God has shown His Faithfulness…WILL WE?


Have you ever been to a  funeral that was poorly attended?   Did you wonder why so few people cared?  I remember attending my grandfather’s funeral many years ago.  It was pitiable.  There were only 10 or 15 of us who traveled to Florida to say goodbye.  He had no religion, so it was held in the funeral home.  There were no friends, only his four sons and their wives and children.  It made me sad to see that a person could live for 90 years and have so few people at their funeral.  It was obvious that not many people cared that he had died.  On the other hand, is there anything more inspiring then when the church is over-flowing with family members and friends, grieving together for their lost loved one?  That truly is a testimony to a life well-lived, is it not?

I bring this up to make a point.  The cold hard truth is that 3,000 innocent lives are lost behind the doors of Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh every year.  These children are precious, unique treasures…never to be replicated.  They are loved and cherished by our Lord…but who among us cares that they lived (however briefly), and who cares that they died (however unjustly)?

I have been coordinating 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh since the fall of 2010.  This Lenten campaign (March 1st through April 9th) will be the 14th time that I have sought to unite the Body of Christ to provide a peaceful, prayerful witness in front of Planned Parenthood for 40 straight days.  To be honest, I really thought that our days of being permitted to witness in front of abortion clinics would rapidly be coming to an end.  If the election results had been different (as I fully expected them to be)…I thought that the Church would be soon entering a time of persecution in our country, and that our ability to publicly witness our faith was in jeopardy.  To say I was amazed as I watched the election results throughout the night and into the morning of November 8th and 9th is an understatement.  40 Days for Life has never looked to politics as an answer, and we never will.  We look to God, and we trust HIM!  What He has given us through the election is a reprievea chance to continue working!  As I watched the television that night…wide eyed and with my mouth open, I realized what a grace we were being given.  I said out loud to the Lord, “Lord, I vow I will work harder than ever to do what I can to help bring an end to abortion.

Just look at what is happening all around us!  Planned Parenthood is facing the very real possibility that they will soon be stripped of federal funding, and may  also face federal charges for the illegal sale of baby body parts.     Abortion clinics are closing, crisis pregnancy centers are growing, abortion workers are converting, and more Americans are becoming pro-life!

God is clearly hearing our prayers, and is answering them!  He has shown us HIS FAITHFULNESS….so now it’s our turn to SHOW HIM OURS!  Will we be faithful to Him when it is cold and snowy…windy and rainy…when we have better things to do than stand on a freezing sidewalk?  

Even if all we can do is to grit our teeth, go against our will and FORCE ourselves to do this twice a year…IT IS ENOUGH!  In fact, the more we force ourselves to do what we do not want to do…out of our love for God…HE will take our meager little sacrifice…our little offering, and HE will multiply it and do GREAT things with it!

I have said from the beginning that the GENIUS of 40 Days for Life is that it allows everyone to do their little part…for just 40 days with long breaks in-between.  When we unite our individual little sacrifices, TOGETHER we have a BIG impact!!!  The key is persistence!  We just have to keep going and not give up.  Just as a little trickle of water will eventually wear down solid rock, so God will use our persistent prayers to move mountains.  Listen…can’t you hear the rumblings?


  1. Email Nikki at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com to volunteer to be a shift manager or substitute shift manager:  We currently need a shift manager for the Thursday 3-5pm shift and the Sunday 1-3pm shift.  If you have prayed at the vigil numerous times and you agree with the peaceful, law-abiding concept of 40 Days for Life, we would love to add you to our vigil shift manager team!
  2. Select your times to witness at the vigil and help us to fill these 480 hours!  Let us not allow these poor little one’s funerals to be poorly attended!  Email Nikki at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com  to sign up your church (click here to view the current schedule of churches already signed up), or sign yourself up as an individual at https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/pittsburgh/
  3. Use THESE FLYERS at your church to spread the word about 40 Days for Life!  You may order them from me ($4 per hundred), or print them yourself.  There is also a printable BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT that you may use to let your church family know about the up-coming campaign.
  4. Bring my memorial painting THE PIETA to your church to help give names to all 2,492 babies killed at Pittsburgh’s Planned Parenthood in 2014!  There is no cost to host the painting for a week, and it may help you to inspire new people to join you on the sidewalk!  The painting is available any week during February, part of April and May and June!  To view the schedule of churches that are hosting this painting, go to https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Pieta-Travelling-Schedule-1.pdf

I hope to hear from you soon!  Thank you for your help!

Your sister in Christ,


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