Day 17: Standing for justice: St. Thomas More Catholic Church (Bethel Park) ALL DAY

Similar to St. Thomas More, justice is the aim of those who pray for life in front of PP. Thank you to all who came today..and Lisa  with her doggy in pouch who came on Thursday.  Lisa told Katie and me it is hard for her to think about what goes on inside of PP.  Standing in front of PP is not easy.  But witnessing for the innocents and giving of our time… is the least we can do for our brothers and sisters killed inside the walls of PP.  St. Thomas More, pray for justice.


Advocacy is the theme for the blog today.  So this blog is dedicated to all of you who come and pray in front of PP.

A Google search shows  “advocate” is defined as:

“A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.”

Can you think of advocates from the Bible?  Abraham advocated for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Moses advocated for the Hebrew people, sent by God to the pharaoh and then advocating with God, Himself!!  My favorite advocate (besides the usual suspect!) is the widow-

The Parable of the Persistent Widow

Luke 18 “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 3 And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary. 4 For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, 5 yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!”

Jesus admires tenacity and perseverance.  Remember what He told His listeners about temperature- hot and cold – but not lukewarm.

So advocates for life, taking the example of the saints and Jesus, witness with resolve.  Not everyone can handle it… not everyone is called to lay down his life as St. Thomas More and Jesus  did.  But we are all called to remember the least of our brothers and sisters.

On the sidewalk in front of  PP we need to put on the armor of God and be prepared to answer the tough questions.  We have wonderful resources that Diane  carefully prepares and brings each day.  Also, read the Resources on our website.  Read the information so you can answer the question  “What about in cases of rape?”

An advocate has to be willing to answer the tough questions with the truth.  Arm yourself in prayer and knowledge.



War on Women- there was a function last night in the Pittsburgh area.  PP was involved.  They say there is a war on women.  PP should know, they are leading the battle against women in the womb, on the street, and against real healthcare for women.  40 Days for Life is turning the war on women into caring for the women … MOM!..Where would the workers of PP be without their mothers?

Katie reports on Thursday night, Oct 13:

I used my constitutional rights last night to witness for life in front of an art show.. labeled War on Women.  The evening started with  having  a conversation with the security guard, who was telling me I wasn’t allowed to be there because their “guests” said they didn’t want me there.  I was trying to tell him in the least argumentative way possible that, yeah, I am, it’s public property and it’s my first amendment right.

He went back in and a few people, including the co-owner,  came back out. She said they were going to draw a chalk line that I wasn’t allowed to cross.  I asked if there was a law allowing her to do that and she said yes, any business can prevent people from being within 15 feet of their door if they want. I was prepared to just deal with their chalk line but I was telling her I really don’t think that’s legal.  PP has a special ordinance with their property (which is being legally challenged currently) and I don’t think they can just go anywhere they want and draw a line and tell certain people they aren’t allowed to cross it, and she seemed to be getting upset.  I let her talk.

Beth showed up and I was thrilled.  David from YWAM came by to pray for awhile and Kathy L. also stopped in the middle of painting her dad’s basement and came to be with me also.  We wrote some messages in pink outside of the chalk line.

They also sent an escort out (I overheard her tell someone she was supposed to be serving cake) to tell people there were people here passing out “anti-PP propaganda “, but I did appreciate that after I had told some people we weren’t protesting she stopped calling us protesters, and a few times she did say they were free to take it if they wanted.

Most people didn’t  take information after hearing it was pro-life though.  We were mostly just asking people to come out and talk to us. A woman from the Post Gazette was there but she wouldn’t talk to us either. I did give a girl who was just passing by the card and she said she’s been to PP before.  I told her there are other places she can get healthcare without supporting abortion.

I expected that there would be a larger group for the show, but they were just coming in a few at a time.

Thank you so much to Beth, Kathy and David and everyone who prayed for us!         Love, Katie

40 Days for Life:  Know Your Rights      Shawn Carney’s email for today lists this podcast:  History of PP

(Editor’s note– that’s me:  Do you realize that the owner of the place must know Katie and her chalk talk out in front of PP?  Chalk it up to Katie for writing the message of love.  For those who would like to leave the abortion industry check out Abby Johnson’s website for those who choose to make a more excellent choice for life.  Abortion workers  who have a change of heart.

Reports from the advocates who smile even at 7:00 am!

Barbara reports:

Jeannie F. is staying all day to host her parish, St. Thomas More (Bethel Park). “I did this before. It is a beautiful memorable way to spend the day,” she said.

The 7-9 Friday shift had begun briskly with chilly weather and a sidewalk filling with St. Thomas More witnesses. Arriving earlier than I, Marian and Diane beat me to the pavement.  Oh, how that sounds!  Jeannie was right behind!

