Day 28: Elk County Right to Life (St. Mary PA) and Hosanna Church (Bellevue)

We have one empty hour on Wednesday from 2-3pm…And on Thursday there is no one signed up from 7-9am and 3-7pm! Please come and pray if you can!


Here is part of St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians from yesterday:

Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient. So do not be associated with them.

Sounds like St Paul was having similar “problems” as we do today!  2000 years later, the devil is still trying his best to deceive us with empty arguments! But our modern society literally has information at our fingertips, doesn’t it seem that we should not be easily deceived?

We have ultrasound pictures….We have fetal models…we know a baby has a heartbeat at 21 days.  We are talking about human beings…so All arguments for abortion are EMPTY. But, still, women seeking abortion are blinded to the truth by these empty arguments or maybe blinded to the truth by their circumstances. So WE stand to counter the empty arguments, to offer the truth and hope and light!

Paul’s letter goes on to say: For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light. Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them.

That is part of what we try to do on the sidewalk, expose the truth and bring it to LIGHT…Since the building is not well marked, many people passing by do not know that pp occupies the building. If I get a chance to briefly engage someone walking past, sometimes the only thing I say is that this is PP and over 3000 babies lost their lives here in 2015. I think the number is shocking to most people and maybe next time they pass by they will recognize the truth of what happens here.

Therefore, it says: “Awake, O sleeper and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you Light”

Kinda like being a pumpkin! A lady recently being baptized said this about what it’s like to be a Christian:

“It’s like being a pumpkin:
God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off you may have gotten from the other pumpkins.
Then he cuts the top off and scoops out all the yucky stuff.
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.
Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.”


So let us keep going for the next 2 weeks of this campaign, to stand in opposition to the EMPTY arguments and offer the TRUTH!

Charlene 7am-9am…brrrr!

It was cold this morning but I understand it was colder yesterday! We did not have a church with us but our faithful Tuesday Warrior group…Al, Sally, Dick, Jackie, and I were there. We did not take our pictures since we have been on the blog many times. We decided to take a picture of why we are there…the babies!!!


It seemed like 4-5 “customers” went in even before 9 today. Jackie got one girls attention and she seemed open but went inside. We said a prayer for her. I have been praying for one of the workers that seemed out of place among the other workers…I pray the Lord will guide her out of PP.

On another note, we need prayers for Sally who has Lyme disease and the medicine is making her sick. We also know that Lyme makes you very fatigued. Let’s pray she recuperates like I did.

Lastly…the blue sign was still across the street when I left. I love it there where it can be seen from PP window! Charlene

Beth 9am-11am

Although the wind was cold, the loving warmth of people who came to pray kept us going this morning.  Steve, Denise, Bill and Lisa were on hand when the “Fantastic Five” from Elk County arrived, dressed for winter.  Laurey K., Janet W., Gretchen M., Mary M., and Mary R. from the Sacred Heart-St. Mary’s parish traveled 2 1/2 hours to help us all end abortion,  they come every year! Such wonderful sacrifice surely will not go unnoticed.  Around 9 a.m. three physician-type women entered as we said a prayer for them.  Today saw lots of employees and some clients.  The big new signs are great; you never know who will see the phone numbers for pregnancy help and avoid the saddest “procedure” imaginable.


Nikki 11am-1pm

It seemed to be a very sad, somber atmosphere at PP today.  It was sunny, although chilly…and the inspiring witness of the five ladies from Elk County Right to life helped to encourage me!  However, we got few positive comments from passersby, and a few negatives.  Most just ignored, stared straight ahead and walked right by us.  One Uber driver dropped off a woman who looked to be about 5 months pregnant.  She would not take any information from me, but the Uber driver (a woman) did stop to talk through her open car window.  She wanted to know how many children I had adopted.  When I told her “two”, she was not quite as self-righteous as she had begun, and we had a nice conversation.  She was concerned about all the babies that are abused and thought that abortion is necessary…but she seemed open to my arguments that we don’t get to “play God” and decide who is going to live and who is going to die.  She seemed to agree with many of my points, and we left it with a mutual respect for each other.

