Day 34: St Joan of Arc and St Anne of Waynesburg

Pleasure vs. Happiness 

“Technological society has succeeded in multiplying the occasions of pleasure, but finds great difficulty in giving birth to happiness. For happiness has its origin elsewhere: it is a spiritual thing. Money, comfort, hygiene, material security etc., may often not be lacking, but nevertheless, despite these advantages, boredom, suffering and sadness are frequently to be found supervening in the lives of many people.” Pope Paul VI

Those of you reading this probably already know the happiness that comes from participating in 40 DFL, from giving up your time, the simple pleasures of our individual lives (like sleeping in, drinking coffee and reading the paper) and enduring some harsh weather. And from knowing God loves you and smiles on the heart that strives to express its love for HIM in deeds, since it knows that “deeds are love – not sweet words” (Luke 22:39)

If for whatever reason you haven’t yet been to the vigil. Come. There is still one more week. Sign up or show up. Tell you friends and bring them. Share the joy.  We only need help this week today from 5-7 and Wednesday from 7-10 am and 2-5.

And if you can’t come this week, come to the clinic any Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday throughout the year. Sidewalk Advocates or someone (a prayer warrior) is usually there. I’m there most Saturday mornings and know for certain there are others there from 7 till 10 am.

Come find happiness. It’s free for the asking.

Here are stories and pictures from today’s vigil.

Tim B.

PS: I want to thank my new friends in Stuart Florida who are participating in 40 Days For Life. It was a privilege and inspiration to pray with them along the busy 6 lane US 1 Highway (they are not allowed inside the private plaza where planned parenthood is located). They witness to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people passing by. Thanks for the warm welcome. (That’s me in the red shirt along with Lynn the Shift Manager.  Wouldn’t it be nice to need sun glasses at 9 am at our vigil?  Oh that’s Jennifer with the umbrella blocking the sun. And Zoey in the purple.)


Here is a picture of Jason, who joined Shift Manager Johnny from 7-9 and kept him from being alone.

Jason and Johnny

From Jeannie 9-11:

What a delight it was to stand in the drizzle and pray away the rain! I was joined initially by new participant Jason, and then a lovely trio of ladies from St. Joan of Arc, in Finleyville. In time, Bill Harrison and WIll French both made appearances. 2 more lovely ladies from Waynesburg rounded out my morning.

Bill & Will were blessed among women!

For whatever reason, today became a STATIONS OF THE CROSS FOR LIFE morning, and we truly appreciated the weatherproof card file supplied by Diane— What a blessing as we enter this most holy of weeks.

If you haven’t read them yet, flip through and read the Stations– they are a powerful reminder (and lovely prayer) for Him who sacrificed all for us.

Thanks to my slightly damp companions, it was VERY SUNNY and WARM on the sidewalk.

In Life, Jeannie

Jeannie 3-14 R1

Jeanne 2 R1 3 14

From Mark:

These women came to pray from waynesburg.
Very intent in their prayer and making contact with several passerbys.

One young woman came by me and said
I like abortions
With a smile on her face…all I could think was her saying
I like pizza
I like pepsi
I like candy
I like abortions

Maybe she is an unfortunate soul who is insulted when the nasty pregnancy shows up and she immediately kills the baby as though she was killing a fly or stink bug
I could only pray for her as she walked on

Mark R1 3-14

From Beth 1-3:

Since everyone had brought an umbrella,it didn’t rain. Beautiful weather and very few people going into Planned Parenthood made it even nicer. Rose and I were joined by the great team from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg along with Mimi and Pastor Billy, handing out his”God Loves the Unborn” tracts. Billy, ministers at the Light of Light Mission on the North Side and today he asked when the next 40 days would begin. He thinks it should be 24/7 all year. We’ve made a follower here. Many favorable comments outweighing the negative. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful prayer-ful spring season.

From Rosalina 3-5:

Today a young man appeared w/a sign… One side read his support for abortion & the other side read that he loved satan… I was saying my rosary … He was dancing in front of me & was trying to engage me in conversation.. I was praying and would not let his evil in…I knew the stronger I became made him more insistent … I had my eyes closed and in prayer…People were passing & saying “God Bless You” as he did his jig in front of me… I felt so peaceful !!!When he left I heard him say “same place same time tomorrow…

March 14 Bill

From Joe 5-7 pm:

The 5-7 shift was spectacular weather-wise, but relatively low key otherwise.
No groups were signed-up, but Roselee, the 3-5 Shift Manager, stayed for
a while so that I would not be alone – such a kind and thoughtful gesture!

An individual with a pro-PP sign left as the shift began. He was attempting
to provoke / confront the prior shift. Great work gang in keeping your cool!

I was able to hand-out a Subway gift card to Cynthia, whom I had met before,
and was looking for some help.

Another passerby reached out his hand to me and we prayed for Life.
He expressed deep regret for the abortion he played a part in and indicated
that there was room for all children on this earth.

A mother and her daughter stopped to look at the Fetal Models and thanked us
for being there.

The remainder of the shift was spent in prayer and in reading / reflecting on today’s
readings. Most appropriate in today’s readings was the story of Susanna
and Daniel (DN 13) who can be an example to us all – those praying outside of
and those entering / exiting PP.

Suzanne refused to be compromised and submit to the sinful ways of the world, instead
choosing the Lord’s way, while Daniel’s wisdom and courage to speak-up and defend
Susanna via the truth saved her life.

Finally a thank you to ALL who supported this campaign – it has been an honor
to try and serve… God Bless!!!

One thought on “Day 34: St Joan of Arc and St Anne of Waynesburg

  • March 15, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Praying for those poor souls who are filled with such self-hate is the best remedy to help rid them of satan’s hold. Silently, I usually pray the Jesus Prayer: Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on me a sinner then silently pray, I command satan to leave you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Keep on keeping your cool and praying and keep reminding yourselves that these are precious gifts of God made in His image and likeness, prayer will allow the Holy Spirit to take them from the grips of the evil one.


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