Day 23: THANK YOU to St. Joseph Catholic Church (Verona), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Richard Catholic Church (Gibsonia), St. Joan of Arc (Library), and to all individual volunteers!



Thus says the LORD:
This is what I commanded my people:
Listen to my voice;
then I will be your God and you shall be my people.
Walk in all the ways that I command you,
so that you may prosper.

But they obeyed not, nor did they pay heed.
They walked in the hardness of their evil hearts
and turned their backs, not their faces, to me.

Jeremiah 7:23-24


What is this, a news story from March 2017??  No, it is, in fact Scripture that was written thousands of years ago.  WHY are we so belligerent?  Well, I don’t know the answer to that.  But I do know that the Lord in His wisdom has given us this reading today for a reason.  He knows we need it.  Like any good father, our God knows that we need discipline and correction. 



And since our God is the PERFECT Father, He will do that disciplining and correcting PERFECTLY.  But come on.  Turning our backs on Him??  Do we really think that’s going to help?  NO.  He says we must LISTEN to His voice…. and then He will be our God and we shall be His people.




Let us share His love with those on the sidewalk.  And let us listen to His voice, and not turn our backs on Him.  If we can live this way, on the sidewalk and everywhere, we will be much better ambassadors for Him and ministers to others.


Shift Manager Reports

From Nikki:

It was such a blessing to spend my 7 to 9 shift with two wonderful friends from my parish, Saint Joseph in Verona. Joyce and Bob were wonderful companions on the sidewalk! It was a peaceful morning, not much to report. Pete from Saint Ferdinand showed up and prayed on the other side of the circle.  It was nice to have him there. Not much happening at Planned Parenthood this morning. However, one couple and two single girls at least went in towards the end of my shift. We really didn’t receive many comments from passersby, either positive or negative. I actually like this early morning shift; people aren’t really awake yet and it is very calm and peaceful! Thanks again to Joyce and Bob for coming to stand with me!


Nikki, Bob, and Joyce from St. Joe's in Verona!
Shift Manager Nikki, Bob, and Joyce from St. Joe’s in Verona


Pete from St. Ferdinand
Pete from St. Ferdinand



From Bill:


Joyce and Shift Manager Bill
Joyce and Shift Manager Bill


From Marilyn:

I really don’t know how to start.  It was an emotionally draining shift today.  It seems obvious that Thursdays are now an abortion day. Today was my church’s day to pray and I was blessed to be accompanied by two fellow St. Richard’s parishioners and friends, Dani and Cheryl and, of course, dear Beth Ann from St. Alexis.
Shift Manager Marilyn, with Cheryl and Dani. Perhaps Marilyn is saying, "See this place? Stay far away!"
Shift Manager Marilyn, with Cheryl and Dani. Perhaps Marilyn is saying, “See this place? Stay far away!”
I was so glad there were four of us – two on each side of the doors.  There is power in numbers.  Unfortunately, so many people went through those doors between 11am and 1pm.  I don’t think I will ever get the image out of my mind of the young woman exiting PP and getting into the back seat of a large vehicle with tinted windows that had pulled up in front of the entrance and had been waiting for her for several minutes.  She obviously was in physical pain and her face was so distraught.  She turned and looked at us right before getting into the vehicle.  Then there was the young couple who were in the circle about to go inside.  The young lady was putting out her cigarette on the ground and I offered her the resource card.  The man accompanying her was trying to rush her inside.   She did take the card and said thank you.  I am so sad today.  Another woman passing by stopped at our resource trunk and rummaged through the container on top of it that contained the  tiny feet card pins and candy. She helped herself to some candy asking us why we were there when so many people who are born wished that they were not here.  She was very troubled and angry saying that they will just be killed and raped when they get here.  She is a soul in torment and the more I think about it — there are so many people who are suffering so.  We have no idea.
On a more positive, hopeful note, a young mom to be stopped to look at our fetal models and asked if she could take a photograph.  I offered her a tiny feet card pin too. She was grateful and said she was keeping her baby.  She left with a big smile on her face.  Later in the day, Beth Ann’s lovely daughter joined us after being at a play for school.  There is hope for the future when I see such grace and kindness in our youth!   Thank you for reading this and please, say a prayer for those who suffer tonight from their decisions today.
From Lisa K.:

Today was beautiful in many ways.  I will mention three:

1. The weather.  WOW, it was amazing.  Thank You, Lord.  I was actually peeling off layers.

2. The volunteers.  I was so thankful to have Billy come so I wouldn’t be alone.  Then Maggie showed up.  And then my time with Mary and Joanne was lovely.  Thank you all!


Billy from Monroeville Assembly of God, with Joanne and Mary from St. Joan of Arc in Finleyville
Billy from Monroeville Assembly of God, with Joanne and Mary from St. Joan of Arc in Finleyville (Maggie, from St. Philip in Crafton, is not shown.)


3. Mary, Joanne, and I were able to speak with a woman who went into PP and came back out almost immediately.  She was a beautiful, polite, intelligent, sweet young woman, who is a single mom and pregnant with her third child.  She was feeling unsure about what to do.  But after hearing about how much she is improving things in her life, including her work situation and her faith life, the other ladies and I felt relatively confident that she would make the right decision.  And we told her so too.  Wow, she really made an impact on us.  We prayed for her.  I ask that you pray too.  Thanks.



From Dee and Helen:

Our time on the sidewalk today was spent in
the beautiful sun and in much warmer weather
than last week. It was a peaceful time. Beth from Wexford
stopped by and stood with us. Then Luther came to
 stand with us on the sidewalk —a pleasant surprise for Helen
and myself. We did notice that passersby stopped
to look at the fetal models. They are a graphic indication of growing
Shift Manager Helen
Shift Manager Helen


Beth and Luther
Beth and Luther


From Rick:

I would like to especially thank Pat for his faithful prayers and witness at Planned Parenthood this evening.  Please pray for a younger girl (I’ll refer to her as D.) who stopped at Planned Parenthood and told me that she had had an abortion about 8 years ago at the Planned Parenthood on Liberty Avenue.  She told me that she wished she had never had this abortion, and tearfully asked me if I thought her baby was in heaven.  I assured her of God’s love for her and her baby and told her that she would see her baby in heaven some day.  Please pray for D. for her healing and for God’s blessings.  Thanks also for Diane and Tom for their faithfulness in taking care of the pro-life signs and materials.
God Bless!


If you have never come down to the vigil before, please consider it.  If the Lord is calling you to be more involved in this way, then be not afraid.  He who called you for the work will equip you to do it in His name.




Doesn’t this look like Liberty Avenue at first glance?  Let us be like the Samaritan woman at the well, who left her water jar behind (or this man in the picture, leaving his important work behind) after finding the Truth in Jesus.  Let us follow Him unreservedly to serve those on the sidewalk who are in need.  Let us LISTEN to His voice.

2 thoughts on “Day 23: THANK YOU to St. Joseph Catholic Church (Verona), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Richard Catholic Church (Gibsonia), St. Joan of Arc (Library), and to all individual volunteers!

  • March 23, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    We have to believe that some of those people in line for the buses going to Holiday Park, Chippewa and Mid-Mon-Valley (all in front of PP) go home and tell their families about the vigil-keepers. Most are very involved with their phones, but few will smile and talk.

  • March 25, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Yup. I thought it was Liberty Avenue for several seconds before realizing that it wasn’t.


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