Day 13: St. Mary of the Assumption, Word of God and Madonna del Castello parishes

snipimageI was watching the final episode of a TV talent show and one of the five remaining finalist talked about the dramatic change in his careers from pro football player to magician.    When asked what was the key to his success on the football field and then as a magician, he said 90 percent of his success was attributed “to just showing up”.

Isn’t that true of our efforts to end abortion? Like St. John at the foot of the cross who showed up when none of the other apostles did nor any other of the disciples, we have to just show up at the site of this modern day crucifixion site and stay despite all the emotional and physical difficulties that are present.

A few of the regulars who "Show Up" on Saturdays year round
A few of the regulars who “Show Up” on Saturdays year round

While the turn out for the campaign has been great, we still need more people to increase our impact.  There are a few open slots plus adding to the current sign ups makes a powerful witness to those passing by as well as those going into the clinic whether they are clients or workers.

So come to the vigil site downtown. Sign up or just show. Stay as long as you want.  “Just Show Up”. And bring a friend or family member.  Give them the opportunity to participate. Be a modern day evangelist. And as your reward you will receive free peace and joy.

Today we have St Mary of the Assumption and Word of God & Madonna del Castello parishes.  Looking ahead, no one is signed up to fill the Tuesday 3 pm hour and Wednesday 2 pm hour. This Sunday we have a challenge with the 7-9 am time period.  Can you help, even if just for a little while?

So again, “Just Show Up”. I hope to see you there.  Peace and joy.

Tim B.

Stop back to this site throughout the day as it will be updated with Stories and pictures from todays vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

“God works in mysterious ways” Marian said to William, a happy recipient of one of the coats kept in the Forty Days bin. When I arrived, Marian and Diane were talking to William who appeared to be shivering from the chilly morning air and was waiting eagerly while Diane reached into the bin to give him a coat. As we were praying for William, Judy V. arrived and realized that William is also one of her drumming students. William’s face beamed when Judy said his name and he recognized her. A happy start to the morning:) 

William and Judy
William and Judy

Judy V. and Henry C. came to fill in the gaps from 7-9. Last week I mentioned that Henry was an old friend of mine and this week I learned that Judy and Henry were classmates at Duquesne University years ago. Blessed be the tie that binds!

Henry & Judy
Henry & Judy

Most of our time was spent praying the written prayers on the keyring. Before I knew it, it was nine o’clock and Ginny and friends arrived for the next shift. 

From Beth 1-3 pm:

“We’re not planning a CD anytime soon, but Deacon Ron, Bernie, Mike, Madeline, Mary Ann, Rose and I filled the sidewalk at 933 Liberty Avenue with prayer and song in a pretty good fashion. Probably due to Columbus Day and the DMV being closed, there seemed to be less foot traffic for our shift. A few PP employees came out and returned. Kim, the executive director of PP walked quickly past as we told her of our prayers for her and the others. Many well-wishers, only one real confrontation about rape victims (the man seemed really angry so who knows how the he had been hurt). Only saw one “client” go into PP. Of course, that’s one too many.
A million thanks to all our prayer warriors.”

Marie and St. Mary's Group
Marie and St. Mary’s Group


Today started out slow. Francis finished up the earlier shift and Jim and I thought we would be alone for our 5 to 7 Monday night shift. We were blessed to have Denise and Stephen from St. Joseph’s in Coraopolis join us. They prayed fervently and devoutly the Rosary. They said they usually come in the morning, but we were happy to have them join our evening shift. With less than half an hour to go before Diane was to pick up the materials, Jaynet suddenly appeared. She was looking at the display and we began a conversation that brightened our entire shift. She was a soft spoken older  woman with a sad, regretful past of having an abortion. She spoke of how God had forgiven her of her mistake, but it is hard to forgive yourself. We both said we are all “works-in-progress” with God’s grace showing us the way. She spoke of how her sister (who recently passed away) had given up her son for adoption, and how as she was dying she thought loving of that son she was never able to find. Jaynet was proud that she raised her children to be pro-life and when her daughters found themselves to be pregnant at an early age, they both kept their babies. Sadly her two little granddaughters were taken from her, but we both believe that they will be waiting for her in heaven. She was happy she had other grandchildren and felt so blessed with her family and the joy God had given her throughout her life. We welcomed her to join us in prayer and we held hands and prayed. We invited her to join our prayerful, peaceful vigil any day and she promised she would be back. Her beautiful smile radiated God’s love in her heart and soul. We will continue to pray for her and her children, those she lost and those still with her.img_3595-copyimg_3592-copy


3 thoughts on “Day 13: St. Mary of the Assumption, Word of God and Madonna del Castello parishes

  • October 11, 2016 at 8:20 am

    Greetings, again, from 40diasporlavida here in Santa Fè de Bogotá, Colombia, So. America. We are praying 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week ’til Nov. 6th. We had 82% of the time slots filled the day the campaign began. The Apostolic Nuncio was here for the closing Mass last Spring. 30 priests concelebrated. The abortion mill is located just across the Street from St. Ann’s Church, where we have the vigil site set up. This past Saturday there was a special 2 hour “children’s workshop” at the site with coloring pictures of the Holy Family and “letters to God” about abortion. Check out our photos from 40daysporlavida on our “Woodbridge, NJ” website.vh

    • October 14, 2016 at 4:20 am

      I love the idea of having a children’s workshop! It’s important to teach them about abortion in a way that they can understand and not be traumatized by, but most parents just avoid it altogether.

  • October 11, 2016 at 8:23 am

    Beautiful reflection Tim and Kathy, Beth and Audry…faces of God on the sidewalk…
    along with the people who come to pray and stand in witness offering by their presence God’s beauty, joy and forgiveness.
    Thank you.


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