Day 37: Thank you to Clarks Mills United Methodist Church, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Pittsburgh Promise, and our other prayer volunteers!

Dear friends, we are in need for someone to come and pray with
Shift Manager Sue on
Sunday, Nov. 6 from 10-11 AM.  Can you please join us?  If so, please sign up at
Thank you!! 
But whatever gains I had,
these I have come to consider a loss because of Christ.
More than that, I even consider everything as a loss
because of the supreme good of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.
Philippians 3:7-8a
I was praying with this passage today, and it struck me that ANYTHING we do must be done BECAUSE we have a relationship with Our Lord FIRST.  Not in spite of that relationship, but BECAUSE of it.  We, representatives of 40 Days for Life, have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and THEREFORE can perform the humble ministry of standing on the sidewalk to pray for an end to abortion.  Once again, I go back to Pastor Stump’s words from our kickoff rally.  The battle is the Lord’s… we just have to show up.
Let us be not afraid to “show up,” because we know the Rock on Which we stand is Jesus Our Lord.

Shift Manager Reports


Katie shared:
The only noteworthy thing to happen during my shift was a little girl stopping to ask for a fetal model.  Other than that, it was just rainy with only workers going in. (And the woman with the little girl who always goes in for about half an hour; I’m not sure if she’s a worker or what.) Jean from St. Bonaventure, Pastor Adam and Joe, whose church I can’t remember, were there, along with Marian and Pat on their way to work.
Thank you, Pastor Adam (center) for joining us this morning!
Thank you, Jean, Pastor Adam, and Joe for joining us this morning!


Marilyn shared:

Hooray, my last shift for this 40 Days for Life campaign, but the reality is that PP does not stop when 40 Days is over. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, women knowingly or unknowingly exterminate the wee precious lives growing in their wombs.  Pray for them.  That is what we have been doing all these 40 days, praying for the women, the men, the workers, the pedestrians.  Don’t stop praying just because this campaign is coming to a close.    
Mary Beth and Gemma, first timers, came to pray for a whole four hour shift today!  They represent The Promise “Pittsburgh’s Perinatal Palliative Care Initiative, a prolife program of Catholic Palliative Services committed to walking alongside families, who even with a poor prognosis for their unborn and newly born infants have embraced their journey with hope and optimism.” Regulars, Walt and Bob, stopped to pray as well.  Thank you all for coming out to pray on this rainy day.
I was fortunate that people were receptive to receiving information today.  Two young girls who went into PP and then came out were willing to stop and take information.  One of them was 10 weeks pregnant, so I gave her a fetal model and development stages literature.  She didn’t say much but was very receptive to taking it.  Her friend was happy to receive information against birth control.  A  mom with her young daughter wanted to go into PP for birth control so I explained to her that they perform abortions inside. I gave her the resource card and information on the dangers of birth control.  Her daughter was happy to receive a fetal model and lollipops.  
Another woman stopped by to share the good news that she was recently pregnant and was glad we were there. A man passing by stopped to talk and took resources with him to put out at his church.  Another woman who works in town stopped to see what we were all about. She took information too. I am very hopeful for the future. People do care.  God has a plan, and we all just need to do our little part to make this world a better place.  Be bold, speak out!  Life is what it’s all about!  Hope to see you at the closing rally this Sunday, 6:30pm at the vigil then on to Catholic Charities for fellowship.
God bless you,
Thank you for coming today, Mary Beth, Walt, and Gemma!
Thank you for coming today, Mary Beth, Walt, and Gemma!
Lisa shared:
Despite the rain for part of the shift, today was a time of JOY.  I am continually thankful for the wonderful people who we have the PRIVILEGE to pray with.  A big thank you to Barb and Joan, who have been my faithful prayer partners from 1-2 each Thursday!  And thank you also to our newcomers from The Promise, Gemma and Mary Ann.  You are beautiful women doing beautiful work (see Marilyn’s report above for info on their work)! 
And one more thank you to the good folks from Bentleyville, Pastor Paul, and the dear newlyweds, Shannon and Samuel!  Wonderful to meet you all, and pray with you!  You all bring me much joy.  God bless you all!
Seamus shared these great photos:
Pastor Paul, Shannon and Samuel from Christian Assembly of God in Bentleyville
Pastor Paul, Shannon and Samuel from Christian Assembly of God in Bentleyville
Kevin and Sundiana from CAPA join us singing and playing Amazing Grace!
Kevin and Sundiana from CAPA join us singing and playing Amazing Grace!
Pat shared:
Because substitute SM Jim W was there – along with his cousin Ron from St. Benedict the Abbot in Peter’s Twp. – I let him take the SM duties, giving me a chance to have a lot of silent prayer time.  One of the things that I reflected on today was how those fetal models, both the ones on display and the many we seem to be giving away recently, is how what we are doing now will change the future of the people who see and receive those models years from now.  A girl of 10 or 12 who takes one of those models home with her is going to remember that experience of feeling like she was holding a little baby in her palm.  And that’s going to change the way she thinks when she becomes older and has a friend who faces an unexpected pregnancy – or when she has one herself.  Those are the seeds of “a save” that we’re planting right now.  
While I was there praying off to the side, one of the employees came out who I had seen many times before.  She’s tall with brown hair, in her mid-30’s, and she smokes.  In all of the times I’ve seen her I can’t remember ever seeing her smile.  My thoughts turned to her and I felt great compassion towards her.  I actually envisioned being able to embrace her one day in a “welcome home” hug after she had finally made the decision to leave the abortion industry for good and return to God.  And then my imagination even allowed me to think about how what we are doing now – by our prayers, fasting, and public witness – may one day bring a former abortion worker to make a deathbed confession and beg God for his mercy.  What a beautiful vision of “a save.”
Pat M., 5-7
Thank you to off-duty Shift Manager Jim W, and his cousin Ron
Thank you to off-duty Shift Manager Jim W, and his cousin Ron
Thank you to a member of my parish, Jon (from St. John the Baptist in Plum), who wrote a brief reflection on the Right to Life that he asked me to share with you all:
In today’s society, the word abortion has lost the horror and injustice that should be attached to it. The media and society has numbed our senses and reaction to the evil that is abortion.
The “right to life.” Have you ever really thought about this statement and what it entails? It is easy for us to dismiss it because we are all alive and no one has the right to kill us. But walk with me for few moments if you would. Imagine a world where someone has the right to show up at your house, cut your head off, rip your limbs apart and throw your remains into the trash, and simply go on with his/her day with no repercussions for what they have just done. And in some cases that person gets paid a hefty fee for killing you. This is a reality today and the murdering of unborn babies are in the millions.
Think about it, if you did not have the right to be alive would the issues of health care, gun control, foreign trade, or anything else in the world be important to you? Wouldn’t the right to be alive be your primary concern?
Every human being alive today was once a fetus in a woman’s womb, and the only reason you and I are alive today reading this letter is because no one interfered with the process of us growing into who we are today. Who is standing up for the unborn? As Christians, I believe it is our duty to do so.

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  • November 4, 2016 at 6:02 am

    I love to read these daily blogs.
    All the years I have “been in prolife”… yet the reflections and facts remain fresh and heart breaking and heartening.
    Go figure.


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