Day 34: North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church and St. Ann

10 Lepers Cured

The passage of the 10 lepers always makes me wonder, would I have been one of the nine who didn’t come back to thank our Lord for their healing or maybe, just maybe, would I be the one who came back.

Maybe this situation is similar to what happens and the vigil site. Are there 10 couples who change their minds as they drive by when they see us outside and don’t come back to thank us? Maybe. But we do know for certain, many do change their mind because of our presence. A few have told us.

Let me also not be like one of the nine and be remiss in thanking YOU. Thank you for your dedication and effort. For making the sacrifices to put your own wants and desires aside to come to the vigil to witness and pray. You all inspire me. Sincerely so many people have touched my soul in so many ways with your faith, your courage to reach out and your commitment to ending abortion. Thank you.

We all have our busy lives, so diverse but the same. We all love the comforts of life and some of us more than others care about what people think of us. But we put the “me” aside and made the effort. Like those at the foot of the cross, You came, you stayed. It wasn’t easy. You might have been uncomfortable. You may think you didn’t make a difference but you did. Our efforts in the Lord’s vineyard will not be in vain. You’ll never know until heaven just how big an impact you had. But trust me on this. You made a difference. For that I am grateful. Thank you.

See you in the spring or if you ever hear that voice calling in the night and want to join the few who come year-round on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings know you are welcome. God bless you all and may HIS angels surround you. Peace and joy.

Tim B.

Today at the vigil we have North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church 7 – 11a ; St. Ann Catholic Church, Waynesburg 11a-3p; HOURS ARE EMPTY FROM 5-7!

Here is from Kathy 7-9 am:

“A chilly morning but it was warmed quickly by the presence of Faithful Diane, Bill Weir (Reformed Presbyterian Church of NH and old friend of mine), and Faithful Rose (St. Mary’s of Glenshaw). Bill was joined by Sam and Charles, also of RPC. We spent some of our time in silent prayer. Charles and I passed out a few bookmarks with tootsie pops to passersby while Rose handed out 40 Days brochures. A couple going into PP acknowledged us but did not want any info. PP workers also entered.

Sam and Charles
Sam and Charles

Toward the end of the second hour, Bill H. stopped by and stood with us. Please pray for Bill’s family. Another Bill, but goes by William, stopped by and asked for a coat which I gave to him. Rose left to catch her bus. The men from RPC and I devoted time to singing the Psalms from the psalter that they brought. Strong voices singing God’s strong words of victory! Thank you RPC for your witness.” Kathy L.


From Ginny 9-11 am:

“The good folks from Presbyterian reformed church were praying with people today. Charles did an excellent job of getting people to stop and pray with him also Sam and his family and his two children were there. They were just darling and they caught everybody’s eye and they sang together was so beautifully”

From Beth 1-3:

“Welcome first-timer, the beautiful Carly from her church in Tarentum, who joined Rose, Billy, the wonderful folks from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg and myself on a semi-chilly day outside PP. Executive director, Kim Evert and her second in command came out around 1 and smiling and continued down Liberty. Maybe she was smiling because we said that we were praying for her.
Anyway, whoever has the 1-3 shift tomorrow, be ready with prayer for a woman who said she’d be back to prove to me abortion isn’t killing an innocent human being, that life only begins at birth. She questioned my every move so I asked her if she would believe an abortionist. She agreed so I gave her Anthony Levantino’s website, for a doctor’s version of the debate. Ask her if she watched all four parts. Since Dr. Levantino performed 1200 abortions, he should know more than most. So just be ready.
As we said good-bye to the St. Ann’s group who prayed and prayed, and said hello to Francis, Carly said her very first hour at PP went quickly. Welcome, you’re joining a great group of pro-life people
See you on Sunday,”

img_4632We have a few gaps in this weeks schedule. We need prayers for the following hours:

TUESDAY –  2-4

THURSDAY 11-11:30 and 12:30-5

SUNDAY 9-11 (Don’t forget the closing rally at 6:30 at the vigil then the party at 7 PM at Catholic Charities)

Pictures and stories from today’s vigil will be posted throughout the day, so stop back.

Bill helped out during empty hours during Rosalina and Francis’ shiftimg_4633



2 thoughts on “Day 34: North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church and St. Ann

  • October 31, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Your words always touch my heart Tim B! God bless you!

  • November 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Dear Carly,
    Thank you so much for joining the dedicated on-site prayer warriors. I am a long distance prayer warrior and depend on you to be visible at the site. God Bless you. Maria


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