Day 21: St. John United Evangelical Protestant (Burry’s Church-Rochester), St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church (Moon Twp), Park Baptist Church (McKessport)

We have some hours that need to be filled on Wednesday, otherwise our dear shift manager will be standing alone!  They are:   Wednesday 7am-9am,  3pm-4pm and  6pm-7pm!

So we are into the second half of this UNITED campaign and just in case you don’t get updates from the National 40 Days for Life, here is a great update….

“Since this 40 Days for Life campaign started on September 28 … we now have received reports of 264 babies whose moms chose life at the last minute — that we know of!”

WOW!!! That blew me away, cause I think all of you would say that you would be willing to stand out there for just ONE life! But, 264 lives (Plus the Mom’s!), that seems abundant! Today’s reading from Luke, says “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest”.

canstockphoto3828704_compHere are the updates from today:

Charlene 7am-9am

On Sunday, Fr. CHRIS Stubna, St. Paul’s Cathedral, asked the question, ” Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?” I’m sure in our personal lives, there may have been times when we were close, but here on the sidewalk, it’s a question we are faced with regularly. Passers-by will say,” Are you still here?” And we ourselves may fell tired and hopeless. But then God brings Al and Sally to the sidewalk and we are re-energized. Persistence and perserverence were the topics this weekend…and as Fr. CHRIS said,” along with these has to be Hopefullness…God expects Christians to be hopeful.”

And that’s why we are on the sidewalk, Charlene


Sally and Pastor Win



an attempted selfie of Dick and I
an attempted selfie of Dick and I


Beth and Rose 9am-11am

It is baffling how the woman who delivered the sheet cake this morning (I assume PP is celebrating” it’s 100 birthday) can then go to work there on an abortion day.  Lots of people today, clients and staff.

Faithful Al  and Sally were there as were Rev. Win, Steve and Denise from St. Joe’s Coraopolis, and Lisa H and myself.  Bill H stopped by.  

A few things: Not long after I began my shift, a young woman came out crying and said that she was going to keep “it” but took no help, just kept going and crying. Also, Lisa talked to a zip car driver who dropped off two young women.  He told Lisa that he tried to warn them about “going in there.”  Lisa had approached the girls but they just continued inside PP.  The cabdriver took literature and who knows what his next customer will need?       God bless and just keep going, Beth


Nikki 11am-1pm


Waste removal truck arrived today to transport the bodies of the babies that were aborted. They are in the boxes on the right in the back of the truck

As I drove past PP on my way to park my car, before beginning my shift, I was touched to see someone kneeling prostrate on the sidewalk in prayer.  I snapped a quick photo from my car.  It turns out it was Pastor Win from St. John United Evangelical Protestant (Burry’s Church), who had been there since 7am.  It was good to see him and talk to him for a few minutes before he left at 11.


Pastor Win


Pastor Win “Up-Close”

Right after he left, the crew from St. Margaret Mary Church in Moon Township arrived, right on schedule.  Fr. Frank arrived right after them.  It was so good to see my old pastor, who helped me so much in my faith!


Fr. Frank and crew from St. Margaret Mary

We all prayed together and I tried to be on the look out to pass out pro life alternative information to abortion bound women.  One young woman with long dark hair and bright pink hat, shirt and shoes went in, but refused the information.  Pat was there for his sidewalk advocate shift, and he also tried to talk to her when she came out a few minutes later for a cigarette.  She went back in.  We continued to pray.  At one point during our prayer, Fr. Frank and I were on our knees and a man escorted a young woman (probably his daughter) through the doors.  I told Fr. Frank after we were done praying that I wonder if the sight of a priest on his knees may have touched the conscience of that man.  (I did see them leave about half an hour later…too soon to have had an abortion.)  After about an hour, Fr. Frank left but a SECOND priest from St. Margaret Mary arrived!  Fr. Shawn was a blessing to pray with!


