Day 25: Holy Wisdom & St. John XXIII Latin Mass; St. Alphonsus (Wexford)



When we do 40 Days, we do it out in the open…and under very open skies.  Well, when this campaign ends (in just two weeks), how would you like to switch gears and do some undercover pro-life praying…with the added benefit of actually being under cover?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, won’t be downtown, but in Oakland. Amazingly, you will actually be able to walk right through the front doors of a facility which does 500-700 abortions every year.  

Now because it’s stealth praying you’ll be doing, leave all pro-life signs, shirts, and hats at home.  A lack of discretion could jeopardize the entire mission, which is still in the gestational stages.


Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC


The Magee Project


Ending abortion at Magee and bringing a culture of life


One hour of undercover prayer per month (or more if you like)


Our own Meredith P. at

Sound intriguing?  Then contact Meredith today to get more of the secret details.


Completely unnecessary musical accompaniment:


There was an unusual number of extremely well dressed young people (twenty somethings) on the streets in groups of 4-10 passing by.  All seemed friendly as the passed and looked at our displays.  Then one young man looked at my sign “Pray To End Abortion” then at the displays, then at PP, and enthusiastically came over to me and gushed “Thank you so much for being here.  Thank you.” He then shook my hand and off he went.  What a blessing of encouragement. This was one of many.  

The Choices team of Betsy and Laura brought the mobile sonogram down and I was joined by many prayer warriors who hadn’t signed up, rather, they just showed up. There were no churches signed up and several of the early Saturday morning regulars were away so I was thinking  we might not have a strong presence, but I was wrong.  Al and Sally stopped on their way to Ohio as did Virginia. Regulars David and Bill H. were there and Charles from Living Word who has been to vigil in the past during the week decided to come on a Saturday.  Barbara and Richard just showed up. Peter, on his way to pray at the East Liberty facility, opted instead to join us downtown.  What blessed morning it was (except for that cold, damp and rainy thing 🙂  ).  I had prayed for God’s assistance and was answered.  No doubt Heaven always hears me.

Tim B., 7-9

Betsy and Laura - the mobile sonogram team from Choices
Betsy and Laura – the mobile sonogram team from Choices
Sally, Virginia, Albert
Sally, Virginia, Albert
David, Bill, Jimmy
David, Bill, Jimmy
Charles and Bill
Charles and Bill
What do they say about making plans?  Peter had a good plan to go with his friends from the Oratory to pray at the abortion facility in East Liberty…but he ended up coming to pray at the vigil site with me (long story). I saw first hand how God used Peter to help strangers today and that was before we arrived in front of PP.  Thank you Peter for being open to how God used you today!!
St. Patrick showed up today too.  He interceded through Judith, Elizabeth, Patty, Reene, Joan, Bo and Tony.  Christine and Mike juggle their schedules so they can come down on and off campaign to witness and give out resource information. They care about life at the older generation stage too!  Ken B. travels in from Kittanning on a regular basis on Saturdays to witness.  Judy, Kathy L. and David (stayed through  the 10:00 hour) were there as Sidewalk Advocates.  Charles, Chris and Barbara stayed through the 10:00 hour too. Richard also was there. Barbara and Richard have been an official team for 50 years!  Cornerstone Television Network was represented today by Terry and Dan Black. It was their first time to the vigil and in front of PP.
We had S, a young married man, challenge our presence from the bus stop across the street.  He and I spoke at length.  We differ on so many issues but engaged in a peaceful conversation.  Although he doesn’t want children, thinks the world is over populated and that PP doesn’t perform abortions, we agreed on one important aspect of abortion choices. He said he would not abandon his wife if, without it being a couple decision, she became pregnant. But like a young woman who agreed to talk to me today, S sees the baby is only a fetus until it exits the womb.  It makes sense then that to some PP does not perform abortions….if they don’t understand genetics.  Puppies in a dog are also fetuses.  Neither person would take information although the right of a woman to choose to have a baby was discussed.
A  father of a child who was being aborted today was quite honest with me. He said they had done the research before making the choice to abort the baby.  He told me, when asked, that they were prepared for the consequences.  Therefore, if he took information from me it would be like me taking information from a Jehovah Witness. I understood that analogy.  I pray that they are prepared.
The sidewalk in front of PP is an interesting place to stand. Sometimes it reminds me of the  opening lines to the television show- Dragnet.
Marian, 9-11
 Shift Managers Rose W. and Joe W.
Chris and I were finishing the Rosary, Joyful mysteries, when Chris noticed a young couple walking toward the PP doors. They were holding hands and smiling at each other.  “Oh, don’t go in there,” Chris called. “We can do more for you than they can. What do you need?” “We just need a pregnancy test,” said the young man. Chris pointed to the mobile sonogram van parked across the street. “They can do more for you and the care is free,” he said. After declining our invitation to walk them over and introduce them, they walked over and went in. All the sidewalk counselors came over and we celebrated. God is good!
A bonus report from Barb L. from this morning

First of all, big thanks to shift Mgr. Marian and Adam from St. Alphonsus who stood with me this afternoon. We didn’t have much interaction with the crowd that passed by, but we did get to share each other’s testimony about praying at the 40 DFL vigil.  God bless Jeff B. for biking into town from Munhall on a windswept afternoon to substitute.

Dean D., 1-3



Pictures below from Jeff B., 3-5

edith-from-st-george-in-oaklandEdith from St. George in Oakland

group         Pauline, Laurie, Elissa, Steve and baby Melody. Members of Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Allegheny Co.

Pictures below from Joe W., 3-7

Denise and Steve from St. Joseph's in Corapolis
Denise and Steve from St. Joseph’s in Corapolis
Parishioners from St. Killian's in Adams Twp.
Parishioners from St. Killian’s in Adams Twp.


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