Day 17: Sidewalk Advocates for Life on duty / St. Ferdinand Respect Life Group 10-12 / St. Margaret Mary Church (Moon Twp) 12-3 The Pittsburgh Oratory 3-5 / Individual volunteers 5-7

 Today is St. Patrick’s Day–  here is a little jig for you from Facebook (should be public access).

Irish Dancers   Shamrock_large

The Perfect Assist…

Many years ago, I read this brief paragraph in the Catholic Digest. The selection is appropriate for us, as 40 Days for Life prayers and Sidewalk Advocates. We are called to be faithful.   God sees the big picture.   He helps us.  As He sees what we are doing, His Will be done!  The selection was used to address the prevention of children killing children in our schools to my former BOE.  I think it is appropriate here:

“It was a warm afternoon at a fast food restaurant.  We were four mothers, strangers, watching our children. Suddenly, one of the little boys banged his forehead.  Immediately, his mom ran to console him.  Meanwhile, one mother picked up the paper refuse, and another ran to tend to the baby who had been left alone and a fourth hurried to get ice.  Then a worker brought an ice pack.  The commotion ended and we separated, each remembering the team work we had experienced. We had been united in our concerns for that little boy.”


Our 40 Days for Life family tree has many branches.  Although coming from different life experiences and faith practices, our common ground is Jesus and our collective and individual commitment to deliver the message to stop abortion.  There are many people in the 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh family who participate long after the 40 Days for Life campaign is over.  Several of our members assist with crisis pregnancy centers, others have adopted children, some are board members of pro-life political action groups (40 Days for Life is non-political) and still more witness in the Face the Truth tours.  Sidewalk Advocates for Life is a fruit of the 40 Days for Life ministry.  The Magee Project is also a fruit.   Each of us is called to assist one another.  No one can do this alone.

Prayerful witness on the sidewalk is a start.  Jesus did not stay on the mountaintop nor did He always remain silent when in public.  No one would have had the miracles to report if He had remained silent.  His praying must have been quiet, not loud and chanting, so that he did not frighten the people listening.  When I listened to the Knights of Columbus praying the Rosary last Saturday on another very cold day, their voices were in unison- not one overpowering- united with the Holy Spirit in prayer.



Diane makes sure we are prepared with materials.  She prepares well before the campaign begins and is always thinking of ways to deliver the message.  She is constantly thinking of us and our comfort level on the sidewalk..  Come prepared to stand in all sorts of weather, as most do-  Diane even includes umbrellas- and we know about the hand warmers!!

Diane does this in the morning and at the end of every shift! She has a few leprechauns named Jeff and Pat who help out when needed.

Come prepared with knowledge and what to say if someone needs your help or needs re-direction. If you are new to the movement, concerned about what to say or how to help, the links below are informative and practical.  And trust that God will never put your heartfelt witness to shame.

Recently, I turned on my favorite radio station, W.O.R. D. (one of two great Christian stations in the Pittsburgh area -W.A.O.B. is the other one), I heard the last few minutes of a pro-life message from Focus on the Family-   Scott Klusendorf, (of a pro-life writer and speaker, was featured.    I share the information here and encourage you to listen and share.  Sometimes we need to let the “drive by” walk on… but those who stop to engage, we need to educate.  Jesus spoke the truth in love….. it needs to be spoken on the sidewalk too. (The transcript can be read if you prefer.)


Click here: for a story written by a pastor, a self- admitted prodigal who regrets the abortion


He writes:  “This is extremely difficult for me to write—I shed many tears, contemplated deleting it, and prayed diligently for direction. Approximately 22 years ago, as a prodigal, I conceded to my girlfriend’s request to abort our child around the 5th week. The pain of that decision still haunts me today “




Scott Klusendorf poses this question: 

Since when does size determine humanity…?




Reports from the sidewalk today:

Winds persisted. They threw our little fetal models up and then down. I had to take this pic. It felt poignant and true.
Barb’s picture from Wednesday, March 15: “Winds persisted. They threw our little fetal models up and then down. I had to take this pic. It felt poignant and true.”

