Day 35: First Evangelical Free Church, St. Robert Bellarmine ; Saint Joseph Church, Cabot; Corpus Christ Parish, McKeesport

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The First Evangelical Free Church had great representation on the sidewalk already at 7 am this morning.  Dean did  “double duty” today.  Rose reports that her grand nephew, Lucas G. is out of the hospital (see report on Lucas from blog on Tuesday, March 8).  Members of St. Robert Bellarmine shared the morning shift.  Thanks to Fr. Brennan and the faithful participants from his parish for making the time to pray at the vigil!

first evangelical free church with Rose
First Evangelical Free Church and Rose- (in red!)

Put on the wisdom of God when coming to the sidewalk.  The enemy prowls.. but remember- the enemy fights against us when we are on the right path. The enemy will meet God at the end of the sidewalk. Let God handle your enemy today.

(link)   Care and watering of trees


When babies are newly planted, they need a lot of love and care too.  We are encouraging parents to choose life and help care for their baby.  With a really just a little of their time, parents can help ensure that the baby thrives.  Things that we would like parents to do for newly planted babies include:  1) maintenance and care 2) watering and feeding from planting through gestation into a lifetime because 3) from conception to natural death, humans do make a real contribution to the life of another human.

Links: Matthew L. Jacobson; “Funny thing is, to win this war, you just have to love each other more, read the Word, and do what it says!

But sometimes, there is no care for the baby.  The baby is “weeded out” even before the naked eye can see it.  We call this weeding out process an abortion.

“When a child dies, so does a branch of your family tree.”

                           “No one said a word about the sorrow.”     


Once someone dies, we cannot make up for anything.  We have to leave all in prayer… so when people are alive… we have to show them how we feel.

James Taylor sings:  Shower the People You Love With Love

Reports from the sidewalk where people demonstrate their love for children!

Char:  Observed by this blogger to be very busy at 7 am this morning

7 am to 9 am  (Prayers for Dick tonight as he remembers his dad.)

What a wonderful last shift of the campaign for me. Dick had a Mass for his Dad so I arrived alone but trustworthy Rose was already there. She handed out a record number of pamphlets today! Way to go Rose!


 As we were just settling in a van pulled with the Warriors from First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport…and among them our own shift manager, Dean. They were so organized and their presence was so uplifting. There were 10 participants on the first van. The van left and returned at 8:30 am with six more…and most of the first group left. Fr. Brennan arrived from St. Robert Bellarmine. I so enjoyed discussing a comment Fr. Brennan heard that a prisoner in a concentration camp stated that God was not there…and we sometime feel God is not on the sidewalk either. Of course, we know he is but we also know he could stop abortion in the wink of an eye…but that is not his plans right now. Fr. Brennan stated God uses the devil to advance his plan…the devil knows it and does not like it and gets even more rowdy. However, Fr. Brennan smiled and said, “we may not know the plan but we know who wins!”

first evangelical free church with char
Fr. Brennan from St. Robert, along with members of First Evangelical Free Church with Char (third from left)
first evangelical free church with dean
First Evangelical Free Church with Dean in 40 DFL hat
First Evangelical Free Church men of prayer and wisdom
Unconditional love for the youngest generation.

Sally reports from the 9 am  to 11 am shift:

For the first time we actually were on time for our early bus, so we arrived a good 10 to 15 minutes early for the start of our shift. It was no longer raining.

Dean and many others were present from the First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport. They come in a van in several shifts and always have a wonderful group for the entire morning. Also, Fr. Brennan, Helen C. & a few others came from St. Robert Bellarmine in East McKeesport, a lady from St. Alexis, Bill H. & other prayer warriors.

PP had very few people entering on this shift. Will that portend a busy day tomorrow?

Drivers seemed to be friendly this morning. One bus driver honked and another gave us a thumb’s up. Several people driving cars or trucks, including our next-door neighbor and Richard L., also waved and honked.

Beth and Vicki stood as the  (link)Sidewalks Advocates for Life


St. Bellermine warriors with great personalized sign. Yes, abortion is child abuse.
picture 3
A few good men!

Dean did double duty today- early shift with his church and the 11am  to 1 pm as a shift manager: 

ginny and patty who stood with dean
Ginny and Patty stood with Dean today.

A young woman did her best to test the resolve of those who were standing with me today. She spit at the feet of Joyce and Jenny as she was walking past them. No words were exchanged except for Joyce’s blessing. The young woman walked about another 30 feet when she was confronted by a man who saw what she did. He admonished her, asking if she felt ashamed for spitting. She yelled at him, asking him if he knew what percentage of P.P.’s business involved abortion. He didn’t know and I suppose she felt justified. The gentleman wasn’t part of our group, just someone who understands the correct way to treat someone with whom you disagree.  (The woman is deceived…even if one were performed at PP that is one life lost….PP is the largest abortion provider in the world). click: Statistics matter– but each life matters more


Cil covered the 1 pm to 3 pm shift:

Thanks to Patti, Vivien and Joyce who covered the second half of our St Joes vigil.  This was Patti’s first time driving in!  They arrived early as did SM Dean. I will miss my 40 Days family over the break…
3 to 5
A Few Good Women!!


