Day 21: Sidewalk Advocates, Elk County Right to Life, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


Cil is the shift manager for a double shift Wednesday (from 11 am – 3 pm).  There is a large group of volunteers scheduled from 11-1, but from 1-3 pm she will have only one person with her.  Since Cil and Joyce will be very cold after two hours…they will really need to be able to take a break to get warm…but won’t be able to do so unless someone else shows up at 1:00.  So please, if you are able to come for half an hour, or an hour at 1:00 tomorrow so Cil and Joyce can have a little break, that would be so appreciated!  (They won’t leave YOU alone…they will take individual breaks…one at a time).

We have 2 hours on Thursday 3/23 that NEED volunteers!

Thursday 3/23 1pm-2pm: Shift Manager Lisa will stand alone

Thursday 3/23 5pm-6pm: Shift Manager Rick will stand alone

Please sign up or show up! THANKS!!!

We were just made aware of a Students For Life Conference going on this upcoming weekend: Here is the Informational Flier if anyone can attend!!


Today is World Down Syndrome Day. The sad truth is that people with Down syndrome are disappearing. With the advent of fetal testing, a diagnosis of Down syndrome has become a death sentence. Parents are often told that abortion is the best course of action and 92 percent of the time…children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted. Doesn’t that stat say the worst about us as a society! 

Kurt Kondrich whose daughter is Chloe, for which the Pennsylvania’s “Chloe’s law” is named, recently spoke at the UN conference on “The Family, Child Well-Being and the Protection and Empowerment of Girls”…

The title of his presentation was: “Unborn Women Can’t Make History.”  He says the targeting and termination of children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome is a silent genocide and “What if a prenatal test is developed for autism, depression, baldness, shortness, ADHD, and the list goes on.”


He says the Bible verse he follows is Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Here is a link to watch “World Down Syndrome Day 2017 – #MyVoiceMyCommunity”

In closing, Kurt says” I truly believe that abortion and the slaughter of our most innocent children is THE ISSUE of our time, and we will be judged by what we did or failed to do to END this American holocaust”

Charlene 7am-9am
7am and Sally, Al, Dick and I took up our regular posts. We stand in the same places every week…on the 4 corners of the semi-circle. Today we were joined by CHRIS who just “stopped by to pray”. It seemed like PP had more business than usual and Al tried to get their attention. We had one unfriendly confrontation but Al handled it and immediately after that, two ladies stopped to get “little feet”.  A relative was expecting and they wanted the feet for her. They said everyone should have a pair of “little feet” to remember. So, one of many good and one bad.

Marian asked that I post the sign on the building across from the vigil…Making the World a better place to live with all of our differences. It sounds like a wonderful motto and a wonderful cause…something we would be behind. However, they support PP…so making the world a better place to live, does not include the unborn. The Lenten Pro-life prayer states the same message but in a way we can take to the sidewalk. “Give your people a clearer understanding of the profound dignity of every human life, including the infant in the womb.”       ~Charlene

Kathy and Judy 9am-11am

Judy and I were blessed by many prayer warriors today. Elk County Right to Life Club stood from 9am to 1pm : Mary, Laurie, Janet, and Gretchen drove 2 1/2 hours!

Laurie and Judy

Bill, Pat and Kathy L came and prayed . Kathy also acted as a SA, while Richard, Ken and John prayed during the lunch hour!
I hope I didn’t miss anyone because they all love the blog!
There were many conversations, but one stuck out: a woman came out to smoke and offered “my friend doesn’t want an abortion but she was told by her doctor, if you have this baby you will die.” We stressed how important a second opinion is and gave her the number of high risk physician, also encouraging her friend that emotional support was important. She took the information and 
we followed with Intense Prayer for the woman! ~Kathy

Gretchen and Bill
Gretchen and Bill
Janet and Mary
Janet and Mary

Nancy 1pm-3pm

A busy day today, unfortunately several pairs went into PP, possibly for abortions. One girl was crying. It broke our hearts. And it wasn’t for lack of prayers, since many extra saints joined me on the sidewalk. Some stayed late from Elk County, some came early from Elizabeth Ann Seton. Others just came to help with prayers including Maryann on ACCESS. We had a good report from a passerby who said she had gone to the clinic 6 years ago with a friend who was pregnant, and that friend changed her mind about having an abortion after seeing the ultrasound? pictures of her unborn baby. I guess we just have to keep being faithful. God bless you faithful prolifers. ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I looked forward to my shift on the sidewalk.  And believe me, its been LOTS of shifts over the years…But with the way the weather was looking, TODAY was ONE OF THOSE DAYS–  and what a day it turned out to be:  Gorgeous weather, Beautiful and Plentiful Prayer Warriors, and ADORABLE CHILDREN!

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton kids
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton kids

 I relieved Nancy and joined Mary Ann (with her goodies) from St. Catherine Beechview, Walt from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Carnegie, and Mary and Gaetano from St. Sebastian in the the North Hills – who responded to the need for witnesses even though their day is coming up!

Elizabeth, Vince, Vince, and Walt from Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie --awesome group
Elizabeth, Vince, Vince, and Walt from Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie –awesome group

Soon we were happily joined by Russ and Claire and their ADORABLE 5 children also from Seton.  I loved how the children related to the baby pictures and how very grown up Isabella  led a decade of the rosary!  Next to join us were Tess and Brian, also from Seton and the prayer circle was complete.

 Tess and Brian joined Russ and Claire and their crew for an hour of prayer this afternoon in the sun.
Tess and Brian joined Russ and Claire and their crew for an hour of prayer this afternoon in the sun.

With the bus lines that we usually get this time of day, the sidewalk was CROWDED with LIFE!   What a joy to share my prayer time with these folks from North and South!   Mary Ann gave out lollipops with tiny feet on them and we gave away a few of the 12 week fetal models  to students who stopped.  We were certainly uplifted in prayer and hopeful about the future with our young participants.  The best people in Pittsburgh are out praying during 40 Days for Life.  Of this, I am sure.  Thanks to one and all who made it such a fruitful time.  Jeannie

What a delightful afternoon we had with the folks from Elizabeth and Seton Parish and additional support from Saint Catherine's in Beechview and Saint Sebastian in the North Hills. Mary Ann Russ, Walt, Claire and clan
What a delightful afternoon we had with folks from Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and additional support from Saint Catherine’s in Beechview and Saint Sebastian in the North Hills!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

The 5 – 7 witness time today was pleasant.  It was not cold and the sun shone on us for an hour.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish was very well represented.  Upon arriving Mr. & Mrs. Betty and Vince along with Vincent were praying with Jeannie.  We then prayed a beautiful Spiritual Pro Life Joyful rosary that Vince brought the words along with him. 
 Betty, Vincent, Vincent
Betty, Vincent, Vincent
Soon came Susan with her five beautiful children.  How wonderful it was to see each of those children “know” which sign they wanted to hold. 
Sue's "army" of six.
Sue’s “army” of six.
Happy to have my stalwart friends Johanna and Rick with me again and then Bob showed up and we were happy to pray another rosary.  A few minutes after Vincent noted that there were not any comments made to us tonight the young mother and her three children that I see every week around the same time came by and the dear little boy gave us all a great big HI – HI YA!  He made our day.  God Bless him and his family.  
Johanna & Rick
Johanna & Rick

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  • March 22, 2017 at 10:33 am

    So well done, Susan. I copied the stuff from Kurt and think I’m going to be using – in some way – sometime in the future.

  • March 22, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    It is so inspiring to see an entire family praying and witnessing to Life!!


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