Day 24: Hold Please! Holding vigil today is Lincoln Place Nazarene 9-11 North American Martyrs Catholic Church (Monroeville) SS Peter & Paul 3-5 / St. Regis (Trafford) 5-7



Shawn and his wife (not pictured) welcomed a new addition to their family. Mary Cate Therese Carney!!! That child has arrived! National 40 DFL president.

When I was in 8th grade, a classmate won the school election; with a speech entitled “Consider the Chair”.  She ran for the seat of secretary and won.  Of course, the speech was a play on words.  She was seeking support.

Why do I remember my schoolmate’s speech now?  What do speeches have to do with us?  Why is playing with words one technique used to gets someone’s attention? Why should we care?  St. Paul’s letters, the letters to the churches in Revelation, and the Gospels may lend a clue to the answer to the rhetorical questions.

Words, spoken and written, are a means of human communication. Our agenda is to advocate for the unborn with our gifts.  We are the voices for the unborn who are not developmentally ready to speak or write for themselves.    We try not to babble, so it is important to ensure that each, letter stroke and part of speech, work together in harmony.  We need tools for the trade.

Did we always have the alphabet?   Did we always articulate “water” as “water’?  Why are there different symbols for letters depending on the geographic region of the world?  Wandering through the alphabet, the letter H inspired me.  Alphabet song. H- you are so heavenly!

The capital letter H— two sidebars with a bridge bar in the middle… lower case h reminds me of a chair.

People are like the letter H too.  Separately, linear lives with no connection- risking collapse.  Blah… no interconnection to define us.  Our humanity plays when we interact with others.  We need connections, we need support….we need a bridge.   When two or more are gathered together _______________!  Sometimes we need a place to sit and someone to sit with us.

During the 4:00 Mass at Madonna de Castello last Saturday, Father John walked up the side aisles to bring communion to those who have difficulty processing down the center aisle.   I was just beginning to form some thoughts about “H”.  As I raised my head from prayer, two women stood on either side of an elderly woman and lifted her up…. the sidebars were supporting the one in the middle.

Turn an H around or upside down, it remains an H- as long as it stays connected.

We stay connected as long as we remember:

                                                The Word became flesh and dwelt among us!

Words in signs, symbols, and speech connect the women in front of PP with real Help.  We use words to communicate the humanity of the baby in the womb.


Today, in the reports from in front of PP, you will read about heart-filled help and hope.  Holding each other up, healing hurts and changing the course of history… one person at a time.  Heal the hurt with the love of God.  Words are often necessary.

Father Joe Luisi Pastor of North America martyrs braved the rain and prayed the whole shift in the afternoon. Using words to deliver the truth.

Dedicated to the men and women who write the blog and the reports- sidebars with God’s support that binds us.  He is the Alpha and the Omega who trains our fingers for battle. 

Family life veterans on the early shift. Friday mornings Al and Sally are present year round. George can answer the question about adoption.
Barbara’s   7-9 note
I’m Irish (never been there) and I love a rainy day.  In my yellow hat and raincoat, I felt as cozy as a rubber ducky looks in a baby tubby.
Our shift felt immersed in the Holy Spirit.
Al and Sally and George arrived and we prayed and shared rain drops.
In a major blessing, we shared a loving frank conversation with a young man who referred to himself as a homosexual person.
He seemed to say that so many of the words we use feel as they are loaded with “attitude.”  He had an open loving face (and was open to hear the information about life from our point of view.)
In a way it was easy to talk because each of us is used to this “conversation.”
Usually we hear it spoken by anchor people in a political broadcasting venue.
But our conversation was not that.  We were people talking and our hearts were speaking.  It felt as if the Holy Spirit were saying, “Listen to each other.  Be not afraid.  Use your brains and your heart.  Love.”  (He gave Marian an umbrella!)
Barbara 7-9



Sheila writes for the 9 am to 11  am shift:

The rain didn’t stop heavy traffic into Planned Parenthood.  Sidewalk advocate Kim and I spoke with R, mother of “I,” who was scheduled for an abortion. When they first approached, R told us, “You are going about this all wrong. This is no way to reach out to these girls.”  When asked the best way to approach the girls, she could offer no real solution.  R complained that the fetal model display was “very disturbing.”  I can only imagine how she might have felt if we had displayed the aborted fetus photos!

A bit later, R went for coffee and when she returned she told us that she herself was post-abortive; that she and her husband tried to talk their daughter out of the abortion but she was determined to do it;  that she and her husband were sick and distraught over this; that “I” had had a baby who died at four months old and this devastated her.  R said, “I guarantee you will never see us back here again.”  We will hope and pray.  R took a resource sheet and said she’d be utilizing the post-abortion resources.

Two women who came outside to smoke told us we had no right to approach people since we had no idea what services they were receiving.  They identified as pro-life but then the one threatened bodily harm if anyone said another word to her!  There were storms brewing in more ways than one!

I was joined by Christa Marie, Dominique and Judy from Pope St. John 23rd   and Chuck from Church of the Nazarene,




Shift manager, Regina with her friends from North American Martyrs,


Regina sent in these pictures for her  report:

Pastor Brian witnessed to these two young girls and gave them a fetal model,

nam-1   nam-2    nam3rain-1


Nikki’s heart is happy for the  family of  40 Days for life:

Daniel, Luke, Nati, Esther and John

I was so encouraged to see the wonderful group from North American martyrs led by their pastor, father Joe Luisi, finishing up their shift when I arrived for my shift. Father Luisi was walking back and forth around the perimeter of the arc as he prayed, I could feel the spiritual power of everyone’s prayers today! I had a cold and damp shift, but my heart was warmed by the dedication of the four Cahill children Who were there with me   John also stopped by to pray with us. We prayed for most of the two hours and the time went by quickly. Before I knew it, Pat had arrived to take my place. Thanks to everyone who came out and prayed in the cold rain today! God heard our prayers!   Nikki


Pat takes on the 5 pm – 7 pm shift  on Friday

Denise and Steve – St. Joe’s in Coraopolis
Nancy, from St.Regis


Sunshine breaks through the darkness of a rainy day!
Well, on an otherwise quiet night, the buses on Liberty Ave. seemed louder than I’ve ever heard them.  [I think the water on the road is what does it.]  I had one parishioner from my parish – St. Regis in Trafford – join me, and she stayed for the bulk of the 2 hours.  Nancy, as always, it was great praying with you tonight.  A little after 6, Steve and Denise joined us.  They’re from St. Joseph’s in Coraopolis.  They went to the other side of the circle and got right to praying.  It was a great witness.   Pat M.

Thanks  to  all who brought sunshine to the sidewalk today.      And for umbrellas!

Save the date November 6- Closing rally.            Marian Carlino

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