Day 16: Thank you to St. John United Evangelical Protestant (Burry’s Church, Rochester), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Round Hill Presbyterian Church, and our Individual Volunteers!

Can anyone please join Shift Manager Sheila on Friday, 3/17, from 9-10 AM? 

Thank you so much!!


3-16-17 icon of rich man and lazarus


“There was a rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen
and dined sumptuously each day.
And lying at his door was a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores,
who would gladly have eaten his fill of the scraps
that fell from the rich man’s table.”

Luke 16:19-21a


As much as we might like to think of ourselves as Lazarus (since he is righteous), I was recently reflecting on how (at least for me) it is much easier to identify with the rich man. This is NOT what we should prefer, and yet it is often the case. And why? Because the majority of us are living a generally comfortable life… like the man in the Scriptures who seems to have everything he needs. Not only do we have many of the material comforts we enjoy, but many of us also live a life that is free of torment, free from serious peril.  We have families and homes and love.  Well, at least, many of us do.

But what about those of us who do not?  And here, I think primarily of those abortion-bound couples, or the abortion workers.  This is not to say that their lives lack families, homes, or love, but that SOMETHING in their lives and hearts is missing.  Perhaps only God knows what those things are.

3-16-17 silent sufferers

So shouldn’t WE give some of our love, some of our hope, our compassion, to those poor “Lazaruses” in need?  The answer is obvious.  Yes, we should.  And we CAN.  Let us fill in the “great chasm” (as in the Gospel passage) that lies between “us” and “them” and really give ourselves.  With GENTLENESS and charity.

And just as Abraham was able to hold Lazarus close, the Lord will then be able to hold these needy ones from the sidewalk close to Himself:

3-16-17 prodigal daughter


Shift Manager Reports:


From Nikki:

I was dressed for the Arctic this morning with my snow pants and warm coat, hat and scarf, two pairs of gloves with a hand warmer in between and two pairs of socks with toe warmers in between.  It was cold but thanks to God, no wind! That makes all the difference! I didn’t start to get cold at all until the last half hour. It was a blessing to share the sidewalk with Pastor Win from Burry’s church. He is always such a powerful witness as he prays for much of his shift on his knees. Since it was quiet for the first hour, I joined him on my knees so we both prayed on opposite sides of the circle like that for quite a while.


Nikki and Pastor Win
Nikki and Pastor Win


At about 8:40, clients began going in. I saw three couples that looked abortion-bound.  Two of them actually accepted the literature. We just continue to pray. Even though our numbers are small, we are consistent and persistent!   I had the feeling this morning that God is using us in a powerful way, even though we are tiny, as a sharp scalpel used by a surgeon to remove a cancerous tumor. That is what God is doing with us, I believe.
Thanks to Diane for all the helpful and organized materials on the sidewalk, including the ever popular hand warmers and literature! And thank you to Tess for her generous donation of Precious Feet pins which we will hand out on the sidewalk to spread the truth about life!


Generous donation of Precious Feet pins!
Generous donation of Precious Feet pins!

I left right at nine with shift manager Bill and the wonderful folks from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Judy and Chuck, to carry the torch for the next two hours. Thanks and God bless everyone who is witnessing and praying for our 40 Days for Life!


Shift Manager Bill
Shift Manager Bill


3-16-17 chuck and mark
Chuck from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, and Mark


From Marilyn:

Another busy day at PP, several couples going in and not leaving by the end of my shift.  No one was scheduled to pray, but our wonderful 40 Days for Life family answered the call and pray-ers came.  Praise the Lord!   It was very nice to have the company of my side-kick, Beth Ann, and Kim and Sue.  Two gentlemen stopped to pray during their lunch time.  And, before I left, I was so grateful that a lovely couple from St. Alphonsus came and that Lisa would not have to stand alone.  
I was very bundled up today,  so I was surprised when a 55 year old man stopped to tell me his story of being in the service at age 19 and learning his girlfriend was pregnant and had an abortion.  He paused to reflect on how old that child would be now.  He shared that even though his girlfriend married and went on to have five children, she never was the same. Abortion haunts men and women.  When I stop to reflect on how many millions of babies are not here due to abortion, and how many millions of mothers and fathers are wounded by this, it is no wonder that our society is so messed up and that people become addicted to things that are not good for them. Deep down people are having a real tough time living with their decisions. We are called to be merciful.  I think about several other times people shared their history with abortion.  So many hurting people.  We need to show compassion and mercy and not judgment and condemnation.  Even though it was so cold, several people stopped to look at the fetal models.  It is good that we have them.  A picture is worth a thousand words. 
The cold kept away any negative comments today.  Thank you, God.
God bless you,
Beth Ann, Kim, and Sue. (By the way, GREAT photo, Marilyn!!)
Beth Ann, Kim, and Sue. (By the way, GREAT photo, Marilyn!!)

