United in Prayer… See how it works! Come to the Fall Kick Off Rally!


See how our prayers are working across the country.  

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40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that consists of

40 days of prayer and fasting  (2 campaigns a year)

40 days of peaceful vigil held from 7am – 7pm in front of ( shift managers are on during this time)

Planned Parenthood  933 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh

40 days of community outreach


We are praying that, with God’s help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city—and throughout America.  The beginning of the end has already started.


Check out these pictures to see what love and prayer can do.  Fisher’s Planned Parenthood, in Indiana, closed its doors. 

.group of prayers

Lifesite news about the PP sites closing in Indiana.


And from Sean Carney, August 24, 2016:  “We’ve just received word that an abortion center where eight 40 Days for Life vigils have taken place has gone out of business — the Planned Parenthood facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. “



Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Fall/Autumn  2016 Campaign

September 28- November 6   7am to 7 pm   in front of 933 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh

Come and stand with shift managers and groups who are witnessing for life.