Day 23: Thank you to Manordale Knights of Columbus Council, St. Richard (Gibsonia), and St. Scholastica (Aspinwall)!

We are in need of volunteers to pray with us during the following hours:

  • Friday, 10/21, at 8 AM
  • Saturday, 10/22, at 4 PM

Thank you, everyone!




On the way to the vigil today, I was praying Midday Prayer from the Divine Office.  (Yes, I was driving, but I have an app that lets me LISTEN, so I didn’t have to read while driving.)  All of the prayers seemed so appropriate as I was approaching the vigil, but one psalm struck me the most.  Here is the portion of Psalm 25 that was included:


To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
I trust in you, let me not be disappointed;
do not let my enemies triumph.
Those who hope in you shall not be disappointed,
but only those who wantonly break faith.

Lord, make me know your ways.
Lord, teach me your paths.
Make me walk in your truth, and teach me:
for you are God my savior.

In you I hope all day long
because of your goodness, O Lord.
Remember your mercy, Lord,
and the love you have shown from of old.
Do not remember the sins of my youth.
In your love remember me.

The Lord is good and upright.
He shows the path to those who stray,
he guides the humble in the right path;
he teaches his way to the poor.

His ways are faithfulness and love
for those who keep his covenant and law.
Lord, for the sake of your name
forgive my guilt; for it is great.

The highlighted passage in red above made me think of this popular Christian song I wanted to share with you.  At this point in the vigil, sometimes we can get tired.  But we have to remember to put our hope in HIM:



Shift Manager Reports:


Katie shared:

Not much happened this morning except for a guy in a car, stopping to tell us we should be doing something about the foster care system first. Someone also delivered a few boxes, including one containing several bottles of orange juice, to PP.  Marian, men from the Knights of Columbus, and Bonnie and her friend from Mother of Sorrows kept watch with me this morning.



Marilyn shared:

Thanks to Cheryl, Patti and Margie who came to pray from St. Richard’s.  Also joining me in prayer was my faithful friend, Beth Ann, Walt, and regular lunch time prayer, Bob. It was a blessing to lift our voices in song on the dreary sidewalk where the sun seldom shines.

One of our pray-ers today commented that her son recently participated in the Omaha 40 Days vigil and told her that there was a crisis pregnancy center across the street there. You may be wondering why I include a photo of the Pgh. Party Pedaler vehicle.  I hadn’t planned to, but if you look closer, above it, there is a For Lease sign.  This building is directly across the street from PP.  I never noticed the sign before, maybe it is new. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alternative to PP right across the street here in Pittsburgh?  Hmmmmm….

Thanks for the thought about the sign, Marilyn! Maybe one of our prayer warriors can look into this!!


Lisa K. shared:

Even amidst the rain, it was a beautiful shift.  The Lord truly blesses me way more than I deserve when I am at that vigil.  Praise be to Him!  There was a possibility that my shift would be empty this afternoon.  But I KNEW the Lord would provide.  He sent me three lovely, prayerful ladies to pray with me!  Thank you to Arlene, Barb, and Joan!  And longtime vigil regular Mark came as well.  Thank you, Mark!  God bless you all!  My second hour was looking like I would be flying solo, so I asked shift manager Pat, who works nearby, if he had time to stand with me, and he did.  Thank you, and God bless you, Pat, for your sacrifice!

One thing I had mentioned at our team meeting this week was that we need to remain prayerful at the vigil.  Funny to say that here, because isn’t that what we do every day on the sidewalk?  But sometimes we get sidetracked, don’t we?  And this cause- these lives and families- are too important to not remain in prayer as much as we can.  And the time I spent in prayer with the participants today was so beautiful and peaceful.  As the song in the video says, “A peace that passes understanding is my song and I sing, ‘My hope is in you alone.’ ”  I think that’s important.  I was telling Pat today that I really believe that we have NOTHING to fear in this battle.  This doesn’t happen to me often, but today, I just felt such PEACE in the Lord, knowing that we can totally put our trust in Him, and that we are on HIS side, so we stand on the side of goodness and truth.  And as Pat gently reminded me, God is also on OUR side.  What a mighty (and humble) God we serve.


These were the wonderful folks who came from St. Scholastica at the end of my shift! L-R: Cindy, Shift Manager Lisa K., Andy, and Joy
These were the wonderful folks who came from St. Scholastica at the end of my (Lisa K.’s) shift! L-R: Cindy, Shift Manager Lisa K., Andy, and Joy


Seamus shared these photos:

Mary Catherine and her daughter Anne (in wheelchair), with Vicky. Thanks for coming, ladies!
Mary Catherine and her daughter Anne (in wheelchair), with Vicky, all from St. Scholastica. Thanks for coming, ladies!


Thank you to Eileen and Arielle!
Thank you to Eileen and Arielle!


Rick shared:

The 5-7 PM shift was prayerful and rainy.  I would like to especially thank Mary Catherine, Ann, Carole, Jerry and Vicky from St. Scholastica in Aspinwall and Eileen, Arielle and Mary for their faithful and prayerful witness on behalf of unborn children and pregnant mothers in need.  Mary Catherine has been working to protect and care for the lives of unborn children since 1969.  Thanks also to Diane and Tom for weathering the storm, for sitting in traffic, and for their faithfulness.  God Bless!
Thank you to Jerry and Carole!
Thank you to Jerry and Carole!




3 thoughts on “Day 23: Thank you to Manordale Knights of Columbus Council, St. Richard (Gibsonia), and St. Scholastica (Aspinwall)!

  • October 21, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Thank you for that beautiful song! What a great way to start the day.

  • October 21, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    For Katie and anybody else who is asked why we do not do something about the foster care system, the homeless, orphans, refuges, whatever, there is a simple answer. “God puts it on each of our hearts to do certain things. I know this is what He wants ME to do. If He puts it on your heart to do something about the foster care system, or whatever, that is what YOU should be doing.”

    • October 21, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      Needed to hear that, Sally! Thanks!


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