Day 7: First Evangelical Free Church (McKeesport), Catholic Men’s Fellowship (Mother of Sorrows, Murraysville) and St Elizabeth Ann Seton (Carnegie)

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Also, we need Pray-ers to come on Wednesday morning from 7am-8am as well as Thursday 7am-9am. If you work in town, please stop by before work to join our shift managers OR sign up on the calendar if you can commit to an hour or two!

The beginning of the Prayer of St Francis…puts into words exactly what we see on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic. hatred, injury, doubt, despair, darkness and sadness. We are there to be Channels of God’s Peace to counter those things by offering Love, Pardon, Faith, Hope, Light and Joy. And so we pray,

Make us  Channels of Your Peace,

Where there is hatred let me bring Your Love,

Where there is injury Your Pardon Lord and

Where there is doubt, true Faith in You

Where there is despair, Hope

Where there is darkness, Light

Where there is sadness, ever Joy

Thank you to all who came today!

Updates from the Shift Managers:

Charlene 7am-9am

Today was the first day on the sidewalk for Dick and I for the Fall campaign… And it did not disappoint!! Beautiful morning and a wonderful group from First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport. Pastor Kirk leads his flock by praying the entire 4 hours. Our own Dean Dittmar is also on the spot for this group. The church uses their van to shuttle people back and forth…no parking problems or traffic headaches…now that is well planned!

Dick and I also had an interesting encounter with an off duty PAT driver who called us on to his bus to chat! He told us he has passed our vigil many times and had a suggestion. He asked if we had ever seen tennis shoes thrown over telephone wires…”yes we had”. His suggestion is that we display a “telephone line” with baby booties on it…and the comment, “How many will die today?” I like it! And it shows how many people we touch that we don’t even know about! And they are thinking!!!


Beth and Rose 9am-11am

Tuesdays are busy days at PP and today was no exception.  The abortionist and four associates arrived promptly at 9 a.m.  Al, Steve, Denise, Lisa and I joined those from 40 Days already there, praying for a slow day.  The usual 9-10 lull didn’t really happen and quite a few clients arrived, some taking the little yellow cards we offered but none stopping to talk.  People passing by generally kept going, a few gave us encouragement or at least a smile. We pray and just keep going.

Nikki 11am-1pm

I arrived at 11 AM to see shift manager Beth along with Lisa and two men from First Evangelical free Church. Pastor Kirk had been there since 7am! It was so wonderful to finally meet in person this dedicated pastor who is so faithful to 40 days for life!


Pastor Kirk and another prayer volunteer from first Evangelical free Church in McKeesport

I realized that it was an abortion day and was during the time when girls would still be going in so I got situated with some literature from Diane’s immaculately and orderly kept file cabinet on the sidewalk. It is so helpful to have everything so easily accessible! Thank you Diane! Anyway, as soon as I had the literature in my hands a young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and sat on the curb with her feet in the street. I went over and just tried to make friendly conversation with her. I thought maybe she had a friend in there who was getting an abortion so I asked her if she was waiting for someone. She said yes, so I asked her if it was too late…have they already started? She again said yes, so I gave her a Rachel’s Vineyard brochure. I began a conversation about Jesus and asked her if she knew how much He loved her and how good he was. She said that she doesn’t believe in God, and said that if there was a God, why would he allow so much pain in this life? This led to a conversation about heaven and free will, and the pain that is caused by sin. We had a nice conversation and then I realized that she was actually the one who was having the abortion. She had come outside to wait for her fiancé, but she stood up to go back inside. She said she had already seen the ultrasound, but due to circumstances that I wouldn’t understand she could not keep the baby. She seemed so empty, hollow and sad. I hope I planted some seeds about The love and the goodness of God in her heart. Maybe someone else will water them at some point in her life, and maybe one day they will bear fruit. That is all we can hope for! I did see her leave with a man when my shift was almost over at about 12:30. I don’t know if that was enough time for her to have had the abortion or not. Maybe it was the abortion pill. Maybe she changed her mind. But she didn’t look like she had changed her mind. She smiled at me as she walked by but we didn’t speak. Only God knows! We just do what we can and trust God for the rest!

During my shift Dan from the Catholic men’s Fellowship, Mother of Sorrows Murrysville stayed with me. He had taken the whole four hour shift and was going to be there by himself representing his group. It was nice to talk and pray with him during my two hour shift.


Dan from CMF, Mother of Sorrows with Pat, Sidewalk Advocate

Another man, George, from Holy Sepulcher Parish in Butler also came and witnessed with us. At 12:30 brand-new shift manager NANCY arrived early for her 1 to 3 shift. I left her on the sidewalk accompanied by Dan and George.

photoGeorge, from Holy Sepulcher in Butler with Nancy and Dan

Nancy 1-3 pm

On my shift, Dan and George, who were there at the end of Nikki’s shift,  stayed and we prayed the Rosary together.  Many  approached with questions about why we were there,  all very polite.  Between 2 and 3,  Sue and her five children arrived and prayed the Rosary.   Nancy

Jeanne 3pm-5pm

What a glorious day on the Sunny Pittsburgh sidewalk.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie sent great regulars – Walter and Vince, Tess, and others, and a LOVELY new young family- Claire and Russ with Isabella, Andrew, Catherine, Emily and baby Nicholas… These sweet ones were joined by Nick—Katie’s happy little one who brought SIDEWALK CHALK— All drew pictures celebrating St. Francis of Assisi and Katie wrote our main message;  GOD LOVES YOU.



img_3452Beautiful sidewalk prayer group

We prayed a beautiful pro-life rosary, used the meditations from the 40 Days website, and savored the peace of a beautiful day and a message of peace.  We were joined by Leon, now living on the streets,  who shared his story and accepted our prayers – what a joyful, peaceful, youthful few hours!  – Jeannie French 3-5  shift manager

img_3458-2St Elizabeth Ann Seton on the sidewalk

img_3462-1-2Delightful little ones

Lisa 5pm-7pm

It was such a beautiful evening.  After not being at 933 Liberty Avenue for a few months, so many of the buildings appeared cleaner, brighter more welcoming.  I heard no negativity from passerby’s and enjoyed many return smiles and several people verbally giving encouragement and thanks for our presence.   Planned Parenthood has a different window dressing but it still remains the saddest, most depressing building to grace our city.  I only observed workers leaving the building this evening.

Joining me this evening was my dear friend Johanna and three kind gentlemen from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  We were able to pray together without interruption.

3 thoughts on “Day 7: First Evangelical Free Church (McKeesport), Catholic Men’s Fellowship (Mother of Sorrows, Murraysville) and St Elizabeth Ann Seton (Carnegie)

  • October 5, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Thank you for your dedication to be prayer warriors. At our parish in Punxsutawney we pray a pro-life rosary before the daily 8am Mass, Sunday through Friday.
    God bless you

  • October 5, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you for your dedication to be prayer warriors. At our parish in Punxsutawney we pray a pro-life rosary Sunday through Saturday before the 8am Holy Mass.
    God Bless you


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