Day 6: St. Mary’s and St. Raymond of the Mountain

One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time

Recently I was doing some serous hiking in Yosemite National Park. We set out on a 5-hour hike to climb a waterfall. When we reached the base of the falls all in the group were already a little fatigued from the two-hour climb to get to this point.  Maybe we were all a little dehydrated, out of shape and a little doubtful that we could do it.

As I looked up at the cliff I admit I was a little anxious.  As we started the steep ascent using both hands and feet to climb, one of the others was considering quitting and I found myself trying to encourage them by saying “just take one step at a time, you can do it.”  Of course I had to get philosophical and said “t’s just like life, sometimes it’s hard, really hard and you don’t think you can make it but just keep going, just one step at a time”.

They didn’t quit and it was hard, really hard and scary I might add. Later the hesitant climber said that climb was one of the most significant accomplishments of their life.

I couldn’t help but to draw parallels to all of our’s life goal of “climbing the mountain” to ultimately get to heaven.  We all have our unique struggles and sometimes the climb seems to be getting steeper and steeper. But we struggle on. Sure we fall but we get back up and begin again. And again.  I also see the parallel to our United efforts to end abortion.  We all know the end goal and we want it but sometimes we want to quit, or postpone the effort or have lots of excuses why not to make the effort now. And of course we have bouts of doubt and discouragement. But I offer each of you reading this the same advice “just keep going, just one step at a time” and I assure you’ll find peace and joy in this lifetime and you will ultimately reach the top to the mountain and we will end abortion.

So now is your time to take a step to end abortion. Come back to the vigil site soon whether you are signed up or not and this time bring a friend or two.  Bring your brother or sister too. Sign up or just show up.  We’ll have someone there to keep you company.

Click here to sign up your church group or see when no one is signed up: click-here-to-view-scheduled-churches-for-fall-2016-vigil

Today at the vigil we have St. Mary (Glenshaw) and St. Raymond of the Mountain (Donegal), however, no one is signed up after 3 PM today or Wednesday morning before 11 AM, so come down and join the Shift Managers who will be alone if you can.

Here is from Kathy L. Shift Manager 7-9 am:

“For my first shift of the fall campaign, I was greeted by Diane, Marian, and Henry C. (an old friend of mine) who answered the call to come and pray so I wouldn’t be alone. Thanks to Diane who is always prompt in delivering the materials and also thanks to Marian who is willing to come daily to the vigil before going to work in case a shift manager is running late. God bless you Marian:)

Henry and I prayed together using some of the prayers on the ring and also spent time in reflective prayer. Passersby were mostly quiet except for one young woman who loudly expressed her opposition to our stand for life. I received a few “thank yous” from passersby for my presence there and many who passed by us, looked intently at the fetal models.

By 8:30 a.m., PP workers began arriving as did two women (mother/daughter perhaps). She did read the sign for pregnancy help but did not accept literature. They approached the PP door, but turned and walked toward the bus stop and stayed there talking. Next, Ginny, the SM for 9-11 arrived with her group from St. Mary’s. I said a departing prayer and then left.”

Henry C. from St. Paul of the Cross
Henry C. from St. Paul of the Cross
Ladies from St. Mary's
Ladies from St. Mary’s

Here is from Today’s Shift Manager Ginny 9-11 am:

“This was St. Mary’s Glenshaw this morning at 40 days for life it was pretty peaceful until a young man came by and accused us of being terrorist and we were exposing nude pictures of babies and he said that the one man in the group was a rapist luckily Bill came by and started to talk to him but he only left after we started praying the rosary again.
Our group had two new people Who are first timers at 40 days for life we also have a man who worked for the diocese and started to pray the rosary with us when this all took place.”




From Beth S. Shift Manager 1-3:

“Rose and I were praying along with Tom and Marilyn from St. Bernard’s, a wonderful couple and witness. Michelle, Rachel and her friend Sue, (happy 29th birthday!), stayed until 2 p.m. so there always was a great group of people. We also had a few people who just stopped by on their lunch hour to pray. Reverend Billy was back and said that he’ll return next Monday. All in all, a peaceful day with kind people.”

Pictures from 3-5 pm:

Shift Managers Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm
Shift Managers Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm








Audrey worked the 5 pm to 7 pm shift and sent in these pictures:

Brother John and Charles.



Audrey and Jim


And don’t forget the National 40 Days for Life mobile unit will be coming to Pittsburgh this Wednesday Oct. 5 at 6 PM.  Join us outside planned parenthood if you can.

Tim B.

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