May: Mothers and Children

Update May 12:  Please check out the Donate page to see if you can help a mother expecting twins who has chosen life for her babies.    Every little bit will help!  Prayer most of all but prayer leads to action!  Contact information and help needed is listed  here: Donate! 




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Psalm 127:3   

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.

Praying outside an abortion clinic with children  is a  blog post (March 26, 2012) from a pregnant mother who prays with her children in front of an abortion clinic.    A 40 Days for Life campaign came to her area.  This mother retells a conversation she had with her child:  

“What did we do yesterday Mommy?”  She asked.

“What did we do?”  I replied, thinking she was talking about going to the local water park for the first time ever.

“What did God think of what we did yesterday Mommy?”  She asked the question and then continued to answer her own question:  “God was pleased.  We helped babies.”

“That’s right, we prayed for babies yesterday.” 

“We prayed that mommy’s would keep babies away from bad people.”  Then she looked at me as if to reassure me:  “Our baby is fine Mommy.”


Thank you to all the women who witness for life.  With special gratitude for those who bring their children.   

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“What makes mothers all that they are? / Might as well ask, ‘What makes a star?’ / Ask your heart to tell you her worth / Your heart will say, ‘Heaven on earth.’    (Peter Pan)

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Check out the blog for May 7 and the diaper drive organized by this young mother… mothers helping mothers and children.

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Songs for Mom!






“Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered would soon deliver you? “Mary Did You Know?

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