A few “dads” came out and went back in.  I prayed for all the children that were killed inside that place today.  No one really talked, we were all silent…witnessing with our signs, and praying from our hearts privately.  It was a small suffering, but one that I willingly offered for the babies that were being killed within feet from where I was praying…as I was praying they were losing their lives.  I asked them to please pray from Heaven for the closing of Planned Parenthood and for an end to legalized abortion.



I had the great honor of sharing the sidewalk with five dedicated sisters in the Lord from Elk County! These wonderful ladies drive three hours each way and take a four hour shift on the sidewalk! Thank you so much for your prayer for witness today!

Dom is a young man who stopped to ask what our purpose was for being there. He thought maybe we were there to promote abortion and was very happy to hear that we were there to try to stop abortion. He was an African-American young man and had some questions as to how Planned Parenthood started. I told him about their founder, Margaret Sanger, about her eugenics and about the real reason that Planned Parenthood began. He was very interested and thankful for the information and said he would research it further on his own. He ended by giving me this flyer, he is trying to start a cleaning business and would appreciate it if we got the word out. So here is his information if anyone needs cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area, feel free to give him a call.


My friend Joan from Saint Joseph and Verona came with me for my shift today, pictured with sidewalk advocate Lisa

Jim 1pm-3pm

Our shift went well. A woman who seemed to be in her 30’s asked if she could talk to me. She told me she was a Christian and was against abortion , but not in the case of rape or incest. I explained to her how I felt the same years ago, but that I then believed that if you were against abortion you had to be against all abortions in every case. I then told her that I had seen a case where a woman was raped and her husband and herself really were angry and did not want to have the baby, but did. Years later they were so happy with their decision and told about it on the 700 Club. I told her also that any baby that is conceived was meant to be born by God. She then stated that some of these babies are then born into drug cultures and that wasn’t good, but I told her that God could use these babies in a way that would help society and its not our decision, but God’s. She also told me that she had a young teenage daughter who was very attractive and the boys kind of flocked towards her. She was worried about that and was thinking of putting her daughter on the pill. I told her that was basically giving her a direct license to have relations and told her to stress abstinence. She was very nice and I told her in ending that with her concerns to always remember, all things are possible with God. Talked with a homeless person also. Ladies from St Mary’s Pa were like family and thanks to Jeannie for relieving me 15 minutes early. God bless, Jim

Jeanne 3pm-5pm-Babies, babies, babies

It was a chilly and quiet afternoon at PP.  I was joined by JOE and DOUG from Hosanna Church , who just came from “rescuing” a women with a flat tire on route 28.  True Guardian Angels were they.

We continue to have a lot of positive reinforcement on the sidewalk— not one negative comment today!  I even got a compliment on a new baby photo from someone waiting in the bus line…  These folks line up 4 times per afternoon and wait in silence for charter busses to Chippewa/Beaver Falls.  They do their best to ignore us, but TODAY a lovely young woman stopped to say that the baby picture I was wearing on  my back was “especially cute”.   She said “I haven’t seen that one!”

Sooo- if you ever think people don’t notice us—you are WRONG.  They do!   Keep up the great work-


img_3556new baby picture (Lisa) and Hank

img_3557Our little 12 week precious babies are BACK!  I handed one to a teenager who had asked to take a photo of the fetal models we have displayed—she was thrilled!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

Birthdays.  How nice they are to celebrate.  I am a member of a large family.  October is the biggest month for my family’s birthdays.  I celebrated mine last week, and today we celebrate my loving husband’s.  I am very blessed to have my large family.  Which in turn makes me even more aware of the loss that goes on behind the doors of 933 Liberty Avenue.  What a sad loss to the baby’s parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, the world.

Several young women went into PP this evening and did not come back out before the evening shift was over.  It made me wonder if they were new employees in training.  We must pray that they realize behind those doors is NOT where they want to work.

Tonight I was blessed to have 4 handsome men that the Holy Spirit strengthens to publicly proclaim their faith in our Lord and Savior.  Also, my friends Donna and Johanna.


In witness from Hosanna church in Bellevue we had Doug S and James J. (brother-in-law of each other)  Doug’s father was there earlier in the day.


Thank you Lord for the strength to stand witness for the babies and you another day.



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