Rose (St. Mary, Glenshaw), Al, and Sally (Holy Wisdom Latin Mass) joined us.

Rose, Sally and I had the opportunity to share a Rosary and a Divine Mercy Chaplet over the two hours.  Jeannie, Al, and Jeannie’s fellow parishioners prayed on the “other side” of the “golden dome.”

At one point, a perfectly lovely young woman stopped and said she was going to the nearby coffee shop. “May I bring you ladies a coffee?” “You betcha,” I answered.  Sally and Rose were just leaving.  That coffee tasted outstanding and as a hand warmer…well, that was outstanding too.  

Toward the end of the shift, Jeannie noticed a young couple.  The young woman was tearful.

“Let’s think together about how you can decide to let your baby live.”  It was a quietly passionate conversation.  Sheila arrived for her shift and brought her love and insight to share.

They agreed to let us pray the Lord’s Prayer with them, all four holding hands.

Sheila offered to talk with them over a cup of coffee.  In the end, they decided to go into PP to “talk with the counselor.”  …my aching heart.

Barbara, Shift Manager

Sally and Rose


Jeannie and company! It is still dark out at 7:00 am but the lights are on and people go in and out of PP.
Nikki sent in this picture from the 3 pm to 5 pm shift!












Jeannie writes: We added Patricia, Karen from West End, Dominique, Christamarie and Jerome to the STM bunch !

Nikki’s  reports for the 3 pm to 5 pm!


It was a beautiful sunny time to witness on the sidewalk! Jeannie who adopted today along with her parish  members, had been there since seven in the morning and was staying until 7 PM with her church, Saint Thomas More.

There were wonderful people who came from her church. Another woman stopped by who is from Lawrenceville. Jeannie said there were a couple of sad cases. A woman had brought her daughter for an abortion and Marie, who was the shift manager at that time,  spoke to the mother for a long time and was really hoping she would change her mind, but unfortunately they did not.

I was there when the both of them exited the clinic. 

Good News though-  We may have had a save, however! Pastor Brian, a Sidewalk Advocate for Life on his regularly scheduled shift for the year round advocacy program, was able to talk to a girl and help her find a pro-life clinic.  Headed for the door of Planned Parenthood, she stopped to ask him if she was going in the right place!  Happy to tell her that, “No”, she was not,  he brought her to where she could get real help! Praise God!    Nikki

 (Nikki and Pastor Bryan are Sidewalk Advocates for Life on Fridays year round.  Peggy, pictured below is also a year round sidewalk advocate.  Please consider joining until there is no more need.)


Mary, Michelle and Nikki
Jack Carolyn , Bob and Dick provided a worthy quartet of prayer warriors!



Jack finds the sun. A member of Saint Thomas More.


Ted and Roseann from St. Thomas More


Did you ever have one of those EVERYTHING BAGELS?  That’s what we faced at PP today!

Here are some notable happenings:

There were 5 Angry People:    who said anything, cursed, or used hand gestures to convey their feelings    BUT their were 14  Supportive Passersby !!!   many of whom thanked us for being there.

12  People  joined in just because they were in the area — St. Thomas More in Bethel Park had our “regulars”

Mary, Bob, and Peter, Jack, Chuck, Dick, Carolyn and Karen, RoseAnn, Jerome, Patricia, Joan & Bob,

Although St. Thomas More scheduled the whole day had LOADS of extras THANKS to John,  Michelle, Karen, Rose, Walter, Lillian, Judith, Dominique, Christamarie, Helen, Stephen, Debbie, Joan, Mary, Pat, Marie, Ted, Chris Chapman from the Diocese, Pastor Bryan and Claire.  It looked at one point like a Saturday gathering!

Joining us were 2  awesome High School students — Dominique and Jerome   and  2 COLLEGE Students- ChristaMarie and Peter!

One Young mother mourned  the anniversary of the loss of a  her baby girl — Please Pray for A.

Another woman stopped and talked to Claire about miscarriage.  She was uplifted with information Claire could share from her own experiences.  Claire was a blessing to this woman for sure!

We ended our day on the sidewalk as we began, in prayer and friendship in Christ. What a blessing to be among this beautiful 40 Days for Life Family! – Jeannie French

STM parishioner celebrates brand new great granddaughter Hazel
John ,Carolyn, Karen, Peggy , Barbara, Sheila team up as light dawns on Pittsburgh
Pastor Bryan and Claire










Thanks to all who witnessed for life today.


For life…as Bishop Sheen would say… It is worth living….. and  paraphrasing a musician… All we are saying, is give life a  chance… without life as a core value for all, there is no peace.


Marian Carlino



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