Day 6: Weirton Catholic Churches, Memorial Park Church and Individual Prayer Warriors

“ A ship in the harbor is safe… but that is not what it was made for”

Battleship Red

As our 40 DFL campaign gets underway it is time for us to head out into open waters. It is time for us to put our faith and courage to the test. It is time to confront evil with gentleness, strength and truth. And fear not for we have God on our side. Sure we will face some adversity and maybe some harsh weather in this spiritual battle. But we are ships built and prepared to take it all on. We will have some smooth sailing and maybe some rough waters. But “Be not afraid” sail on.

Stop back to this site throughout the day to read stories and see pictures from the vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

Quiet morning. Light rain and cold. PP workers started arriving around 7:30 . Peggy DPeggy D. was my prayer partner during this time. One man stopped and asked for something to eat, but all I offered was a shelter/warming station resource card as is our policy now. Two passersby thanked me for being there. One young woman entered PP but I wasn’t sure if she was a worker or patron.

Here is the Shift Manager report from Ginny 9-11 am:IMG_1321

“These are the ladies from St. Joseph the worker church in Weirton West Virginia One of the ladies prayed eight rosaries, another lady passed out information . It was a very peaceful morning God was with us” 

Jeff subbed from 11 to 1. He filled in at the last minute and really save the day! We put out a plea for folks to join him and he reported that three people came to stand with him during his shift. God bless you all for answering HIS call.

Beth S. the shift manager from 1-3 reminded us of this:

This day in History: on this date in history, 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Dred Scott v. Sanford, ruled that blacks were not human beings, but property and therefore had to be returned to their owners. In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Roe v. Wade that preborn children were not human beings and therefore could be disposed of as seen fit by their “owners.” Therefore, the next time someone walks past and says that abortion is legal, the Supreme Court said so, remind them that the Supreme Court has been WRONG more than once, very WRONG.

It’s so nice to have a partner-shift manager as I do with my sister, Rose. Maybe some day we’ll have enough shift managers to double up, no one ever being alone. Today was grey, gloomy and very quiet. A few employees came and went, but it seemed like no clients. Who would guess that you can have quiet time for prayer on a downtown street.
Some nice compliments from those passing by, thanking us for our work.

Beth, thanks for sharing this perspective.

Rosilina the 3-5 Shift manager reported this:

An older woman was parked at the curb… She put her window down & offered me a drink… I thanked her and said I was fine… Then she got out of her car .. She told me she was pregnant (her third child), her husband was an alcoholic… She asked her father for the money to have the abortion … He said “No”…Meanwhile her middle son appears and asked her for money.. Her handbag was in the car.. I gave him a dollar…So she had her youngest child and told me she was very opposed to abortion … I told her she had a wonderful story and that she should think about coming down at 3:00 on Mondays … She said she may… That was what happened …

Isn’t wonderful how God puts us where HE wants us, when HE wants us? And then HE takes over and provides the “why”.  We just need to say “yes”.

Nikki and Joe had the 5-7 last shift of the day:

Joe and I had an eventful shift from 5 to 7. We arrived early and were able to catch up a little bit with the 3 to 5 shift manager Francis, who was there alone when we arrived. He said that his wife, Rosalina had been with him earlier. It was nice to encourage each other in our conversation. After he left, Joe and I began to pray the rosary. Soon Marian and Bill stopped by. Marian stayed for quite a while and we finished the rosary. While we were praying, a young man stopped by and asked us to pray for him. He explained that he lost his little boy in a boating accident a few years ago and said that it destroyed his marriage and he has had mental problems since. He is now homeless and trying to get his life back together. Marian gave him the card with all of the resources for the homeless on it and we prayed for him, with him, there on the sidewalk. Please pray for this man that he is able to get the help he needs. After Marian left it was just Joe and I, witnessing silently in the rain.

A woman came out of the bar and was smoking and so Joe, being the friendly guy that he is, started a conversation with her. I could tell she did not like us, but that did not stop Joe, and I believe that it was his innocent friendliness that began to break down the walls that she had put up against us. She ended up telling us that she had had an abortion when she was 20. She is in her 40s now. She said she is pro-choice and that it angers and upsets her that we are there, although she understands that we are as passionate for our cause as she is passionately against us. We talked about Nikki and Joe and ...Jesus and about how merciful he is, I asked if she had received forgiveness in the sacrament of confession, because she said she is a Catholic. She said she did, but she seems to be a very hurting soul, so please pray for her. She went back in the bar and when she came back out about Half an hour later, she was very drunk. After the woman went back into the bar Joe and I prayed a divine Mercy chaplet for her. So I am guessing that she was upset after our conversation, and so she went in and began drinking heavily.

While we were talking to her, there was another bar patron who stopped to yell at us. He was screaming that we hae already won so what are we still doing here? He said, “you have already won! I am upset that you have won, but you have already won, so why are you still here?” Soon after that Diane and Tom came to pick up the materialMarian Joe and Bill a little early and we got to talk a bit. All in all, it was a worthwhile shift and I believe that our witness is not going unnoticed!

Thank you to everyone who came out today



3 thoughts on “Day 6: Weirton Catholic Churches, Memorial Park Church and Individual Prayer Warriors

  • March 7, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Great quote, Tim, about what ships are made for. I’m going to remember that.

  • March 7, 2017 at 8:38 am

    God bless you, Joe, for breaking the ice with the hostile but hurting lady from the bar!! I never would have had the guts to do that, BUT IT IS JUST WHAT IS NECESSARY!! Obviously even if she went through the motions of Confession, she has not really come to terms with what happened over 20 years ago, since she is still passionately in favor of other mothers making the same tragic mistake!

  • March 7, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Nikki & Joe. I have also met the man whose son died in a boating accident. He needs a lot of prayers. Please pray for “J”.


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