Peter is Still Speaking


Our shift managers will be witnessing alone on Monday from 3-7

Tuesday 8-11 and 2-5


Sunday is covered. Come anyway.


40 Days for Life is a pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vision to end abortion. The mission is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity.

As a Catholic, it is my pleasure to share our riches with my sisters and brothers from other denominations.

Caravaggio brings us to Peter’s side as he tries to assist his captors while they attach him to his Cross.  He was killed that day, about 2,000 years ago.

St. Peter is Still Speaking airs on WAOB (We Are One Body) 106.7 FM, at 9, 12:30, 5 M-F and 8 & 12 on Saturdays.  This source of beauty and wisdom does not broadcast lies. How, then, is this “speaking Peter” related to the crucified Peter?

Let’s look at this set of facts with three other fact sets.


George Weigel, THE END AND THE BEGINNING, reports,  “Among the enemies of Soviet communism…none was more feared by the KGB and its predecessors than the Catholic Church, which was regarded as a prime ideological enemy even before the Bolsheviks seized power in a crumbling Russia in 1917.  …from the Communist point of view, the difficult business of fitting the Polish cow with the saddle of Marxism-Leninism was made far more difficult by Poland’s intense Catholic faith and Catholicism’s links to Polish national identity and Polish patriotism.”

“It was in these years – 1945, 1946, 1947, that a young churchman named Karol Josef Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) first came to the attention of the Polish communist secret police.”


Edmund Burke: “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”



In THE HAND OF GOD, Bernard Nathanson writes, “At dinner I was seated next to a cadaverous appearing man….  He introduced himself as Lawrence Lader.”  “We began to talk, and the conversation lasted eight years; in that time, every abortion law in the United States was struck down, the lines between pro- and anti-abortionists were drawn and the battle joined.”  “Lader…knew…that  it was the perfect historical moment in which to strike against senescent rheumy-eyed Authority.”

“He also sensed that the Authority had to have a familiar form, a discernible shape….”  “What better than the Roman Catholic Church.  And so we set to work, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

“…we attacked at every opportunity.  Our favorite tack was to blame the church for the death of every woman from a botched abortion. There were perhaps three hundred or so deaths from criminal abortions annually in the United States in the sixties, but NARAL in its press releases claimed to have data that supported a figure of five thousand.  Fortunately, the respected biostatistician Dr. Christopher Tietze was our ally.  …he never denied the authenticity of these claims.”


When the authorities thought they solved their Christian “problem” by crucifying Peter; when the Soviets eviscerated Poland after WWII; when NARAL set its sights on the Catholic Church to undermine our historic legal protection of unborn babies…when authorities chose killing people as a solution to a problem, they made the historically wrong choice.  This choice has been wrong since the beginning.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.”

Thou shalt not kill.

“Stalin would later say, memorably, that trying to make Poland a communist country was like fitting a saddle to a cow,” Weigel notes.  Pro-life advocates in the United States of America stand firm in our belief that our USA heart will not remain fitted with a law that makes abortion legal.

With the psalmist we sing, “Our soul clings to Him.  His right hand holds us fast.”

Peter is still speaking.














Here are the churches who came downtown Saturday to share and pray with us at Planned Parenthood.


Clarks Mills United Methodist Church

Church of the Assumption, Bellevue

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Brighton

Living Hope Church, Whitney PA



Tim B., Shift Manager, Saturday 7-9

Saturday mornings are usually peaceful to start. First of all, it’s still dark and usually a little chilly. But like a symphony orchestra it all comes together beautifully.

First Diane arrives and so efficiently unloads and sets up all the displays and signs. Sidewalk advocates Virginia, David and Joe arrive from different directions and, of course, there is Bill H. and Jimmy and Nick, Saturday regulars. We were blessed to have Pastor Adam gather us all and lead us in inspirational prayer.

The facility escorts usually come out at 7:30 but today none came out and we believe God heard our prayers and we were blessed with a closed facility so no babies died here today. Praise God.
We were joined by the ladies from several of the North Pittsburgh Churches and later Shift Manager Rick T. and his group from Assumption Church in Bellevue joined in the prayer. As I was leaving, a large group of college students were arriving, I’m guessing from Grove City as one had this sweatshirt on.
The day was warming up and sun was shining. It was the beginning of great and blessed day.

Sunday Sunrise Team
Sunrise Team
Marianne, Donna, Bill with Marie and Mary
Marianne, Donna, Bill with Marie and Mary
Assumption Church parishioners with shift manager Rick Thimons
Assumption Church parishioners with shift manager Rick T.
Jerico Marchers
Jerico Marchers


Rick T., Shift Manager, Saturday 9-11

The 9-11 AM shift on Saturday was prayerful and peaceful.  Praise God as it appeared that no abortions were being performed at Planned Parenthood today.

