Day 14: St. Robert Bellarmine (McKeesport), Holy Angels (Hayes), St. Thomas Anglican Church in the Fields (Gibsonia)

We are still in need of coverage for one hour on Wednesday 10/12 from 2pm-3pm. Volunteers and Churches already have covered the other hours. Planned Parenthood does abortions on Wednesdays, so it is important for us to be there, thank you for responding to our plea!

Set Free from Freedom….Say what??  The freedom the world has to offer is hollow and doesn’t last. The prodigal son wanted to be free to party and have a great time, so he demanded his inheritance and off he went. His version of freedom didn’t last. Planned Parenthood offers their version of freedom, but we have seen the effects of their version of freedom…death, pain, suffering and regret. We have been set free from the supposed freedom of the world, thank God! Everyone can be set free since we have the free choice to reject evil and choose LIFE! We can help others be set free by showing mercy; offering a word of hope to someone on the brink of despair; offering our pregnancy resource list to a women who thinks she has no other options.

Updates from our beloved shift managers:

Charlene 7am-9am

 It was a brisk morning on the sidewalk…the first in the 30s…the Lord is changing the seasons right on time. Luckily we had all veterans of sidewalk witnessing and everyone came in layers, coats, hats and gloves. (Except me, who forgot my hat). Luckily, Helen had an extra…and a cute one at that…thanks Helen.) Our veterans were from
St. Robert Bellarmine in McKeesport. Helen (who is also PCUC ), our own Sally and Al, and Fr. Brennan. We were also joined by Jackie, sidewalk advocate. Fr. Brennan spoke about Mother Theresa and he wore a sign with a statement from her. “Abortion is the greatest threat to peace” I wore ” I support Women’s Rights even for the smallest women”.



It is confusing to me how, when a woman wants to be pregnant, she takes the test and starts telling people she is having a baby( at 3weeks of conception) but when it is unplanned and unwanted, it is a bunch of cells. Little women should have rights, too. Fr. Brennan stated how poor voter turnout is for Catholics and Evangelicals…like20%. If we don’t vote, politicians will not listen…they don’t listen now. It is time to speak up…with our vote…and make our beliefs heard! Charlene

Beth 9am-11am

Sometimes Pittsburgh-ese sounds pretty good.  Like when it comes from a guy in a van with his THUMB up, rather than the usual middle finger, and the gentleman yells out, “God bless yunz guys!  Keep up the good work.” There will always be those well-dressed ladies who say that we have free will and therefore can choose to do anything we want.  Really?  We pray for everyone who needs a little heavenly help with that line of reasoning.  And when WE need a little help, a heavenly dose of Pittsburgh-ese comes through.  So thanks to the bus drivers, truck drivers, people just walking by for the encouragement on a cold morning outside the coldest place in the world.

 Charlene left me a great group of people from St. Robert Bellarmine including their fearless leader, Fr. Brennan along with Helen, Steve, Denise Mary R., Mary S.,  Margie, and Bill H. and Lisa H. joining the  gang.  It was a busy day at PP making up for Saturday’s closing.  But we were just as busy praying to end abortion and for all “yunz guys.”


Nikki 11am-1pm

Look at what a lovely smile bill now has!
Look at what a lovely smile bill  has!

When I arrived for my 11-1 shift, I was greeted by shift manager Beth, Lisa from Madonna del Castello and Fr. Brennan from St. Robert Bellarmine, who had been on the sidewalk since 7:30am!  I am so encouraged by so many supportive members of the clergy, for taking time for this important witness for life!  Their shift was over, and right on time, Deacon Dan from Holy Angels parish arrived to drop off the members of his group.  They are 40 Days for Life veterans by now, and knew just what to do.  They came equipped with chairs, signed statements of peace and their own prayer sheets…and got right to prayer.

Holy Angels
Holy Angels

I was also joined by Cindy, from Lutherans for Life, whose group is scheduled to witness at the vigil this Sunday, but since she cannot go with them at that time, she came by herself today.

Cindy from Lutherans for Life
Cindy from Lutherans for Life

We both handed out lots of the beautiful pro life bookmarks that were donated by Elsie, and had many positive comments from passersby.  Many thanked us for being there. I don’t recall a single negative comment actually!  One man stopped to tell us his story. He said that he got a woman pregnant 18 years ago.  They weren’t in a committed relationship, but when she informed him that she was planning to get an abortion, he told her not to do it!  And so she didn’t!  And now, he said with a grin, “I have a beautiful, 6’2” daughter.”  He added, “She is a left handed volleyball player and there isn’t a college in this country that is not trying to recruit her!”  He was very happy to share his story with us!

I also had a nice conversation with the bookstore owner, Erik.  He just had his 5th child born three weeks ago and was beaming with joy.  He informed me that the Jewish Holy day, Yom Kippur, begins tonight at 7:30pm and begins a 24 hour fast from EVERYTHING!  No water even!!!  I was surprised that a human body could actually go 24 hours with no liquid or food…at least when we fast for our 40 day fast, we can either do bread and water, or liquids only…and that is hard enough!  But no water OR food of any kind!  He is a very sincere believer in the One true God, and is a very gentle and good soul.

As I said in my last blog post, I really get the sense of us all being part of the same UNITED human family when I am standing on the sidewalk!  God is good!

Your sister in Christ, Nikki


Nancy 1pm-3pm

Will add update at a later time

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

Today we welcomed the first timers from St. Thomas Church in Gibsonia PA. What a blessing to share prayer and worship with these wonderful sisters in Christ. Karen Carol Carol and Donna were the best ever!! We did get a funny comment from a passerby on a bicycle he said “get a life”. We all laughed thinking it was about life that we were there. Joy in faith to all, Jeannie French

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

Lisa 5pm-7pm

A strong prayerful presence ended the day today at 933 Liberty Avenue.  Four wonderful ladies joined me tonight from St. Thomas Anglican Church in the Fields in Gibsonia.  It was their first time participating in the Peaceful Prayerful 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh.  Three “veteran” friends helped me welcome these wonderful women and by 7 pm we didn’t want to leave, friendships have begun, all drawn together for the same one purpose. Several women leaving tonight after their “procedures” had so many prayers prayed for them and their babies.  Our God sees and hear all.

Thank you Carol, Carole, Karen, Donna, Donna, John and Johanna – it was like “twin” night with everyone’s names being the same!           Lisa – Shift Manager


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