May 7: Diaper Drive- Helping Mom’s Choose Life!


 help mom's choose life

Katie reports on the diaper drive:

I had been worrying about the weather and the meter maids and/or police saying we were not allowed to have so much stuff on the sidewalk but God was clearly working alongside us, and not just in visible ways. Other than one escort telling us our sidewalk chalk art was graffiti, no one said we were not allowed to do what we were doing.  People were friendly and supportive.


diaper drive

Some of the other escorts actually tried to avoid stepping on the  chalk message.  When one of the escorts made a donation, it was probably the most heartwarming event of the whole day. He asked what we were collecting donations for and we explained that the Pregnancy Resource Center helps mothers facing unexpected pregnancies with diapers, wipes, formula and anything else they will need during and after their pregnancy. He put a few dollars in the bottle and took a donut, and hopefully much more was happening in his and the other escorts’ hearts that we are not yet aware.  (Another pro-choice woman donated money as well.  At first, she walked by but then turned around.  Pro-choice does mean supporting the woman who chooses to have her baby.)


Pete the Pigeon 05 08 16
Peter, the pigeon who prayed with Vince, on Sunday morning in front of PP approves. Vince said the pigeon is part of the dove family. Saturday night’s rain did not wash away the message.
sign on van
Katie, Chris and Katie’s dad rented a van for the day in which to store the donations.









Chris, Katie and Katie’s dad, John

There were several teenagers praying in the morning who gave us diapers and a dozen roses for the sidewalk advocates to give to women going in.

A man who was there with his girlfriend (he said for birth control, although they were there for quite a while) had a donut and coffee and we talked about other clinics that do not support abortion and about how hormonal birth control works, and he took lots of information. A girl who came out with gauze taped to her arm ate a donut and drank some coffee.  I put some post abortion information by her cup and said to take it if she wanted.  She thanked me but did not take it.








One man walked by later in the day with a little girl and made a comment about us trying to take away women’s rights to have an abortion, but later came back and talked to us about our kids who are about the same age and he let us give the little girl bubbles. Another person stopped (at a green light!) on the other side of the street and ran across to give us five dollars.




There were a couple girls who yelled and swore at us (one of whom came back to take pictures) but there were far more positive comments, and hopefully several more cars with pro-life bumper stickers. At the end of the day, a homeless woman asked for money and said she had not eaten in two days and we gave her about two or 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies and two bananas.

The bicycle party of 15 or so donated after (Katie) ran across the street to hand out cookies.

We’ve collected 4,750 diapers, 4,734 wipes, a ton of baby and maternity clothes, a high chair, a hobby horse, a stroller, a crib mattress, two diaper bags, some baby soap and lotion, lots of formula, and $605 plus change. A few people have said they still want to donate.  Donations can be made to the Pregnancy Resource Center in the South Hills.

chalk sign 2 the good one
Katie and Chris kept a count going through the day of all the diapers (individual count) and wipes collected.


Thank you all for your help and tell everyone thank you for making this so successful! I am sure there are many mothers who will feel some of their worries lifted away and know how much they are loved because of everyone coming together on Saturday!  I am praying maybe some girl even realized she’s not alone and missed her appointment!

people at diaper drive
A wonderful group of supporters and helpers!


image2 (1)



 Recently, Katie also set up a table at the local community college to distribute information for young women and men.  Education is a key factor in reaching the hearts of women and men who think abortion is a positive choice.

 FullSizeRender                       IMG_2800



 One young mother, one young man, and a father made a difference for all of us on Saturday!  Thank you!

And the grandmother who was home taking care of the child- behind the scenes work is heroic too!

 diaper drive

Posting on behalf of Katie and her wonderful helpers and the participants seen and unseen!

Marian Carlino







4 thoughts on “May 7: Diaper Drive- Helping Mom’s Choose Life!

  • May 9, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Thank you Katie, Chris and John for blessing all of us, our city and many vulnerable moms and babies with such a wonderful witness of God’s love and JOY! Thank you GOD for your work through Katie!!!

  • May 9, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Goodness, Katie, I don’t know HOW you managed to pull all that together, but how MARVELLOUS!!! May God bless you & your family!!!

  • May 9, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    Great job Katie and company!

  • May 10, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Wonderful job, Katie and CO.! The ripples will go farther than you can imagine! Sorry I could not be there.


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