So thankful for Helen, from St Joes, who joined me for our church vigil day. This was her first time at the vigil but not her first time standing for life. She use to go with her Mom to the fairgrounds. So she was very knowledgeable about the issues and we had great discussions.
I was also surprised by my friend from college, Lisa, showing up. She came on her lunch break from work to pray a Rosary. Thank you Lisa!
I was blessed again to have SAs Vicky and Pat with me.
A 30+ man took a flyer hesitantly then came back to have a VERY insightful conversation with us. He said how his thinking has changed over the years. He is now more aware of how messed up our society really is. He is feeling the need to stand up for what is right, to speak out, to share his religious beliefs. Praise God for his conviction. May he have the strength to stand up for what he knows to be true despite what his friends and girlfriend think. Prayers for M!
A couple came out of PP after having a D&C. The man said the pregnancy wasn’t viable. And he tried to justify the decision to abort. Sad…


Joe (also a Sidewalk Advocate) reports for the 3 pm to 5 pm shift:

Ginny who stayed over into the 3-5 pm shift was waiting for ride. She indicated she now comes to the Vigil about 2 times a week – and has stepped it up to cover for her sister as she is sick and cannot make it – please keep her sister in your prayers.  It just has to move you to see someone using a walker taking Access just to come to the Vigil.  I caught a glimpse of her with the biggest smile on her face and wondered what was going on and realized she was watching a couple of little kids across the street playing while waiting for the bus.  What an example for the love of life all-around…

We were able to help-out Eugene with a food gift card and he wished us God’s Blessings.  Mimi, an older woman, who stops by the Vigil often joined the shift and asked for assistance to rest on the supplies box while requesting to say the rosary.  Once the rosary was complete she slowly went on her way – crossing back across Liberty with our assistance as that light does not give a whole lot of time to pedestrians that need a little extra time…(Mimi is truly a woman of prayer!)

Ann,  from St. Joe’s in the Clarion area, traveled over an hour and a half to take a BIG leap for her first visit to the Vigil.  She shared with us that she has a new grandson, Paul Francis – how ’bout that for a Pope-inspired name!

Ginny and Mimi – just an amazing, wonderful witness to folks giving their all physically (and spiritually) to stand-up for life as well as the commitment from Ann to travel such a distance to join us.

 I was also joined during the shift by my Corpus Christi brothers and sisters – Mike, and my wife, Lynda – thank you for your faithful support all these years!!!


mike-ginny (1)
Mike and Ginny!
5 pm to 7 pm
See names at the picture for the 5 pm to 7 pm shift!

Lisa wrote about the 5 pm to 7 pm shift:

A whole lot ‘a praying going on!
The last Tuesday for this Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign.  We made a very united front this 5 – 7 shift.  I was thankful for the men that were with us this evening.  Upon my arrival at 5 with the Donna’s II, the disruptive young man was there from yesterday.  I do not engage people like this if I can help it.  When I must, I stress that we are  there to pray for the babies that have died there at Planned Parenthood.  And I return to my prayers and encourage the same from my fellow participants.  This young man appeared to be enjoying himself dancing around, shaking his sign.  Yes, there were some passerby’s that laughed with him – encouraged him.  Not us.  I was very proud of my fellow prayer warriors.  I imagine him to be as the man possessed that our Lord cast out the demons.  So clueless to the truth.  He became the target of my prayers, the poor delusional young man.
My sincere thanks to all who stood with me this campaign on Tuesday evenings.  God Bless all of you.  May our fight be over soon.
5 pm to 7 pm
Worth repeating!
In this photograph:
Kneeling:  Mike, Joe and Lynda joining us from Corpus Christi
Standing:  Donna R, Johanna L. and Donna E. my fellow Catholic Daughters of the Americas
The award for the distance traveler on this shift goes to Ann who traveled from St. Joseph church in Clarion and finally in the photograph is Leanne who came to us from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Joe, kneeling second on left, is a Sidewalk Advocate for Life on Saturdays!!!
Songs for children and parents:   Celine Dion: Because You Loved Me  (dedicated to mothers who give up their piece of pie!);  A You’re Adorable (great baby pictures);  Kenny Loggins – Danny’s Song  (father’s love their children too); Martina McBride- In My Daughter’s Eyes (“In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero”
May there come a time where we will not have to meet on the sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic… but until that time comes….I hope to meet you on the sidewalk…advocating for LIFE!  Stay close to the Vine!


With grateful thanks for all of you, and especially for the Tuesday shift managers, and our Father who art in heaven… but who shows up on Earth all the time!

Marian Carlino