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Matthew 17:21     “But this kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting.”


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One of the reasons why I love being part of 40 Days for Life is the peaceful, prayerful witness and the mission of 40 Days for Life.  The outreach that we do is based on knowledge of the truth of abortion presented in our peaceful and prayerful presence on the sidewalk in front of PP.  Peaceful and prayerful does not mean naive and wimpy.  It takes courage to stand in the public eye to witness for life.

Sometimes the voices of 40 Days for Life are behind the scenes giving time, talent and treasure for life.  So, I would like to highlight in this post the fasting  aspect of 40 Days for Life-Pittsburgh.  In order to do that, I reached out to Megan who manages the Prayer and Fasting link that is listed above and at the end of this post.

(also listed on the Get Involved Too page).

Megan reports:

We  have a fasting calendar where you can sign up to fast and pray during our 40 Days for Life vigils.  This is not to replace your presence at the prayer vigil. We need you out front!

  • How does the fasting calendar work?  At least 1 person signs up for each of the days during the 40 Days For Life Campaign
  • What do you do? Fast for 24 hours, either bread & water fasting or liquids only
  • When do you fast?  Pick one or more days between Tuesday, February 28th at 7 pm and Saturday, April 8th at 7 pm.  Your fast begins at 7 pm on the date you select and will continue until 7 pm the following day.  Therefore, the majority of your fast will be on the FOLLOWING day you sign up
 I asked Megan how she became involved with 40 Days for Life.   One person can make a difference?!!
Megan reports:

A friend asked me to join her for prayer in front of Planned Parenthood 5 years ago and that was my first “hands on” experience with 40 Days for Life.  As I was thinking about prayer and fasting and the incredible spiritual battle with abortion, I thought about Jesus’ life and his experience in the desert.  Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days.  I didn’t think I could that. 

Then during Mass one day I thought, “I can’t fast for 40 days straight but 40 people could fast for 1 day”.   I knew people were fasting but thought it would be powerful to make sure all 40 days of the campaign were covered with continual fasting and everyone fasting the same way.

I didn’t know Nikki personally but I gave her a call. She thought it was a good idea and asked if I’d be willing to coordinate it and- voila, the fasting calendar was born : ).  As important as the foundation of prayer and fasting is to this battle, what’s needed is people out front, peacefully bringing the presence of Christ, as Abby Johnson will attest to.  
(Abby Johnson is a former PP director who credits her conversion of heart to the presence of prayerful witnesses on the sidewalk in front of her PP location.)


Thanks Megan and  all those who pray and fast for life.  I signed up for a day to fast for the first time this year.  Megan’s story inspired me!
Be inspired and inspire others like Megan and her friend!

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