Day 13: St. Teresa of Avila and St. Paul Seminary

“On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.”

Adlai E. Stevenson

Our 40 DFL campaign is well underway and doing great. Participation is at an all time high despite the winter weather. But we can’t rest yet. We can do more. We can be stronger and bolder. So if you are looking for “charitable deeds” do as penance during this lent come back to the vigil if you have been there already or if you haven’t yet been able to be there, come. Bring a friend or family member. Share the joy of doing something meaningful. We have an opportunity to witness to life at a critical and pivotal time in the history of our county, and hopefully to save lives and souls.  Remember “Be Not Afraid”.

If you can come back, remember someone is always there between 7 am till 7 pm so you don’t need your barbarachurch group to come back. If you want to be kind to a 40 DFL shift manager look at the schedule and see where the shift manager will be either alone or with just one companion.

This TUESDAY (tomorrow) there is NO ONE signed up to stand with shift manager Charlene (7-9). Stop by if you can. Even if only for a few minutes. It will be greatly appreciated.

Click HERE to see the schedule of those churches and individuals signed up.

We are at the dawn of victory. Do not lie down and if you do, rest for just a little while and then come back. You will make a difference and have an impact no matter how imperceptible and I am confident you will find peace and joy, if not while you are there certainly on the way home as you know you have just done something important.

Stop back throughout the day to see pictures and stories from today’s vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

Very cold morning. A few comments Peggy and I received from passersby were equally as

Shift Manager Ginny
Shift Manager Ginny

cold but not long afterwards our hearts were warmed by the kind act of a young lady named Savanah who saw us from the bus, waved to Peggy, and brought each of us a cup of hot coffee. We thanked her, offered a prayer for the unborn together, and off she went to work. God bless Savanah.

The PP workers arrived and a two young women entered the building but ignored any offer for help. A man  stopped by to let us know that the CC warming center closed last Friday (March 10th). I stopped by CC after my shift and it is correct that the center closed Friday. The receptionist said that they may open for two hours on Wed due to the snowstorm.

From Ginny 9-11 am:

St Teresa of Avila team
St Teresa of Avila team

The faithful from St Teresa of Avila braved the weather to witness to life.  They prayed all 4 sets of mysteries of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Riverside Church witnessing for LIFE

The ladies from Riverside Church stood for Life.


Everyone was very cold but offered up their suffering for the unborn babies and their mothers
It was a very prayerful morning.

Pam & Gregg from St Teresa
Pam & Gregg from St Teresa
A courageous lady from fourth Presbyterian Church
A courageous lady from fourth Presbyterian Church











From Jim 11-1:

“All went well on the shift today. no major announcements I relieved Ginny and found an old friend at the vigil from St Alphonsus in Springdale; pleasant surprise. Limited clients going in to PP and many exiting quickly. Cold but bearable, hope the snow misses us tomorrow. Another new experience was praying with (9) nine men in front of the abortion facility. Several walk up guys and several seminarians attending Duquesne for classes. I have to believe God and the many pedestrians were taken aback by this sight of men praying in public. “
Jim S

From Nikki and Joe 5-7:

Joe and Francis
Joe and Francis

“When Joe and I arrived for our 5 to 7 shift we found poor shift manager Francis standing there all alone. Rosalina had felt sick and so she had gone home about half an hour before we got there. It was nice to see Francis and talk for a bit. After he left Joe and I got right down to praying. We brought chairs, which made it nice. There were many people going into Planned Parenthood, including people bringing pizzas. Must have been some sort of training/meeting.
Nothing really happened worth reporting. Three little girls stopped and were looking at our fetal models and wanted to know if we had any they could have, so I gave them each a little 12 week model. A few people thanked us for being there, we got no negative comments tonight. It was a cold but good shift.”

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