Day 40: St. Regis (Trafford), Oakland Prayer Group, Catholic Men’s Fellowship (Armstrong County)

I will miss you, 40 Days for Life!


Today on Liberty Avenue in front of PP we watched the end of the EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler, the finish line of which was a couple of blocks down, so our “audience” today was mainly runners.  Lots of them.  So it turned out that Pat, who subbed in as shift manager this morning for Jen for the 7-9a shift, ironically ended up stealing his own thunder by blogging yesterday about finishing up a race!!!

So we are all done.  For now.  I consider that every single 40 Days for Life campaign we participate in is invaluable to our cause.  God sees every one of us and hears every single prayer uttered on that sidewalk.  In His own time, He will see to it that our prayers for the closing of Planned Parenthood and conversions of all involved are answered.  We know this.  We just keep participating, witnessing, praying, and reaching out until that great and glorious day.




Back to my comment regarding missing 40 Days for Life.  I acknowledge that normally, praying in front of Planned Parenthood is not something that a person “misses.”  It’s not like it’s a coveted mode of entertainment, diversion, or relaxation in any sense at all.  I just wanted to say that I, as a year-round weekly volunteer with Sidewalk Advocates for Life at PP, will miss the wonderful company and support of my fellow 40 Days for Life participants.  It feels so much more secure to witness on the sidewalk and to reach out to abortion-minded folks when I am surrounded by my family of faithful, praying pro-life people.  It gives me so much more confidence.  Yes, until our next 40 Days vigil during Lent – if necessary (if PP is not closed before then) – I will miss you all.

To that end, here comes a commercial!  Kathy L. will be conducting a local training session for Sidewalk Advocates for Life on Sunday afternoon, November 20, from 1:00-5:30.  It is a video-based training consisting of four parts, with breaks in between for questions, conversation, and refreshments.  The cost per person is $20, payable to PCUC, who sponsors us as a member of the Sidewalk Advocates for Life national organization; the cost covers your workbook and also contributes to the cost of national membership.  I will have — or “HAD,” depending on when you are reading this — a sign-up sheet at the closing rally tonight for those interested in attending.  If you did not sign that sheet, please let Kathy or me, or Nikki (if you don’t have our contact info), know if you are interested in attending.  And if you are on the fence or unable to commit at this time, still contact us – we will be having more training sessions in the new year, so you will have further opportunities to join us.

That said, before we get to the stories and photos, I would like to thank Nikki, Patty, Diane and Tom, Marian, and the ENTIRE 40 Days planning/organizing team for yet another job extremely well done.  You folks simply amaze me – year after year, vigil after vigil, you put together a seamless campaign.  If there have ever been any quirks or issues, I sure haven’t seen them, and I’m sure I can speak for most everyone else in that regard.  May GOD BLESS YOU ALL and provide you with wonderful, blessed, relaxing, enjoyable holidays with your families!!!


Pat M. covered 7-9a today, and he shared this photo and these thoughts:

Vince (St. Sebastian) with Yolanda & Albert (St. Regis)
Vince (St. Sebastian) with Yolanda & Albert (St. Regis)

Today was my day to stand with my fellow parishioners and brother Knights of Columbus from St. Regis Parish in Trafford.  But as I arrived, I realized that we had been thrown a bit of a curveball.  As I came into town via Liberty (due to the closure of the Parkway East), I learned that our dear city was holding the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler this morning.  Oh joy.  So, after I moved my car from its nice (and free) spot right in front of the vigil and into a parking garage, I realized that my fellow parishioners would have trouble getting down there — which I’ve since learned was the case.  But Albert and Yolanda made it once again.  [I think they’ve been to the vigil each time our parish has signed up.]  And so was Vince from St. Sebastian in the North Hills.  It’s always a pleasure to pray with him.  

Once again, I experienced no negative comments and we did have some people who expressed their support and thanks.  


Mary L., Sue M., and Patty M.
Mary L., Sue M., and Patty M.

I (Sue M.) managed the 9-11a shift today, arriving to the strains of loud hip-hop dance music, which was blasting a few blocks down at the race’s finish line.  At first I was concerned that the music would be a deterrent to our focusing on prayer, but Vince P. and I, and then Mary L. and I, prayed aloud, which thankfully enabled us to concentrate.  Despite our small numbers this morning, a huge percentage of the runners looked over at our signs.  We had a few negative reactions, but mostly positive.  The foot traffic on the sidewalk seemed to consist mostly of folks who were watching the race and cheering on their friends and relatives.  No negative comments from the sidewalk traffic. 


Trish M. covered 11a-1p today.  She writes:

Today was much nicer than last Sunday – last Sunday it rained my entire shift and the couple with me sat in my car for half hour.

Alicia from St. Paul has been ministering to a woman who was robbed and a homeless man. The weather was nice. Liberty Avenue is closed for a race and a Houdini exhibition.


More stories and photos will be added as they come in.


May God bless ALL of you and keep you in His tender care!

For Life,

Sue M.

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