I would like to especially thank the many faithful Christians who prayed and witnessed on behalf of unborn children and women in need including Sam, Hannah, Ian, Christopher, Johnathan, Owen, Alex, Johanna and Vincent from Grove City College; Catherine, Francine, Joe, Sara and Mary from Assumption Church in Bellevue; Ken, Margaret and Jacob from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Kittanning; Benton, Mike & Mike (A deacon and seminarians from St. Vincent College); Marjory, Tamara and Linda from Trinity Lutheran in New Brighton, Charles and Marianne from Mary Mother of Hope in New Castle and sidewalk advocates Sue, Jeff and Judith.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you in His care and may the lives of the unborn and born always be cherished and protected!

Grove City students witness for LIfe
Grove City students witness for Life
Deacon and Seminarians Saint Vincent College Marianne, Charles Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kittanning
Deacon and Seminarians, Saint Vincent College
Marianne, Charles, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kittanning
Ken, Margaret, Jacob Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Kittanning Sue, Sidewalk Counselor
Ken, Margaret, Jacob
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Kittanning
Sue, Sidewalk Counselor


Sue Mc., Shift Manager Saturday 10/29, 11-1


I covered the 11-1 shift today.  I’d actually arrived at PP earlier, at 9:00a, as a Sidewalk Advocate — we all rejoiced that there were no escorts present and PP appeared to be closed for business!!!  We did notice some folks going in, but they did not appear to be going in for services — a meeting, perhaps?

But later, after 11, during my actual 40 Days shift, a young couple entered and came out with a small brown paper bag, so it looks like the “health clinic” part of PP was actually open.

The weather was gorgeous and there was a lot of foot traffic.

We were blessed by some seminarians and a brother from St. Vincent’s; one seminarian from New Jersey; a group of Grove City College students; Linda, Tammy, and Margie from Trinity Lutheran Church; Chuck and Marianne from St. Mary Mother of Hope in New Castle; Rosemary and Tom from St. George Orthodox Church, and; Dave arriving on his motorcycle.

Bill H. and his young look-a-like son stopped by as well.

It was a prayerful shift, and I was able to hand out many of the yellow cards to passersby.

A gentleman who had lost his brother to drug addiction stopped by and was telling me about the huge opiate abuse problem in our area; my heart went out to him…so many brutal attacks on human life in our society.

We continue to pray.  I departed to the beautiful sound of Rosemary and Tom singing their prayers.

Linda, Tammy, Margie Trinity Lutheran Church
Linda, Tammy, Margie
Trinity Lutheran Church
Marianne, Mary Mother of Hope Mike, Seminarian
Marianne, Mary Mother of Hope
Mike, Seminarian
Rosemary and Tom St. George Orthodox
Rosemary and Tom
St. George Orthodox


Dean D., Shift Manager, Saturday 1-3

Thanks to the folks from Trinity Lutheran who prayed with me today.

Again great news as P.P. was not open for business today. Many people accepted our yellow cards that are so full of useful information. Thanks again, Diane.

Look, I know that all of you will be turning out to vote but, if you know anyone who is on the fence about staying home, try to convince them of the urgency to vote. There is so much at stake!

Members of Living Hope Church
Members of Living Hope Church
Ron and Kevin Living Hope Church Latrobe
Ron and Kevin
Living Hope Church, Latrobe


Kathy K. , Shift Manager, Saturday 3-5

Delightful time of prayer, witnessing and fellowship!
Adam from Life Church handed out many flyers.
About 20 people from Living Hope lined the sidewalk, holding signs, offering Hope to those passing by.
Dean had delighted us at beginning of shift when he said, “No abortions were done today.”
A circle of us prayed with a teen girl and her brother.  “Their mom is taking care of their baby brother who has a trach, and was ill since birth.”
Pastor Bryan came with box of donuts which added a special touch to our shift.
Gratefully His, Kathy

Lovely Family Living Hope Church
Lovely Family
Living Hope Church
Sarah loves this sign. She chooses it every campaign.
Sarah loves this sign.
She chooses it every campaign.
Sarah and Marta Happy Birthday Marta Marta is Sarah's Mom
Sarah and Marta
Happy Birthday Marta
Marta is Sarah’s Mom


Joe, Kathy W.,  Shift Managers, Saturday 5-7

Shout out to Living Hope Church, way to represent Christian soldiers.
What Joy filled, peaceful, beautiful souls that lined the sidewalk imitating Christ, as they witnessed for life. What a blessing for me to serve with yinz.

Your brother in Christ,
Joe W.



Members of Living Hope Church, Whitney PA
Left to right, Rod, Mike, Owen, Andrea, Sarah, Jackie, Marsha, Marta, Pastor Brian, Kevin, Abby, Casey, Wanda, Kathy (shift manager) Tom, Brenda.


And God saw that it was good.


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  • October 30, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    No better news than the absence of business at PP on Saturday. What a super
    selection of pray-ers–and of prayers, I’m sure.


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