Day 26: St. Colman Catholic Church (Turtle Creek), Transfiguration Church (Russellton), and Round Hill Presbyterian Church (Elizabeth)


“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” ……. That’s how the song goes, and although I do like the song, when I think of my favorite things ………. well, those items just don’t make my list.  (Plus I’m allergic to cats.  Love ya, Julie, but, uh, sorry….!)  But here’s my list – ready?  Scrabble, Words With Friends, people playing guitars at campfires, ‘70s music, musical theatre (“The Sound of Music” IS close to the top!), singing, non-musical theatre, our 1974 Apache popup camper, unsweetened tea, Cook Forest, my craft room, Michelob Ultra, crossword puzzles, dark chocolate, seafood, Hallmark movies, Seinfeld, candles (real or battery-op), pet hamsters, seasonal home décor, scrapbooking, antique stores, colorful fabric, watching Soul Train reruns with my husband, live jazz, square dancing to my dad’s calling, ice hockey, road trips in my rust-bucket minivan.  Yes, OK, this confirms it — I’m DEFINITELY a nerd.  But that’s my list.  I just love these things!  (And now you know me!)

Thanks for reading.  (I hope you skimmed.)  (And please share YOUR list with me sometime – really!)  Here comes the important part.  You’ve noticed that thus far this has not been a very spiritual post.  Now of course, as they say, I know that “the best things in life aren’t things.”  I agree 100%.  Not that our relationship with God, and God through other people, is not, or should not be, Number One.  My point in dragging you through my “favorite things” is simply to reflect on the fact that they represent temporal aspects of our earthly lives:  things, hobbies, and experiences that help to make life enjoyable.  EVERYONE has them.  And God created them, and gave them to us, for our enjoyment.  These are just some of the many, many “things” that we get to enjoy as part of our earthly existence.  God’s plan for children who have been aborted in the womb, although they are now surely safe and happy with Him, was for them to get to enjoy some of these things!  (Or hopefully some cooler, less-nerdy things than those on my list!)  His plan for souls is to start them out with a physical, earthly existence – in fact, His plan is to eventually make us all physically perfect again.  Each one of those aborted children was to have his or her very own unique list of a few of their favorite things in their earthly lives.  Abortion robs people of a God-intended life here on Earth, and it robs their parents and family of all those opportunities to create so many shared favorite things and memories together.  We must keep working, and especially praying and fasting, to remove this horrible scourge from our city and our land.


Children… our favorites!! Thank you to families who witness together for life!

Smiling Jen started our day with the 7-9 shift.  Here she is with her morning companions:

Jen, Sue, Vince, and Judy, from four different churches!
       Jen, Sue, Vince, and Judy, from four different churches!

And Jen shares:

A peaceful morning at the vigil with three wonderful volunteers:  Judy, Susan, and Vince.  Faithful Bill stopped by, as well.  Thank you to all who came early this morning and throughout the week!  It’s time so well spent, bringing the love of Christ to all who pass by that sad place and praying for a better tomorrow.


Lisa M. from St. Colman graciously filled in for me (Sue) as I was out of town this weekend.  Here are some of the participants during her shift:

Dan and Bill G. in prayer, flanking the outer circle (wouldn't it be cool if the clients followed the walk instruction and kept walking past this place of sorrow and sadness)
Dan and Bill G. in prayer, flanking the outer circle (wouldn’t it be cool if the clients followed the walk instruction and kept walking past this place of sorrow and sadness)


Betty D, Jennifer Z, Lisa M, Sue B, Arlene & Bill G.
Betty D., Jennifer Z., Lisa M., Sue B., Arlene & Bill G.


Lisa writes:

This morning was a little chilly, but we had warm hearts and hands busy praying at 933 Liberty Avenue.  This time slot is a completely different atmosphere than the time I am usually there on Tuesday evenings.  Much less hustle and bustle, and PP is closed on Sunday.  We prayed for the PP workers.  I wonder if they themselves are going into churches today praying.  We prayed for them to realize what they truly are doing – that their hearts change.  We received many positive comments from people passing by this morning.  Dan stopped by on his was to church this morning.  I am sorry, I do not remember the church’s name.

I was joined by other members of St. Colman Parish, Turtle Creek.


Rich and Roseann shared this photo from the 11-1 shift:

pro-lifers from Transfiguration in Russellton 
                         pro-lifers from Transfiguration in Russellton

Trish covered 1-3.  Here are her prayer companions:

wp_20161023_14_39_43_proJudi D., Arlene R., and Joan S. from Transfiguration in Russellton

Trish shares:

A few people thanked us for our work. One man was looking for food. One man was trying to teach us the Bible, and a few people swore at us.


Jeff again was our faithful 5-7 man.  He shares these photos:

Steve and Denise from St. Joseph in Coraopolis
Steve and Denise from St. Joseph in Coraopolis


Bob, Linda, and Matt, from Round Hill Presbyterian
Bob, Linda, and Matt, from Round Hill Presbyterian


Lisa and Bernadette
                        Lisa and Bernadette


More stories and photos will be posted as they come in.


We are very much in need of pray-ers to come to the vigil to stand with our faithful shift managers these days and times this week:

Tuesday, October 25 – 7:00a, 8:00a, and 9:00a

Wednesday, October 26 – 2:00p

Thursday, October 27 – 7:00a, 8:00a, 4:00p, 5:00p, and 6:00p

Additionally, Nikki notes that the final week of the campaign (next week, Oct. 31 through Nov. 6) has a lot of holes in it.  Especially Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-7pm.  If you can help, please let Nikki know, and/or sign up on the schedule as soon as possible! 


For Life (enjoy it!),

Sue M.



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