From Lisa K.:

An amazing time of blessings on the sidewalk today, mostly because of the people I had the privilege of praying with.  First, I am so thankful that some of our good folks today came just because they read that I needed someone to be there so I wouldn’t be alone.  I felt very humbled that they drove all that way (some from pretty far) to join little old me.  Thank you all- I am so grateful!

I am also thankful for Ben, a high school senior, who came -on his own- to join us.  Not only did that impress me, and not only did he repair Helen’s rosary- but Ben also reached out in a beautiful way to a man who came out of PP and was waiting for the woman he brought there.  The man, smoking a cigarette, eyed Ben and asked, “What are you doing?”  Ben told him about 40 Days for Life.  The man asked something like whether we couldn’t just petition to have the place shut down.  Ben explained the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, and how this was not an easy thing to do.  Then the man asked for some information.  Ben asked me, and I gave him a resource sheet.  The man asked for MORE.  Ben said that the man was hoping that the woman he came with might see him reading them….  As I found a couple more things to give him, I looked at him and said, “If you bring these in there, I have to tell you- HIDE them, because they WILL take them away from you.”  He was about to head back in, and I asked him if I could ask a personal question.  I said, “We’ve been wondering whether this is an abortion day…. is that what she came for?”  He responded, “I don’t know- but I’m never comin’ back here again.”  He said it with such conviction- and amazement that he was even there in the first place.  We prayed for him and the woman.  

Shift Manager Lisa with Joan
Shift Manager Lisa K. with Joan


Kim. Ben, Norma, and Tom-thank you all!
Kim, Ben, Norma, and Tom- thank you all!


Helen, Mary Beth and Cozette (two first-timers from Roundhill Church!), Bill, and Shift Manager Dee
Helen, Mary Beth and Cozette (two first-timers from Roundhill Church!), Bill, and Shift Manager Dee


From Dee:

Today, we had a peaceful time on the sidewalk.

It was certainly much warmer than yesterday. We were
entertained a bit by the melting ice sliding through the
drain spout on the bar next door. I did have the opportunity
of praying the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows with Ben, a young
man from Greensburg.  I enjoyed the company of the 4
members of Roundhill Church:  Linda, Bob, Pastor Matt,
and Mayim.
There was one negative response. A young
woman stopped in front of  Linda and myself and spit in
front of us. Then she crossed through the circle and stood
in front of Bob and spit in front of him. Other than this
highlight, the people supported us –or just ignored.
Linda and Bob from Roundhill Church
Linda and Bob from Roundhill Church


Pastor Matt from Roundhill Church and his daughter, Mayim
Pastor Matt from Roundhill Church and his daughter, Mayim

From Rick:

Special thanks to Pastor Matt and Mayim from Roundhill Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, Billy from Assembly of God Church in Monroeville, and Mary from Assumption Church in Bellevue for their prayers and witness on behalf of unborn children and pregnant mothers in need, and for providing pro-life materials to people passing by.  A number of people stopped to thank us for bearing the cold and for standing up for life.  Thanks also to Diane and Tom for faithfully transporting the pro-life billboards, signs and materials each day.  May God be with each of you and may you and your family be Blessed with much Grace!
May the Lord bless and strengthen these women and men who are in need, and may He love them with His GENTLENESS as only He can.



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  • March 17, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Thanks to everyone who responded today! The pictures of your smiling faces are beautiful! Nice reflection Lisa!

  • March 17, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    It is the least I can do!! Glad you can use the precious feet pins! Thanks for being a peaceful presence on the sidewalks!!


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