Fr. Shawn and crew from St. Margaret Mary

While he was with us the same young woman with black hair came back out and was taking pictures of the fetal model display.  I went over to talk to her.  This time she was open to conversation.  She explained that she was taking the pictures to send to her boyfriend, to try to convince him to let her keep the baby. He was adamant that she had to have an abortion.  She also explained that her parents, his parents and the entire family were against her, and that they all said she had to have the abortion.  She did not want to do it, but is on methadone and was afraid of having an addicted baby, and also didn’t know where she would stay if she kept the baby, or who would help her.  I explained to her that we could help her find housing, told her about Genesis house and Women’s Choice Network.  I think she may have left with me, but she said she couldn’t because her brother was inside the clinic, and he would be angry if she told him she was leaving.  Sadly, she went back in.  She did give me her phone number, and I gave her mine.  I texted her, encouraging her to come back out and talk to the priest (She said she is Catholic), but I had to leave after that, so I do not know if she ever came back out.  Please pray for “A”.

As Beth said in her blog yesterday, “God is in control!  God is in control!  God is in control!”  let’s make that our mantra!  Things like this can be so sad and discouraging, but God IS in control

Nancy 1pm-3pm

The group that was there during Nikki’s shift continued praying and singing during the 1-3pm shift as well!  Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

It was fairly quiet day on this beautiful afternoon from 3 to 5.  I was joined on the sidewalk by my favorite Baptists Bill and Bill from McKeesport and White Oak. Bill from white oak has a phenomenal story of being raised in an orphanage and himself becoming a foster parent. What a real witness to God’s love for each one of us. White Oak Bill has quite a way on the sidewalk — he was able to pass out many of his pamphlets inviting women to accept a rose from him.
I think Planned Parenthood was having some kind of a board meeting as many white well-dressed people were entering just before 4 o’clock. I was so very glad to be there with my “women need support not abortion ” sign when they passed by. We prayed in earnest that their hearts would be open to our message.

I was standing out directly in front of Planned Parenthood in the street and a young woman who was waiting to cross the street asked me how many children I had — I told her I was a single mom and had one child here and one in heaven. I asked her if she had children. She looked at me directly and said “No- I killed my children.  I was an addict.”   Wow there was such pain on her face I consider this exchange the first step in healing for her. I reached out and told her things would be better and I offered resources, congratulating her for getting off drugs. Don’t let anyone tell you ever that abortion is a simple procedure. That sweet young woman carries the abortion of her children and her heart.  I fully expect she will stop back and except our comfort in the days to come.

fullsizerenderLiberty for Whom?

One of those I had tagged as a PP board member exited just before I left .  I was still wearing my women need support sign and handing out my little yellow cards. I stepped forward and offered him one and he said “no thanks I’m good ” but gave me a smile. It made me think of Abby Johnson and the kindness of the 40 days for LIFE folks who loved her back to LIFE!
Grateful for the companionship and prayers of my two Bills, I passed the sidewalk and our intentions off to Lisa.

Lisa 5pm-7pm

This morning’s gospel from St. Luke read….The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. Not so for us this evening. Especially since the Lord sent me Bills!  There were two gentlemen, both named Bill that had been there prayerfully witnessing since the previous shift coming in from McKeesport and White Oak.  These Bills were very good at handing out material.  Then  Bill H. stopped by and told us how proud he was earlier today when he came by and witnessed and that his son was with him; how proud he was that Bill H, and Bill H (son) both signed in. David and Jim also came to be with us.  I thank God for my dear friend Johanna who has been with me every Tuesday shift so far.  She is a beautiful lady that can easily engage many in thoughtful conversation.  Unfortunately, during our lovely evening we witnessed a beautiful young woman come out of Planned Parenthood violently ill.  It appeared that the ride/uber that pulled up for her refused to take her as she continued to be ill.  She then went back inside before we could offer any assistance. We need to pray for this young woman.

20161018_180329-640x360In this evening’s photograph are, Johanna, Bill, David, Bill and Jim

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