death, Be Not Afraid. Come back. Don’t resist. HE will be there with us.

There are only two weeks remaining. Bring a friend or family member. Share the joy.

I hope you find true joy on the street in the valley of death.

Tim B.

Stop back throughout the day to see pictures and read stories from the today’s vigil.  And if you have time Tuesday from 3-5 and Wednesday 2-3 pm we don’t have many prayer warriors and could use the support, and who knows you might see a sign the HE is smiling on you.

Here is from SM Ginny 9-11:

“The good people from St. Mary’s of the Assumption prayed and witnessed today. We had IMG_1369very positive comments from passerby’s. There was this darling nun dressed in her beautiful blue and white habit with a white vail. She gave us all a hug.”

Johnny 11-1:

” We had a big crowd at our shift today; (4) people from Holy Apostles and (12) from St. Raymond Parish, which included their Priest!
20170327_122548Yours in Christ,”


From Beth 1-3 pm:

“Today, it was one great group after another. Arriving on Johnny’s shift, Rachel and her friends from St. Raymond of the Mountains in Donegal, PA were already in operation, praying and filling the sidewalk with hope for an abortion-free future. These pro-life warriors know how to get things done and are a great example of putting faith into action.

Saint Raymond's faithful
Saint Raymond’s faithful

And also from St. Raymond’s, Father Ricky, the parochial vicar came with his friends, Gilda, Henna, Anna Maria who have a prayer group and they said they’ll try to come and pray at PP soon. Another new group from Holy Apostles parish, Rose, Donna, Anna Marie, Mary Angela, Rich and Rosanne filled their time slot admirably. Good work first timers!
And finally, who shows up but Father Jason and our girl, his little girl, Martha. Father Ricky led us all in a powerful exorcism prayer and we all

St Raymond's
St Raymond’s

know how powerful that can be. Finally as Rosalinda took the shift manager’s tag, Luther, who has been here before came to pray with us. As said before, one great group after another today. Deo Gratias!”






From Nikki and Joe 5-7:

“Joe and I had a very peaceful shift. The weather was wonderful! we just prayed together for

Joe with Francis and John who did the 3 to 5 shift along with Bill
Joe with Francis and John who did the 3 to 5 shift along with Bill

a while. After that Joe enjoyed passing out the precious feet pins and talking to whoever wanted to talk as they passed by. A woman named Dahlia came because she got the email saying that I needed volunteers. She belongs to Saint Mary of Mercy downtown. It was very nice to have her there with us! It was a peaceful and uneventful shift.”


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  • March 27, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    I will be their tomorrow morning along with about 10 others. We are from the FEFC of
    McKeesport, Pa.


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