Friday really is a happening day. Everyone looks forward to Friday.  TGIF means a weekend has almost arrived and you can lean back and breathe more easily…even if you like your job…and IF you have a job that goes Monday through Friday…more and more rare for most people, sadly.

But Friday is an abortion day at PP in downtown Pittsburgh.  If you have your abortion this Friday, you cannot lean back and breathe more easily.  You will never be the same.  The change is an irrevocable loss.  When you go in the PP terrible front door, you are a parent.  After an abortion, you leave…still a parent, but with empty arms.  You leave the body of your baby behind, in the trash. Your choice makes you the parent of a dead baby.

Prolife people standing outside feel terrible for you.  Some of us are still mourning the choice we made for our abortion…perhaps an abortion we chose to have decades ago. Even if we did not have an abortion, every adult knows anguish. 

Even after you have an abortion, God loves you.  He loved you before you were born, moments after you were born, years later and will love you into eternity.  We are standing outside PP because we know this.  We have help for you.  Let us help you.

Barbara 7-9 Shift Manager

The early birds get greetings from long time friends.  Lynn is a favorite pedestrian!

Marian, Lynn and Diane. Lynn walks by with a bright smile and warm greeting every day. She and Al, Sally and Bob have known each other for years just because of their sidewalk advocacy!


FullSizeRender (1)
Barb made these rebels “toe the line today”. We are not playing favorites but a little birdie told Barb that today is Sally’s birthday. Happy Birthday, WONDERFUL WOMAN OF GOD!

9-11: Sheila

Sheila reports that she had a lengthy talk with someone at PP today who is very conflicted about decisions being made.  Sheila is a long time sidewalk advocate. Peggy, also a Sidewalk Advocate, was also on the street today manning her year round shift.  When a confused and conflicted person reaches out to us on the sidewalk, it is a miracle.. even if we do not know the end results.


St. Ferdinand’s Respect Life Group

11-1: Marie  is a long time shift manager with 40 Days for Life- but is camera shy!!
1-3: Katie  ( Katy gets the green today— with her last name, I would think she has a wee bit of leprechaun in her family.)  Katie is an amazing, innovative presence on the sidewalk- chalk and all!

The group from St. Margaret Mary was there when I got there and they stayed during my whole shift. Several people went in and out of PP.  A couple of them took literature but no one stopped to talk to us. The sidewalk didn’t seem much busier than usual because of St. Patrick’s Day (with all the bars and eating establishments). Someone from a Quest diagnostics went in and out with a cooler. 


katy 1
Members of St. Margaret Mary Parish









katy 2
Members of St. Margaret Mary Parish- “Irish eyes” are smiling! Life is a happy time- the young at heart know this!













3-5: Lisa C.

The Cahill women and two freshman nursing students- Tess and Maura- were an inspiration!!! Their constant prayers, smiles, and determination in the cold weather for life was warming to the heart! Thank you😊👍🏻
Lisa C.



5-7: Pat

For a night when we had the Home & Garden show at the Convention Center, the Penguins had a home game, and, oh yeah, St. Patrick’s day fell on a Friday, things were incredibly calm and peaceful.  I was happy to have Judy from the Northside with me for the full two hours to both pray and talk with. 

Judy from the Northside- also a Sidewalk Advocate and leader of a Pro-life group at the Northside campus of the community college.

Pat and “Judy from the Northside” are long time advocates for life.  Pat includes here:

My pro-life involvement includes being a SA for life for 1 hour/week, being part of the planning committee and a regular prayer volunteer for the Magee Project, and being the Pro-Life Advocate for my parish Knights of Columbus council.
woman with stroller
Our colors are pink and blue!! Is that snow?



ALL IN!- any kind of weather- 40 Days for Life family pray together!   The newest member of our family tree-            (He may have to lose the cup though!)



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