Day 35: Sidewalk Advocates, Byzantine Catholics and Catholic Daughter of America!

OK everyone, we are in the home stretch!! Only 1 hour is empty on Wednesday from 6-7pm!

We have shifts open on Thursday  from 11-1pm and 3-5pm! Let’s finish strong!!!

We will gather at PP this Sunday 11/6 at 6:30pm for our closing rally followed by a scrumptious potluck at Catholic Charities, all are welcome!

To become saints means to fulfill completely what we already are….God’s adopted children in Christ Jesus! Whenever I go to the sidewalk, I always feel that I am surrounded by saints! The first verse of the Methodist hymn sums it up perfectly…we are singing the resurrection song by offering HOPE on the sidewalk. Death and Sorrow are EARTH’s dark story, we will awake to EVERLASTING peace!

Sing with All the Saints in Glory

  Sing with all the saints in glory,
sing the resurrection song!
Death and sorrow, earth’s dark story,
to the former days belong.
All around the clouds are breaking,
soon the storms of time shall cease;
in God’s likeness we, awaking,
know the everlasting peace.

Today, I heard that the word Martyr actually means WITNESS…maybe everyone who has witnessed during this 40 days are not the kind of martyrs who die physically, but martyrs who have died to self, to emotions and to comforts. Thank you for the  sacrifices you have made, Rejoice and be GLad, for your reward will be great in heaven!

Charlene 7am-9am

Despite students walking around in shorts and tee- shirts, it was not summer on the sidewalk. We continued our layers. Al, Sally, Dick and I were not joined by any churches. It is not a problem for those of us praying but I do wonder the impression it makes on PP and those passing. How really into the “battle” are we? We pray in church every week for an end to abortion… is it that hard to stand and be counted in public? Maybe it is…I guess that is for each one and God to know. For Ann Marie it made perfect sense. Heading to NYC to visit family, she had an hour to wait for her bus and decided the best way to wait was “just show up” on the sidewalk and pray. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more just “showed up” and prayed on their way thru? Charlene


Ann Marie and Al


Dick and Sally

Beth 9am-11am

Welcome first-time 40 Days-er, Linda who joined a great group of regulars: Lisa, Georgette, and John on the sidewalk today.  A few couples, but it seemed a little slower than the usual Tuesday.  More friendly faces than otherwise, so thank you God for fine weather and wonderful friends!


 Nikki 11am-1pm


Beth and friend from her church, St. Elizabeth in Mt. Pleasant


John, Lisa and friend

I had plenty of company on the sidewalk today!  It was wonderful to see so many faithful people taking time out to witness for the sanctity of life!  Two ladies from St. Catherine came  on their own, even though their church hadn’t signed up.  They handed out literature and did a great job of it!


 St. Catherine ladies from Beechview who came on their own

Deacon Paul, of the Byzantine Catholics handed out candy from the bin to children who passed by.  Some of us greeted passersby, distributed literature and prayed.  It was a blessing for all of us to be used by God today to be a sign that all lives created by God are precious.


Deacon Paul and Fr. Jay lead their group of Byzantine Catholics

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there through these 35 days!  We are almost there!


Nancy 1pm-3pm

 In addition to the deacon and priest and parishioners from the Byzantine Catholic Church from Dubois (who were there praying and singing prolife prayers),  the prolife club from Aquinas Academy arrived, brought by their leader Joe Austin.  They sang and prayed.


Then Sue and Sandy arrived to pray as well as Bill before the shift ended.   Jeannie arrived for the 3-5 shift with her two sisters.  It was a very joyful and prayerful time for all.  Nancy G

Jeanne 3pm-5pm

At mass today, I heard that we are all called to be saints.
On this blessed feast of all Saints, I reflect on the reality that the Saints came marching in to the sidewalk today.

I was prepared to be alone, and was comfortable with that situation. My two lovely sisters decided they would come and pray with me.


Sisters Jeannie, Annie and Claire!

img_3578Even John M. joined the crowd. What a great turnout for a shift that was supposed to be super quiet.

 We arrive to the sidewalk to find Fr. James from Punxsutawney, and Sandy from Steubenville and Sue who answered the call to be there for the afternoon. And then Came even more Saints – – the Gallaghers from Saint Philip in Crafton joined us for the duration of my shift, and were a welcome addition to the prayer team.

img_3580St phillips in crafton gang

Don from moon had a meeting cancelled and decided to be with me s as well. I’ve had far fewer folks when we had a full schedule! Never doubt the power or Our God! We had several people thank us for being there, and very little opposition to our peace filled and prayerful message. A few kids from Kappa stopped by and we were happy to give them some of the 12 week models of the precious one.In all, it was an absolutely lovely all Saints Day with all the Pittsburgh Saints on the Sidewalk! Blessings to all, Jeannie

img_3575Annie, Sue, Don , Fr James, Claire

Lisa 5pm-7pm

It was such a lovely evening tonight.  We received so many life affirming comments that it definitely made up for the unpleasant ones.  We were especially filled with joy with the woman who pulled up along side of us in her vehicle with words of encouragement and she was able to stay while we prayed an Our Father with her.

I was surprised by the little old man that goes in and out of the bar next door on a daily (evening) basis.  He has never  made any comments to me before.  I always see him leave and then he returns within the hour.  On his return trip tonight, he went into Planned Parenthood.  We thought he was confused about the door he was going into and upon his exit a few minutes later we offered him assistance finding “his” door.  To our surprise he said he meant to go into PP because he wanted to give them a donation and that we needed to “Just Stop”.  We were taken aback to say the least! but then we just included him in our prayers.

Another busy evening of people (employees) going into PP this and then they had a pizza delivery.  It is hard for me sometimes to fathom how life as usual continues with the workers.  It appears they need to continue training new employees so maybe we have changed some hearts of some employees and they are finding other – any other -employment.

I thank all the people that came and stood with me tonight.  We had a few “extras” that I was not counting on.  Praise the Lord for all of you.

Pictured is a few fellow members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas that I know I can always count on to stand witness with me when nobody else had signed up.


Pictured are John and his wife Donna.  Donna is a member of Ct. St. Rene out of Monroeville, faithful Johanna from Ct. Allegheny, North Side who has stood with me every week and Donna who is a fellow member of my Court, Ct. Westinghouse, Turtle Creek.

Blessings, Lisa

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