Day 38…St Ferdinand Respect Life Group, Holy Sepulcher Church (Glade Mills), SS Peter and Paul (Beaver)

I feel so blessed from this 40 days…You all are such beautiful people!! It has been a pleasure to see your willingness to come the sidewalk to pray and to offer help! Your sacrifice to be there is truly an inspiration and God has noticed!! I also think the abortion workers have noticed, the women and couples entering PP have noticed and the people just passing by have noticed! We know God will use our willingness to make this sacrifice, right? Jesus, I trust in YOU!

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As we wind down this spring campaign, remember that there are people who go year round to the sidewalk in front of PP. If you go, you will not be alone. There is a team of Sidewalk Advocates as well as Individuals who go on abortion days to pray and to offer help to vulnerable women. Abortion days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. About 50 abortions a week are done just at Liberty Ave in Pittsburgh.

If you cannot go in person and you are “tech savvy”, has an APP that allows you to pray in real time for women in Pittsburgh who are considering an abortion…here is information from their website:
The Online for Life Prayer App underscores the importance of prayer in the battle to end abortion, while involving the pro-life community in such a way that keeps them actively engaged in rescuing unborn children and families from abortion.

This innovative app engages committed and praying people in the fight to end abortion. Through this real-time Prayer App, users are notified when abortion-determined individuals are in need of prayer at each stage of their life-decision process.

 Click HERE to find out How It Works
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UPDATES From our Shift Managers:

Al and Sally 7am-9am

We finally got our act together and made the early bus. So we arrived in time to see Diane unloading her car with Marian helping. Not long after 7 a.m. people began arriving from Living Word Church in Penn Hills: Charles, Crystal, Jake and Pastor Shawn. Marian took pictures of them, with us, before she left for work.


Shift Manager Al and Pastor Shawn from Living Word Church




Crystal and Charles from Living Word Church with Shift managers…dynamic duo Sally and Al

20160318_101252 (3)

PP was not very busy during this shift. Only one girl took literature and when she came out, and then went back in, she still had it in her hand unopened. At least it had not been confiscated, so hopefully she looked at it before her turn came to be seen.

More people than usual seemed friendly & occasionally God Blessed us. Three ladies from St. Ferdinand Parish arrived early for their 9 a.m. prayer time.   ~Sally

Sheila 9am-11am

We were blessed to have prayerful participants from St. Ferdinand in Cranberry and St Paul’s Seminary.  There was a lot of traffic into Planned Parenthood, including small groups of young women.   We were thinking that perhaps there was some sort of class or inservice this morning.  Several couples entered  for abortion and declined our resource sheet.


Pam, Shalini and Kay from St Ferdinand’s in Cranberry

Regina 11am-1pm

It was wonderful to be joined by so many beautiful pro-life family from Holy Sepluchar in Butler today! What a faithful Parish! Debbie lent her beautiful voice in song for rosary reflections and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, while Peggy joined Pastor Bryan in handing out literature. Much literature was offered and accepted on the busy sidewalk today. 



Autumn, a lovely young woman who chose life for her precious 6 month old daughter, Layla is in need of affordable housing preferably on the East side of the city. If anyone knows of any please let me know and I will pass it on.

Holy Sepluchar maintained a steady presence throughout the day, coming out in full force for Marie’s shift. She is pictured below with her friend Gloria from St. Mary of the Assumption, Ginny our faithful friend from Mt. Lebanon, and the group from H.S including; Gretchen, Robert, Ron, Deb and Rick.




Thank you all for your faithful witness! See you all again in the Fall!

Much love,  Regina💜

Nikki 3pm-5pm

I had a beautiful final shift today.  The sidewalk was bright and sunny, many people came to pray, and we received very few negative comments and quite a few positive!  I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there with me for the 3pm hour.  What a surprise to find Bernadette and her friend Pat, with the beautiful statue of Mary, Ark of the new covenant along with her image of Jesus!

A prayerful group on the sunny sidewalk at 3pm
A prayerful group on the sunny sidewalk at 3pm

Ginny from St. Bernard was also there, in her wheelchair.  What dedication!  From reading the earlier reports, it appears she had been there for many hours!  She was there for most of my shift, until Access picked her up.


Bernadette, Pat, Thomas and Nikki

  There were three people from Holy Sepulcher, whose shift was supposed to have ended at 3, but they stayed and prayed with us until about 3:30.


Holy Sepulcher


Gretchen and Hubby from Holy Sepulcher

Thomas who is from Denver, but attending school at CMU came, as well as a young woman named Natalie, who goes to St. Paul Cathedral.


Natalie from St. Paul Cathedral joined us!

Mimi was also there.  At 4pm, Lisa with her two sons came, representing SS. Peter and Paul in Beaver.  We had a very prayerful time on the sidewalk today. It was nice to see so many young people who care about this cause!   It was a good shift.  Thanks to everyone who came!


Kathy 5pm-7pm

Thanks to lisa and sons for staying and praying with me. I passed out several womens resource tri folds to young women passing by and even to some whom I thought wouldnt accept but did. A homeless man named Will stopped by for a subway card but received a prayer and a buck instead- sub cards gone! A few people stopped to study fetal models. One man gave us his handout on “hugs”. An old college friend stopped to talk as she was on her way to the gallery crawl tonight. We had both some positive and negative comments.


Shift manager Kathy with Cahill family and Bill

Renee received a pacemaker yesterday and joins us, praying for ‘Life’ from her hospital room.

Thanks beautiful people! ~Sue D

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